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Selena Gomez: Rare Album Review

25 Nov

Does it feel personal to anyone else that Bieber got 4 Grammy nominations for an unpopular album, full of derivative lyrics, and Selena was snubbed?  Like, she calls him out in this album, this solid, good album.  But he gets the noms and she doesn’t?  It doesn’t make sense to me.  Unless politics and or money were involved…

Boyfriend:  I like the sentiment and the slight distortion is the song.  

Lose You to Love Me:  About the unfortunate codependency with that toxic-douche, Justin Bieber.  He intentionally did shitty things just because he didn’t give a fuck, and she kept giving and giving, despite the signs.  And getting sucked back in.  It’s good to hear her gaining her independence.

Rare:  All the vocals are very mid-range, but there is enough electricity in the background to keep it spicy.  And I like that Gomez found some self-confidence, and along with it, boundaries.  The third catchy song on the album.

Souvenir:  It’s OK.  Forgettable though.

Look at her Now:  The “mm mm mm” is an ear-worm.  I like that this song tells a detailed story.  And I also like that the girl is triumphant, despite struggles.  Does that, “Wow” and “yeah” sound like Taylor Swift?

She:  Selena telling us what she would have told her younger self.  It’s a nice twist.  And it tells a story, and the “why” of where Gomaz is at today.  The song is a bit echoey and it nicely conveys a different plane of reality where this conversation would be possible.

Crowded Room:  Very sultry, and shows some vocal range with some higher notes.

Vulnerable:  Too repetitive.  Not interesting enough.  Also, not deep enough lyrically to counter for those weaknesses.  The highest note she has sung so far though, so I like that.

Dance Again:  One of the catchiest songs on the album.  The cadence gets a little faster and makes the listener pay attention, and the repetition of “feels so” is very effective to make it an ear worm and lend to a more electronic feel.

Ring:  It’s a nice song.  It’s a catchy song.  The “ring, ring, ring” works.  The guitar has a nice Spanish flair.  But it reminds me of Megan Trainor–who I found to be very phony on Songland.  It’s got that retro song that “All About that Bass” has.

A Sweeter Place:  SelenaThe chorus and “do do dooo” are the most effective thing about this track.  Dislike on the interlude, but it’s relatively short.  And the moag at the end is superb.

People You Know:  She’s right “what hurts the most is when people can go from people you know to people you don’t.”  It’s very relatable and it’s a catchy song.

Cut You Off;  Comparing a toxic relationship to substance abuse.  They’re the same, and she dealt with both.

Let Me Get Me:  I like how it reminds me of her other single, 

With the “ ahh-o-woo” sound.  When the song came on, it immediately made me excited.  I like the speed, and I like everything happening between the catchy chorus, and the slower bridge.  Claps are used sparingly, for an attention-getting effect.  One of the catchiest!

Kinda Crazy:  Just Ok, too much repetition.

Fun:  I like the pausing effect in this song.  There is a lot of space, and it sounds good. I don’t wanna sound all Taylor Swift conspiracy theorist (I do, and I am), but I can hear a couple of the call outs in her voice.  I know it is her saying,   “Fun” and “mmm” and “yeah” in this song.  Credited or not, it’s her.  And they’re friends, so it isn’t that much of a stretch.  

Feel Me:  The common break-up wish that the other party misses you, thinks of you, and realizes you were the best.