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2019 Album Countdown: Middle of the Pack 18-12

29 Dec
  1. Sara Berelles:

She’s usually one of my favorites, but this album is kind of out of touch with the general population.  It’s very high-level (example: Orpheus) stretching to intellectual. And musically, it’s slow, which doesn’t help the accessibility of the product.  The songs aren’t catchy at all.

-”Poetry by dead men” is too much, should have been a book of poems, not an album.

-”Armor” is best (Eve)

-”Wicked Love” is good.

-cage where you live, history of silence, drum line beat (sounds like it references Taylor Swift)


  1. Hootie and the Blowfish:

It was nice to see them back on the scene!

“Not Tonight” catch chorus.  Low key night. I like the chords at the end of the song.

-”Hold On” Mentions the news  It mentions love, but it’s not a strong enough political message for me.  A lil’ love is not going to cut it when children and being separated from their families and put into cages, the environment is being un-protected for oil profits, and our democracy is under attack.

-”Lonely on a Saturday” I call it the, ‘I’m about to hit on you’ song.

-”Wildfire Love” The gal dueting on this sounds too Bonnie Rait (who is great) and it doesn’t match his voice.  She is too folk/old country while he is more modern and smooth. I do like the lyrics though.

-Everybody but You”..” I like the beat and I especially like when the lyric “stop” comes up and the music goes silent.  I also like the instrumental break.

-”Half a Day…” Is this a little sharp?  Its discordant in a good, interesting way.


  1. Lil Nas X:

Don’t we have enough “lil” yet?  Of course I like “Old Town Road” that crossover hit that just dominated the charts.  I like the hook, the unexpected pausing within the song, the country duet, and obviously whistling in a rap song.  I especially like that it’s unique and different. So I tried the rest of the album, and while not in one hit wonder territory, it still doesn’t really move me.  

-”Kick It” The brassy background instrumentals make the song more alieve and less dark and harsh.  

-”Rodeo” Good song and it has melody.  Which I miss in rap as a genre.

-”Space Coupe” unfortunately has no melody and too much repetition.


  1. Lana Del Ray

This is an artist I have heard a lot of good things about.  She was seriously hyped when her music came on to the scene.  Taylor Swift, who I respect as one of the best songwriters of ever, said Del Ray is her favorite writer.  I tried so many times to get into Del Ray’s music, but it’s just too sleepy. I’m just not into it, and I can’t make myself get into it.  

-”Happiness is a Butterfly” is good.

-”Mariners Apt…” just sounds flaky and dreamy (like most her stuff) and I just do not like that whisper-singing she does. 

-”Hope is Dangerous’ is catchy, but repetitive.

-”Fuck it I Love You” she speeds up the verse in this one and it’s a nice touch.  

-”Cinnamon Girl” I love at aging lyrics, and this one has nice backing instrumentals.


  1. Marvin Gaye

-“X-mas…” sounds dreamy and experimental

-”Give My  Life…”

Pronounces, “rhap-so-dee” which bothers me, and the horns seem a little forced.

-*”Try it…” was easily the best song, very motown, catchy, with a subtle political message.

-”We can make it” A pop love song


  1. Beth Hart

I really enjoy listening to Hart when she goes really jazzy with it.  Her voice is well-suited for it with that vibrato stuff she can pull off.  I liked this album, but it was a lot more piano than a Mississippi soul sound I prefer.  Not as jazzy but extra-soulful. I guess without the element I love most, the piano is the best thing about the album (and feminism).

-nice piano “war”, skat

-”I need a Hero” = good, introspective lyrics, pretty piano.  ‘She-ro’ is going too far lyrically.

-”Bad Woman…” catchy

-”Woman Down” is nice, dramatic piano

12. Billie Eilish:

Review based on album alone, because I do not care for her weird bag-lady aesthetic.  And I think the industry and gonna take someone with her low maturity-level and chew her up, spit her out.  I see her as a drug addict pretty quickly. Already pedophiles are circling (Drake, I said it). Harsh, yet concerned–I would hire really really smart people if I were her.

I found the album to be like a more experimental Fiona Apple.  I liked most of the songs, with their jazzy flair and low-key, yet very produced vibe.  The ones I don’t care for are those that auto-tuned her voice the whole time. There was too much of the skippy vocals!  I like to hear some singing talent, not obscured for effect theatrics. I see a lot of potential, but the hype is a pitfall, and in interviews from what I see–she’s not equipped to handle a meteoric rise.

The Bottom 9 of My Top 50 Albums of 2017 (is that enough numbers for you?)

7 Jan

Is that an all-caps name? I don’t really care for this band because it’s too 1980s. I can’t get past that retro sound.


#42-Ani DiFranco
I usually loathe her because I think she thinks of herself as clever. I almost didn’t even listen to Binary because I can’t take her pretention. But the few songs that made my list are pleasantly discordant, and Ani actually bothers to sing, rather than just talk through them like she has in the past.

The one hit wonders are back with Step into Light. They sound much the same, actually, and I liked, “Best Friend” and “I Will Never Let You Down.”

#44-Foster the People
There is such a thing as too much hipster. It’s Sacred Hearts Club. I could live with “Static Space Lovers” and “Lotus Eater” but the rest are only good if you’re the type of person that shops at pawn shops (ironically) and has a handle bar mustache. Too much!

foster the people

#45-James Blunt
Two songs made my cut with “Heartbeat” being the better.

#46-Dolly Parton
I didn’t get the memo about I Believe in You, and I really hate to rank Ms. Parton so low on any list. But this album must be aimed at children? It’s…nice. But I’m not really sure what is happening with it—it’s not for my age group. But I think Dolly Parton is a really good person, and I’m glad she’s putting some good advice and lessons within her songs. It’s just not terribly listenable if you’re out of pre-school.

Don’t get me wrong—I think it’s smart to jump in the mostly empty genre of swing. Why should Michael Buble reap ALL the spoils of a whole category of music? I feel like Seal’s foray into Sinatra-inspired music isn’t the best fit. OR it could be the Jim Carey effect. Either way, a few of the songs are good, but I’m mostly left thinking, imposter.

#48-Lee Brice
A little too saccharine for me. But listenable.

#49-Lana del Ray
I don’t really care for “dream rock.” It’s too slow, and boring. It’s not stoner music like Jack Johnson, nor is it soft rock (since even that has a hook or a tune). It’s flake music. Like a space-cadet music. Honeymoon is the same as usual. I can’t even be bothered to listen to the lyrics or tell you if the songs are cohesive. It’s just too slow to catch my interest.


#50-Rascal Flatts
Too much. It is whiny! And Trying too hard, and disingenuous. They are trying to recapture earlier fame, but the content isn’t believable or relatable. Very disappointing of an effort–I suggest they sing about what they’re actually feeling, instead of trying to contrive emotion in order to pander.