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Look Long (2020) Song Ranking

2 Feb

LOOK LONG (2020)

(27.3% awesome, 54.5% good, 9.1% OK, 9.1 % meh, skip out of 11)


shit kickin’

howl at the moon


This album has everything: It’s retro but progressive, reminiscent but looking at the next generation, country and punk, it has a lot of divergent components that come together beautifully. I thought it was a sincere and cool album.


KC girl


change my heart

country radio

sorrow and joy



look long




Indigo Girls: Look Long Album Review

16 Dec

Shit Kickin’: Awesome!  It’s really catchy, and the background sounds choral, which is nice.  Amy tells a detailed story of growing up.  I like her grit–she conquers horses and carburetors alike.  And it is really cool, and I think rare in the South, that her family saw she was a bit different but let her be.

Look Long:  OK.  It’s a slow, lyrically centered around current political anxieties.  

Howl At the Moon:  Awesome!  It has a sort of African tribal chant, it’s upbeat and features banjo–all things I like!  Later, the penny-whistle(?) gives it an Australian vibe.  There are many elements that make this song interesting.  

When We Were Writers:  OK.  I like the song structure, the harmonizing echo (especially!), the instrumentation.  I don’t really care for the lyrics, I guess.  It’s not that relatable to me.

Change My Heart:  Good.  I’m not sure about all this erection talk Emily is writing about lately–even as a metaphor for the patriarchy and toxic masculinity, it is just YUCK.  But the guitar, and orchestral backing is amazing, and really the star of the song for me.

K.C. Girl:  Good.  Jazzed up baseline is exciting.  And a real too cool for school vibe–very alternative.

Country Radio:  OK.  A song that reminds us that the gays are in rural areas also.  And about that feeling of not belonging as a gay kid even though mostly you’re like everyone else, enjoying country songs.  The orchestral touches really shine in this one.

Muster:  Good.  The bridge when the tone becomes more insistent is the best part of this song.  

Feel This Way Again:  Good.  This one is about how you feel as a kid *and how you feel as a parent watching your child grow up.  Some great lines:  “I know you wanna, hurry through your homework, Youth is a hungry beast, I know you wanna, rise in the West and set in the East.”  The importance of going through all the stages, and how that’s valid.  And about how people miss their childhoods.

Favorite Flavor:  Awesome.  This one reminds me of Green Day, musically.  Just a touch of pop-punk.  And that is perfect, because lyrically it’s about a fiercely independent child.  A bit strong-minded and rebellious just like Amy, herself.  And about how “to let [her] light shine” rather than trying to reign that in.  I love letting little gals be their spunky selves!  

Sorrow And Joy:  Awesome.  I love that the Indigo Girls remind the listener that without sorrow, there would be no joy.  People have to have down times to appreciate good things.  And that opposition is the most natural thing–we shouldn’t try to avoid pain.  And we should appreciate all the good.  This features the harmonies the Girls are most famous for, and of course it’s to good effect.