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“Myspace Alicia”

13 Oct

I’m going through the 2014 albums while I study to write my end-of-the-year music blogs.  I know!  I haven’t posted 2013’s yet–but I’m still working on it.  Anyway, I got to Imogen Heap, and it reminds me very much of Douche.

the usual

It has been forever since I’ve written about Douche–mostly b/c I hate to think of that creep.  Also, because I finally accepted some people are sociopaths–no matter how well you thought you knew them.  Imogen Heap actually reminds me of Myspace Alicia, some 19 year old girl Douche attached to.  Imogen was this girl’s favorite and I know that because I used to scour her Myspace profile trying to understand.

At the time, I didn’t get that people played games.  I was naive that an older person (Douche) would hook a 19 year old just to show off how “cute” of a gal could be secured.  I didn’t get that Douche was maybe trying to make me–the world–envious.  At the time, I only looked and looked trying to see what the 2 could possibly have in common. . .

I hate Douche-still do, I’ll never stop.  I didn’t deserve that treatment, and didn’t understand where it was coming from at that time.  I had no idea you could be close to someone for 3 years but not know them at all.  I didn’t know there were sociopaths that adapted their personality to what they thought you wanted–did want–in order to manipulate.  And I didn’t know the extent people could play games after a break-up.  BUT knowing Douche did teach me lessons:  Don’t date someone b/c you feel shallow for not being attracted to them, if something seems too good to be true-it probably is, not everyone is going to be honest with you, not everyone has your best interests at heart, some people are just not meant to be understood, sometimes you have to let people (or the memory of who they were supposed to be) go.

I wonder if Myspace Alicia felt the same way in the end that I did–that it was a fake and a trick.  I hope Douche got (and is still getting) all the bad karma that is deserved.  Though I have no idea where that crazy is or what that evil is up to currently–thank goodness…

I like the new album even if it takes me back to that chapter of my life a little.

Red [Typed?] Letter Day

30 Sep

I got my first “like” on my blog today! What an occasion 🙂

Really the only reader I have is my girlfriend–and that’s only when I coerce her. I am so happy that people–even if it’s just one or two–are starting to look!

And someone found me on Stumbleupon. I have no idea how, b/c I thought I read you have to pay for them to feature you. And I wonder what exactly came up and WHO found it–but YAY!

Also it makes me a little nervous about those darned pseudonyms. Maybe I should take time to change actual people’s names now so as not to get some kind of libel suit–or drama. . . That’s a LOT of effort though. Do I care if people are offended that I have written about true events?

We’ll see.

The Myspace blog I had was pretty truthful, and I think used a lot of real names.  Plus a lot of people I actually knew in real life read it.  Which isn’t the case here.  And everything turned out fine with that.  Aside from everyone abandoning Myspace for Facebook and being left with bots instead of readers.  And Facebook notes just aren’t the same, but anyway, I didn’t get into any sort of trouble through my writing.  So hopefully more readers are good, good, good!

Myspace Withdrawals (or Why I’m on WordPress)

20 Feb

Everyone left Myspace.  I kept my account for a long time hoping, Facebook was just a (boring) phase and I would be re-joined by legions of friends.  Other than all the spam and pre-teen drama, Myspace was really awesome.  I loved that I could customize my profile, and wasted countless hours getting it just the way I liked it.  I also liked the music lists that could be created.  You could listen to all kinds of artists and post them to your page if you liked their stuff.  But it was the blogging that really made Myspace superior!  The stats soothed my OCD and my blog background was very cool and custom.  It was ink-well rainbow thingies.

Instead of trying to copy Facebook, creators of Myspace should have played up their OWN assets.  After awhile I realized people had left for Facebook in droves never to return.  It was just Tom, me, and the bots so I collected my blogs, mourned the loss of all the great music, and deleted my super-cute profile.

I found LastFM to replace the music, and I love it.  Check it out of you haven’t already.  They keep listening stats, compile all kinds of lists, and put millions of (even obscure) artist bios, music samples, and related people right at your fingertips.

I joined Facebook for my social networking needs, and I’m not the biggest fan of it.  I think all the rules that keep getting added are sneaky, the format is plain, and I can never get a representative selection of friends on my feed, even though I have selected the option to show all most recent posts.  But, for social networking you have to be where everyone else is, so I guess I’m stuck with Facebook.

I did not know where to turn for a blogging forum.  I loved the daily, weekly, yearly view count Myspace maintained on each of my blogs.  I loved the blog comments, and I had a large readership there.  I pasted some entries to LiveJournal and here to see which I would like better.  I guess LiveJournal is becoming antediluvian just like Myspace, so I turn to WordPress.

Now I struggle to find some sort of readership for my own blogs, and find blogs I’m interested in reading.  Also, I want to customize my blog to the hilt, but it’s a slow, arduous process that will take time.  Anyway, if I randomly subscribed to your blog, that’s the explanation.  Any hints, tips, tricks regarding WordPress?  I’d love to hear them!

Blogging Semantics

13 Jan


Just getting the hang of posting pics



I want to dress up my posts a little more to hopefully catch the attention of some readers.  It isn’t just content but aesthetics that attracts (and keeps) people looking.

How do I find some cool blogs to read?  I tried a search for most popular blogs, but the amount of results were overwhelming and uninteresting at first glance.  Then, I tried looking up some key words I might be interested in, but that brought up random snippets of other people’s stuff that may have mentioned my key word once, but isn’t devoted to that subject matter.

Just as important–how do I find some readers?  I’ve tried to tag everything well hoping someone would find a subject they are interested in reading about.  There haven’t been many bites though. . .  On Myspace my blog was relatively popular, but I had a large group of friends on there. . .  I’m not sure how to generate readership in a place where I don’t know anyone.

Please give some tips!