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Taylor Swift’s Catalogue Ranked by Kit10Phish (final)

14 Mar

I ranked all album songs from least favorite to my very most delightful favorite of all the songs!

How I made this list:


and check out the many (not final) lists for more description

(numbers) are the album/era

(C)atchy, (D)etailed story, (G)aylor references, (I)nstrumentals, (L)yrical complexity, very high/low (N)otes, (P)roduction stands out in a good way, (S)entimental

Last Place Song:
Superman (3)

Soon You’ll Get Better (7)
(best skip) Epiphany (8)

3 boring:
A Perfectly Good Heart (1): I, N
(best boring-meh) The Archer (7): G, L

2 Personally Dislike:
The Lakes (8): G, L, N, P
End Game (6): C, G, L, P (terrible feat!)
(best disliked meh) Coney Island (9): G, L, N (terrible feat!)

1 Exactly Meh:
It’s Nice to Have a Friend (7); D, G, L (Ambiguity bothers me; weird production)
The Other Side of the Door (2): I, L, N
A Place in This World (1): I, N
Right Where You Left Me (9): C, G, L, N (repetitive)
(best exactly meh) The Outside (1): I, N (weak)

OK3 = nearly meh (final)
Tell Me Why (2): C, I, N = 3b (thin voice & a bit generic lyrically)
Sad, Beautiful, Tragic (4): C = 3B (both blah and bummer)
Superstar (2); D = 3B (zzzzzz)
I Almost Do (4); C = 3 (too needy/pathetic/un-feminist. Yet catchy)
(best OK-bottom of nearly meh) Jump Than Fall (2): C, I = 3B

OK3 = nearly meh (final)
The Other Side of the Door (2); C, I, L, N = 3A
Innocent (3): C, I, N = 3A
Last Kiss (3): C, D, N = 3A
The Best Day (2): C, D, = 3A
(best nearly meh) Fearless (2); C, I, N = 3a

OK2 = exactly neutral
Peace (8): C, D, G, L = 2b (hate pulsing; lyrics condescending(?))
Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince (7); C, D, G, L, N = 2b (don’t care for HS/politics mixing & end chant is too much. But lots of good one-liners)
I Wish You Would (5): C, G = 2A
It’s Time to Go (9): C, D, G, L, N = 2B
Illicit Affairs (8); C, D, G, L = 2B
August (8); C, G, L = 2B
(best OK-bottom of exactly neutral) A Place in the World (1): C, I, N = 2B

OK2 = exactly neutral
The Way I Loved You (2): C, D, I, N = 2A
False God (7): C, G, L = 2A
Breathe (2): C, G(?), L = 2A
Dorthea (9): C, D, G, L, N = 2A
Happiness (9): C, D, L = 2A
Seven (8); C, D, G, L, N = 2a
(best of OK-exactly neutral) Long Live (3): C, D, I, N = 2A

OK1 = almost good
Mary’s Song (oh my my) (1): C, D, I, N = 1B
This Love (5): C, G, L, N, P = 1b
I Think He Knows (7): C, G, L, P = 1b
(best OK-bottom of almost good) London Boy; C, D, L, P = 1b

OK1 = almost good
New Romantics (5): C, D, G, L, N, P = 1A
Hey Stephen (2): C, D = C2
Call It What You Want (6); C, G, L, P = 1A
Tied Together w/a Smile (1): C, D, I, N = C2 (less repetition, some more notes & instrumentals
Gorgeous (6): C, D, L, N, P = 1A
King of My Heart (6): C, L, N, P = 1A (ENDING)
Change (2); C, I (@ END!), N = 1A
Back to December-acoustic (3): C, D, I, N, S = 1A
(best OK-almost good) Cornelia Street (7); C, D, G, L, N = 1A

Good c = almost OK
Gc2 = bottom of category:
State of Grace-acoustic (4): C, L = C2
Begin Again (4): D, I, L = C2
The Last Time (4): C, I = C2 (weird collaboration)
(best Good-bottom of almost OK) Cold as You (1): I, N = C2

Good c = almost OK
Gc1 = top of category:
22 (4): C = c1
Untouchable (2): C, I, N = C1
Come in w/the Rain (2): C, I = C1
All Too Well (4): D, I, L, N = C1 (almost a powwow beat; and yup I did rank it this low)
Starlight (4); C, I = C1
(best Good-almost OK) Sparks Fly (3); C, I = C1

Good b= exactly good
Gb2 = bottom of category:
If this was a Movie (3): C, D, I, N = B2
Never Grow Up (3): C, D, I, N = B2 (problematic sentiment)
’tis the damn Season (9): C, D, L, B2
You are in Love (5): C, N = B2
Stay Beautiful (1): C, I, N = B2
Treacherous-demo (4): C, G(!), L = B2
Cardigan (8): C, D, G, L = B2
Red-demo (4): C = B2
The Last Great American Dynasty (8): C, D = B2
How You Get the Girl (5): C, D, G = B2
(best Good-bottom of exactly good) White Horse (2): D, I, N = B2

Good b= exactly good
Gb1 = top of category:
Everything has Changed (4); C, N = B1
Holy Ground (4): C, D, G, L = B1
This is Me Trying (8): C, I, L(!) = B1
Afterglow (7): C, P = B1
Treacherous (4): C, G(!), L =B1
Daylight (7): C, G, L, N = b1
Come Back…Be Here (4): C, N = B1
Mirrorball (8): C, G, L = B1
I’m Only Me When I’m w/You (1): C, I(!) = b1
Forever & Always-piano (2): C, I, N = B1
The Lucky One (4): C, D, N, = B1
(best Good-exactly good) Fifteen (2): C, D, I = B1

Good a= almost awesome
Ga2 = bottom of category:
This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (6): a2
Welcome to New York (5): C, D, G, N, P = A2
Me! (7): C, G, I, N = A2 (yup, I ranked it this high–it grew on me)
Wildest Dreams (5): C, N, S = A2 (sexy)
Delicate (6): C, D, G, L, P = A2
So It Goes…(6): C, G, P, L, N = A2 (sexy lines)
Mine-pop (3): D, I, N = A2
Clean (5): C, G, L, P = A2
Tim McGraw (1): C, D, G, I, N = A2
Champagne Problems (9): C (bridge), D, G, L = A2a
(best Good-bottom of almost awesome) Betty (8): C, D, I, G, L = A2a (catchy, & swelling instrumentals)

Good a= almost awesome
Ga1 = top of category:
Mine (3): C, D, I, N = A1
Haunted-acoustic (3): C, I, N, P = A1
Getaway Car (6): C, D, G, P = A1
Death by a Thousand Cuts (7): C, D, G, L, = A1b
Gold Rush (9): C, G, L = A1b
tolerate it (9): G, I, L = A1
Cruel Summer (7): C, G, L, N = A1b
Red (4): C, I, L, P = A1
New Year’s Day (6): C, D, I, N =A1
Cowboy Like Me (9): C, D, G, I, L = A1
willow (9): C, G, L, N = A1 (so effing catchy!)
Dress (6): C, G, L = A1 (SEXY)
Haunted (3): C, I (!), N, P = A1a
Teardrops On My Guitar-RADIO (1): C, I, L, N = A1 (sounds almost the same to me)
(best Good-almost awesome) Teardrops On My Guitar-POP (1): C, I, L, N = A1 (more beat & echo)

All You had to do was Stay (5): C, N = 3
Evermore (9): C, L, N = 3
Stay, Stay, Stay (4): C, D, S = 3
Bad Blood (6): C, N = 3
The Moment I Knew (4): D, N = 3
(best Awesome-better than good) Ours (3); C, L, N = 3

2b = bottom of list:
You Belong w/Me (2); C, D, I, N, S = 2b
I Forgot that You Existed (7); C = 2b
Girl at Home (4): C, N = 2b
Our Song (1): C, D, I =2b
Paper Rings (7): C, D, G, P = 2b
No Body, No Crime (9): C, D, L (pronoun/subject) = 2a
Closure (9); C, G, L, P = 2b
The 1 (8): C, D, G, L = 2b
Wonderland (5); C, G, L, N, P = 2b
(best Awesome-bottom of solid awesome) Ivy (9); C, G, L = 2b

2a = top of list:
my tears ricochet (8): D, L, P = 2a
Mad Women (8): C, L, N = 2a
Out of the Woods (5): D (bridge), G, L = 2a (is this car crash real? who and when? major gay closet vibes)
The Man (7): C, G, L = 2a
Invisible String (8); C, D, L = 2A
You Need to Calm Down (7): C, G, S = 2a (the 3 things being compared aren’t related? enthusiastic!)
Back to December (3): C, D, S(!) = 2a
Blank Space (5): C, G, L, N = 2a
(best of Awesome-solid awesome) I Knew You Were Trouble (4); C, N, P = 2a (subtle-moag)

Awesome-1 ELITE
1b= bottom of list:
Love Story (2-TV): C, D, I, N = 1a (same except staccato reme-o & fa-ding)
Love Story (2): C, D, I, N = 1a (her 1st crowd favorite, but rom-com effect w/princess stuff & severe heteronormativity)
Dear John (3); C, D, L, N = 2a
Enchanted (3): C, D(!), I, N, S = 1b
Better Than Revenge (3): C, D, I(!), N, S = 1B (sounds like Paramore; problematic mean-girl stuff, but it was a time)
Exile (8): C, G, I, L, N = 1b
Dancing with Our Hands Tied (6): C, G, L, N, P = 1b
Marjorie (9); C, G, L, P, S = 1b (I love the sentiment more than the song. Intense memories of my Grandma, thanks Taylor, for that)
(best of awesome- bottom of elite) Long Story Short (9): C, G, L, P = 1b

Awesome-1 ELITE
1a = top of list:
Style (5): C, G, I, L, N, P = 1a (who is she talking about, what car crash is referenced, is it real?)
Lover (7): C, G, L, S = 1a
Shake It Off (5): C, N = 1a (love the sentiment, & catchiest of ever!)
I Did Something Bad (6): C, N, P = 1a (moag is the star here)
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (4): C, I, P = 1a
Look What You Made Me Do (6): C, P = 1a (exciting like several songs w/in 1 song, I don’t trust nobody bridge)
The Story of Us (3): C, I, S = 1a ( like the next chapter, the end)
Picture to Burn (1): C, I, S = 1a
Shoulda Said No (1): C, I, N, S(!) = 1a
…Ready for It? (6); C, G, N, P = 1a (sexy sounds & moag)
(4th best song) I Know Places (5): C, G, L, N, P = 1a

–and the top 3 songs in the entire catalogue (in my opinion):
*Don’t Blame Me (6): C, G, L, N(!), P = 1a (that moag! She sings her ASS off! Probably the best, barring sentimental favorites)

You’re Not Sorry (2): C, I, N, S(!) = 1a

(My #1 song) Mean (3): C, L, S(!) =1a (after all the listening I learned sentimental really does trump every other characteristic.)

Taylor Swift Album & Song Ranking Procedure (science behind the catalogue ranked last to first)

10 Mar

This is the result of ranking each album by song. What I mean is I ranked each song on the album awesome, good, OK, meh, or skip. The ranking is what I like! It’s not technical, it’s not based on song complexity or singing–just my opinion. But my consistent opinion. I listened and checked each of these lists until my opinion didn’t change, and the songs were locked into their ranking. For the album ranking, I counted up the number of songs in each group. The albums with the highest amount of awesome songs were ranked the highest.                 

awesome       good to ok             meh              skip

1989                      7                     5                           4                    0

speak now            7                      5                           4                    1

red                        5                      13                         0                    0

folklore                  6                      9                            1                   1

Evermore 6 8 0 1

reputation            5                       8                           2                   0

fearless                  5                       8                         4                   1

self-titled               5                       6                           3                    1

lover                       4                       7                           4                   3

P.S. I think the above chart might have changed a little after I ranked each individual song. I’ll have to update it after the catalogue ranking is posted.

Then I took it further. I wanted to rank every song in Taylor’s catalogue (album songs only). I started with the awesome, good, OK, meh, skip playlists from the album ranking, then narrowed those groups into smaller groups.

For example, I took the awesome list and ranked those songs into 3 groups within awesome: Elite, exactly awesome, and almost good.

I did this with all 5 of the original playlists.

At the same time, I marked the song characteristics.


(D)etailed story

(G)aylor references


(L)yrical complexity

very high/low (N)otes

(P)roduction stands out in a good way


Some of the lists were still overwhelmingly large, so I split them in half

like top of the elite-awesomes and bottom of elite-awesomes.

There’s more. Once the lists were manageable, I tried to put the songs in order on each list. This required a lot of listens. I would put the songs on each different group in order, then listen to each different section to make sure the list was accurate. If there was any changes on a section (at least one song moved), I’d mark the list to double-check.

I listened from the bottom to the top, each different group from skip all the way up to awesome, marking any sections with song changes.

If there was a change I would listen to that section again later. I listened over and over until no songs needed to be moved.

Well, I finally finished today! After the holiday music, I started this project so it’s been a long time coming. As soon as I format the lists, I’ll post it up. Hope you enjoy!

Eff It or F Grade

16 Sep

I have to say eff it to this project or to studying.  And whichever I eff will receive an F (or at least not the A I want).  Ideally, I’d like an A in both, but it seems I’m running out of time.  They are both due Monday (5 days away).  And I lose 2.5 of those days to work.

I know my instructors have good intentions.

But assigning these shirts and swim caps with anatomy structures to be designed on them as a “learning aid” doesn’t work. I’m not learning any structures. I’m doing ratios, measuring, sketching, picking aesthetically pleasing color combinations, and repeating my work when I get an error toward the end.  Always toward the end!

high contrast group

I did 5 muscle shirts before I felt my best work was showcased and I’d be happy with my grade. We got this brain swim cap assignment 9 days before it’s due. Because of work, I miss 4 of those days. I had an exam so I missed 2 more days. That leaves me a mere 3 days.

I spent 4.5 hours on the cap yesterday, only to write “primary” instead of “premotor” in one spot. I tried to erase it with acetone, but that made a huge, purple, ugly smudge that obscured the entire word.

I felt I had to start over. Because I know these projects do this to me, I purchased 3 swim caps on the same (summer) day. Well, after spending another 4 hours on the new one tonight, I accidently got the anterior and posterior turned around, and wrote something on the wrong side of the central sulcus. Then, I tried to fix it by just making the same color line come off the central sulcus, like I meant to have an area outlined in the same color as a sulci. But when I labeled it, I labeled it on the wrong side of that stupid line.

I tried to camouflage the whole errant area, but now it looks really obvious I screwed it up, and since it was such a time-vortex that makes me crazy. 9 hours of artwork and nothing to show for it. . .

THE shirt anteriorTHE shirt posterior

So both my caps are all messed up, neither is helping my study the material I need to know for our test, and I’m pretty much out of time. And I HATE having to turn in an ugly cap that I know is effed up!!! But I also know it’s an OCD-waste of time to begin a 3rd when it might get messed up as well, and when I need to study flashcards and memorize notes to learn.  And yet I feel like I have to re-do it.  I’m probably going to waste more time by turning the plastic cap inside out and starting a 3rd time on that.  I can’t turn something ugly and wrong in for a grade.

So that sucks.

Water to Urine (just in case you were curious)

24 Aug

I really want to continue drinking 8+ cups of water each day.  And the best way to day that is to get them in early.  Which is easier said then done when there are items on the agenda.  When I’m home all day or when I set my own schedule–no problem.  But when class and work dictates my time, peeing becomes a big factor.  There is nothing worse then being stuck somewhere and having to use the bathroom really bad.  Concentration suffers, you can’t be still, the public restroom may become a necessity, and nobody likes that story.  I hate public bathrooms.  They’re dirty, not private, and it’s not super convenient when I want to get a seat, pay attention in class or work hard as the case may be.

So in preparation of resuming school and work I timed my drinking and urinary habits for 11 days.  Then I can average the time between when water is consumed and when I have to pee.  This will allow me to figure out the window I need to finish my water in order not to have the urge to use the bathroom when I’m out & about.


Seriously, I know you’re thinking I’m insane right now–but this makes a lot of sense.  Here’s the info gleaned from my experiment (just the time-interval between water and urination):

D1:  3 hr 10 min

D2:  2 hr 5-10 min

D3:  45 min earliest, 3 hours last

D4:  40 min 1st to 2.5 hr last

D5:  1 hr & 2 hr

D6:  2 hr

D7:  1 hr & 3 hr 40 min

D8:  30 min

D9:  30 min 1st to 1 hr 15 min last

D10:  Coffee became involved, confounding results, so I threw this day’s data out

D 11:  1 hr 1st to 1 hr 45 min

Sutro Pool Party 017

With all data (excluding day 10) that’s an average of 2 hours 11 minutes between.

The soonest I had to go was an average of 1 hour

The average of the last time I had to pee post water was 2 hours 35 minutes

That means I can drink water for my 11AM class anywhere from 8-10AM without having to use the bathroom.

And for my 10 AM class my water drinking window is 7-9AM.

For work, I have from 5-7PM on Thursday and 12:30-2:30PM on weekends.

Assignment 2: And Why I Haven’t Really Started It–Despite the Due Date

18 Oct

Somehow this bacame a procrastination item for the last week and a half.  I think it’s because I cut & paste a source on a word document and it changed the font to some weird, white-highlighted thing that I don’t know how to un-do.  So I don’t even want to look at it.  But it’s been too much trouble in my crazy week to open a new document and start over–without the cut & paste.  There you have it–I guess OCD has been getting in my way.  In the interest of NOT procrastinating–>  Sidenote:  [Which is totally against my usual policy.  Writing is all about editing–so the earlier you get a draft the more you can polish it.] <–  So I’m not sure what’s happening to me.  I just need to start the thing.  Here goes, some cut & paste on HERE so I can get a sense of direction.

CI fish

Assignment 2: Using 75-150 words, explain to teachers, parents, and
students: 1) the differences between a hearing aid and a cochlear implant; and
2) hearing aid troubleshooting to solve the following issues: no amplification, and

CI jewelry

I will use my class notes and put it in my own words, without jargon for the first part:

A hearing aid amplifies sound and delivers it to the cochlea.  Hearing aids can be programmed to compensate for loss in specific frequencies, with or without background noise.  In the case of a damaged cochlea, the auditory nerve can be directly stimulated with an electrical signal of a cochlear implant in order to bypass the damaged inner ear structures.


1.  A cochlear implant is different from a hearing aid. It bypasses the usual route of sound Instead, it sends an electrical signal directly from an external antenna to the implanted receiver and then to electrodes in the inner ear, which stimulate the auditory nerve.

2.  Hearing aids deliver amplifed sound to the damaged cochlea.  A hearing aid can be programmed to shape the amplification of sound to match the loss.  Sound is still being delivered to damaged nerves, so HAs are limited in ability to aid severe and profound loss beyond environmental sounds and vowels in speech.

But the signal is still processed by the damaged cochlea and sent to the brain with its added distortion. You become tired and strained due to the loud sounds being presented to your ear.

A cochlear implant presents a wide range of frequencies, regardless of the pre-implantation hearing loss.

With hearing aids, a severe or profound hearing loss, this may provide some cues to aid in reading lips and interpolating contextual cues.

Hearing aids, especially those fit for severe and profound loss, are prone to feedback (whistling.)  Eating, talking, and chewing gum all affect hearing due to the loosening/tightening of the ear canal around the ear mold.  Cochlear implant users do not experience either issue.  No ear mold or amplified sound is involved in the process.  The lack of an ear mold is a comfort bonus as well.

Advantages of Cochlear Implants:

  • Eliminates earmolds, their acoustic feedback issues and irritation of the ear bowl
  • Can enable you to hear conversation and thus learn spoken language with relative ease, particularly for those with severe-profound hearing loss
  • May enable you to use a regular telephone
  • Easier high- frequency speech component perception ( /sh/, /s/, /f/, /t/, /k/, /p/, /h/)
  • Better overall hearing at high frequencies
  • Distance hearing is likely better than with hearing aids
  • May enable you to overhear conversations and other environmental sounds
  • Better feedback which may help improve your voice quality
  • May be the only option when a hearing aid is insufficient.
  • May help with auditory neuropathy

Advantages of Hearing Aids:

  • It is easy to try different hearing aids to see which works best for you
  • You can take advantage of new technology as it becomes available (improved earmolds, tubing, telecoils, digital/analog programming strategies)
  • Retain residual hearing for possible future technology or medical improvements
  • May provide better low frequency sounds, such as those in vowels.
  • Does not require surgery


For the second:

acoustical feedback. This is caused when amplified sound produced by the hearing aid speaker is picked up again by the aids microphone creating a sound loop that just gets louder and screechier. [Y]

-Mechanical feedback occurs when physical vibrations are created due to contact between the hearing aid speaker and the hearing aid casing. These vibrations are then transferred through the casing back to the microphone. [Y]

-electronic feedback. This feedback is caused by a malfunction in the devices complex circuitry, requiring the services of a hearing aid tech to fix. [Y]

-Dont tap the device on a table top to see if it stops the noises, dont open the casing to see if you can fix it, you can only lessen one kind of feedback at home–acoustical  [Y]

When the sound pressure leaving an ear mold or hearing aid hits a solid wall of earwax, it also sprays in all directions (like the spray of a hose against the house), including out through the vent or any gaps between the ear mold or shell and the ear canal.  This is the most common cause of hearing aid feedback [Z]

-use a wax softener and flush the loose ear wax from the ear canal. If this doesnt solve the problem, do NOT start digging away with a hair pin orcotton swab. Youre almost certain to do more damage and more serious damage. Instead, visit a hearing health care professional to have that nasty earwax excised. [Y]

-Another common cause of feedback is poor and loose fitting ear molds and hearing aids. a) If pressing it in or adjusting the angle stops the feedback, this indicates a fit problem. b) Vaseline around the canal of the hearing aid before inserting it. If it is a small gap, this sometimes helps.  c) put a coating of clear finger nail polish on the canal portion of hearing aids to make them fit slightly snugger. d) getting a new ear mold or shell made [Z]

-The sound tube may become damaged over time by aggressive cleaning, the mic may have gotten pushed in, or there could be a crack in the hearing aid casing. In the case of a behind-the-ear device, the tubing tends to harden over time and once more susceptible to cracking. Any of these scenarios could potentially cause the amplified sound to leak and become re-amplified, causing once again feedback. [Y]

-With digital hearing aids, there are automatic feedback controls, and also adjustments that the hearing aid fitter can make to reduce feedback, but these are not always in the best interest of clear hearing. In some (but not all) digital hearing aids, the feedback control methods involve some manner of cutting high frequency amplification. [Z]

party aids

[Y]  http://www.healthyhearing.com/content/articles/Hearing-aids/Fitting/10142-Guide-to-coping-with

Guide to Coping with Feedback

Monday, March 3rd 2008

Copyright 2013. HealthyHearing

bling h-haid

Z]  http://www.hearinghaven.com/articles/whistling-hearing-aid-stop-embarrassment/

CI holiday

More Sources (but I think I have enough):

T] http://tia.sagepub.com/content/1/2/45.extract

U] http://jslhr.asha.org/cgi/content/abstract/42/2/497

CI ladybug

OK, now I have something to work with at least.  Tomorrow, I’ll site appropriately, put it in my own words, and shorten, shorten, edit, edit.  Easy.  Not overwhelming at all.  Break it into smalller, managable steps.  I can remember that!

OCD for Credit

4 Sep

In Anatomy, we have this assignment where we have to draw specified muscles and skeletal structures on a plain white crew neck tee.  We do not have access to a cadaver in class, which is usually THE point of Anatomy.  So I guess this is a crafty way to get around the school’s limitations.  And maybe this assignment is fun for someone, somewhere.  I HATE this project.

I like anatomy, am a kinetic (learn by doing) learner, and love art–and yet.  I hate it mostly because it touched off an OCD frenzy.  I just want to get a good grade.  No, it’s more then that–I want to get a good grade, do my very best work, AND impress the rest of my class, the former students helping us, and our prof.  That’s all.  So maybe a little bit of unreasonable expectations–but try to explain that to my OCD.  And once you indulge OCD at all–it cannot be stopped.  And bleeds into other areas of life.  There is nothing fun or useful about OCD.

I got wind of this undertaking last May.  And it made me worried back then.  I tried to prepare ahead of time over the summer, marking page numbers for the best views in the book, making lists, measuring and doing ratios, sketching various anatomical structures, and just trying to set myself up for success (as Mary would say–but f that b). I even started a shirt over the summer, but because that is cheating (to start and finish an entire shirt when class was not in session) made sure it was a v-neck so I wouldn’t be tempted to turn that one in.

After receiving the assignment I was stressed, but ready.  Because I had a game plan.  But I guess my professor’s game plan (and procedure of at LEAST the last 3 years of giving this assignment) was different from my own.  She gave us class time, “. . .  To put on our shirts and trace each other’s spine, ribs, etc. . .”  And there was just NO way I was going to have any stranger/classmate touching me.  So I had planned to decline to get traced, but offer to trace someone else.  But I changed my mind when an old, fat redhead sat next to me that day.  I didn’t want to (have anything to do with her, really) trace her because I realized I would really have to press hard to get through her fat.  And that would be awkward.  So I quietly worked on my spine math.  Meaning I measured how long the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum were on the best book picture, then using the length of my shirt figured the ratio my shirt’s spine needed to be.

First, a former anatomy student stood in front of me and said, “Don’t you guys [me and the fat-redhead] want to trace each other?”  Fatty looked eager like she definitely wanted some tracing, but I just said, “No, not really.”  I did not want to give any mixed signals that under any circumstances was this stranger getting touched by me–of vice versa.  It’s not like I was being insubordinate–this was time to work on the shirts, and most people were tracing–but that was just a suggestion, not a mandatory assignment.  I’m not sure touching each other could be mandatory. . .  And of course, my professor came over and asked if my neighbor and I wanted to trace each other.  Then saw what I was doing and got a critical/judgmental look on her face and tone in her voice.  She said measuring was too much work, too complicated, and too inaccurate for MY own body.  Looking annoyed she continued MY body might be different from the book so doing math probably wasn’t going to work.  And even after I told her I was doing ratios using the length of my shirt with the intention of putting down the spine and ribs and then basing every other structures upon those landmarks, she looked critical of my idea.

Honestely, I cannot understand my professor’s logic on that.  How can making a subjective assignment more quantitative be a BAD thing? I think she had a tone of criticism only because she hadn’t thought of the idea first.  And I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to her, as a PhD and all.  And next year she’ll probably recommend they do a quick ratio to get a landmark down on their shirt to base the rest off.  It makes good sense.  I think anyway.  So now I’m not only struggling to make my shirt really awesome and accurate, I am paranoid.  I know my prof will be just looking for a reason to prove herself right about the math.  So she will be scrutinizing my shirt for errors.  So now it has to be even better.

I am on shirt #4.  These muscle shirts for Anatomy are going to make me insane.  BUT I didn’t let it ruin my Dave Matthews Band concert at the Gorge Ampitheatre like I always have in the past.  I totally put the stress of the shirt, impending anatomy exam, school at large, and work completely out of my mind.  I’ll keep you updated on the shirt for sure.

Pintrest a.k.a The Devil

24 Jun

The mother of time-suckers.

I knew better then to sign up.  But I have, and now it’s ALL over.  This sort of categorization is right up my OCD alley.  Once I begin, I can’t stop searching for new pins and organizing them onto the appropriate boards.  But they look so good!

Besides the time-warp aspect, I am finding really awesome ideas and plans for the loft I want in the future.  And I’m not quite sure it if makes me excited about my future, or just makes things look bleak b/c probability of these pins becoming reality seems small right now.  I guess I’ll take the former for mental health reasons.  Also, I’m pinning/dreaming for some sort of reception or house-warming party.  And a procuring a lot of quotes–which I have always loved.

I have intentionally avoided:  Food, DYI, crafts, art, and animals because I know that is a Pandora’s box.  I would never leave that vortex once I entered. . .

But looking at all those quotes and seeing all those buff bods made me go run 3 miles (more on this in a coming post) yesterday afternoon.  Normally unheard of on a Saturday when I’m very tired from work–so I guess it’s not ALL bad.  Except, by focusing on the Pintrest silliness, which is just shopping without spending, money–it is taking time away from more important activities.  Reading and outlining anatomy, studing anatomy vocab flashcards, reviewing the organelles, writing my anatomy paper on ALS, practicing dysphagia recipes, writing blogs, reading for enjoyment (while I still can), running or at least doing the Wii, cleaning–pretty much EVERYthing else.

Maybe I will set a time-limit for myself to keep time-wasting to a minimum.  Yes, that’s what I will do!  Tomorrow 😛