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Low Self Esteem

19 Feb

I get pretty impatient with the manifestations of this problem. It makes people have sketchy boundaries. They lower their own expectations and standards in an effort to gain acceptance of others. And that just makes me uncomfortable (if it’s directed at me) or judgmental (if I’m an observer).  I suppose I ought to have empathy for people with low self-esteem.  It’s a pervasive, all-encompassing problem that is common and quite detrimental.  But it really just makes me irate–perhaps because a lot of the people suffering from it don’t realize where all their problems stem from so they act like huge assholes.

A lot of the time, low self esteem makes people superficial. They critisize my clothing, hair style, whatever, because they are uncomfortable with themselves. They feel pigeonholed in the beauty arena, so they condemn me to the same fate by making snide comments.  I find it lame and tiresome.

And low self-esteem brings out the bitchiness and cattiness of others. They feel unappreciated at work or in their sport or whatever, so they make everyone else hyper-aware of their accomplishments. It’s very high maintenance.  Then, there is this sense of competition.  I don’t want it, but if you don’t play along, then you are considered a loser.  It’s easy to get caught up in such games.

Two incidents in particular inspired me to write this post. The one was my mother-in-law. She didn’t sign MY name on the (late) Christmas card she sent. It was a pointed slight, and I didn’t like her game-playing. She is the type to spend 2 hours working on her hair and makeup, then 2 more on getting dressed.  She told Cool some of my clothes are not age-appropriate.  And I say–who asked?  Leave my flippin’ wardrobe alone, old, bitter lady!

The other is a co-worker.  She is all drama though she’s in her mid-forties–I guess maturity has very little to do with age.  It’s pathetic.  She just got back from vacation, and I didn’t fawn over her about how I missed her, how I’m glad she’s back, and how we were lost without her.  She was just looking for an excuse all morning to be mad.  As if it’s all about HER.

I just don’t want to have to DEAL with people.  It’s bad enough to be an introvert in an extrovert’s world–but add low boundary = high-maintenance to the mix.  Well, it’s exhausting!


22 Aug

It makes me angry that vet schools across the country will accept a 4.0 GPA with minimal experience over a person with proven dedication to the field and technical skills who may have a lower GPA. . .

I saw first hand many of my shit-head co-workers that did the bare minimum at work in order to write it on their app get accepted over me.  Then, vet schools wonder why students change their mind, transfer, or only practice medicine part time.  Look at the accepted people–they certainly aren’t always the most deserving.

Especially since money might have everything to do with it.  Sorostitutes who’s daddy pays their entire rent and tuition do not have to work through school so they have all the time in the world to earn those good grades.  For those that have to make their own ends meet, studying does not get as much priority.  It does not mean the latter is any less intelligent.

That is all.

Cynical of Blind Optimism

20 Aug

What kind of person does this make me?  I’m not sure, but I don’t really trust the intentions of relentlessly cheery people.  I figure:

A)  They’re too stupid to “get it.”  Maybe ignorance is bliss is a cliche’ true to life. . .

B) They are only superficially involved in whatever they’re optimistic about so they actually do not know the pitfalls.

C) They are phonies.  Pretending to be perfect or fake or wanting other people to think they’re so. . .  Zen(?) for being happy all the time.

No one is happy all the time, and nothing is without a negative side.  Instead of blind optimism I prefer an acknowledgement of hard times, struggles, or negative feelings.  I don’t think it makes you a lessor person or more cynical or whatever.  I just think it means you understand the situation fully, are more than superficially involved, and honest and realistic.

Awkward Turtle

6 Aug

Do you know what is super-awkward?  Looking at “The People You May Know” tool on Facebook and seeing a bunch of suggestions that you thought were already your friends.  This can mean only one thing:  These people have deleted you.

And I always wonder why.  Did they not actually want to be friends in the first place, but didn’t want some sort of confrontation?  Did they get pissed and delete you in anger?  Did they get annoyed by certain posts or opinions and kick you off so they didn’t have to read it on their wall?  Did this person delete you because they didn’t think you cared or were disingenuine?  I always wonder.






I like to have some people on my friends list.  Just because I grew up with them or whatever.  And maybe I don’t always talk to them, or don’t really know what to say after initial pleasantries are exchanged–but I like to keep the OPTION of talking to them.  And I like to at least know what they’re up to.

On my own page, unless someone is a supreme Douche, I just block them from appearing on my wall if they over-post or annoy me in some way.  I’m not certain why some people keep their friends list pared down like their page is some sort of exclusive club. . .  At the same time, I never understand why I never hear from other people at all.  They never post, don’t respond to comments, and just let messages hang–unanswered.  I wonder–why did you bother to get an account at all?  I suppose just to lurk–which is creepy.

Oh, the challenges of social networking!


Broad Criticism for Some Blogs

24 Jul

If you can’t handle any opinions that differ from your own, can’t handle criticism, or just have trouble reading what people have actually typed in responses–don’t accept comments on your blog!

I find it so annoying when I leave a thoughtful comment that may disagree or point out holes in your logic and the writer gets all cranky with me or worse, portrays me as some kind of troll.  Well, don’t let anyone comment if that is the case–or at least write a disclaimer that you will only allow praise and agreement on your site.

Don’t portray your blog as a discussion if any commentator that doesn’t match your exact ideals is shut down.  Sheesh.

My Gripe List

3 May

Cool had the idea of writing her biggest pet peeves with social networking sites–stuff you cannot say on those forums (Facebook) b/c one of your friends will get all irate.  Here’s mine in no particular order:

JUST because you are religious and love God, does not mean you have to say it on Facebook daily, preface every status update with it, or heaven forbid–use the word “glorious.”

Everyone thinks their kids are the most adorable, smartest, creatures on the planet.  BUT they are the center of your world–not mine.  I don’t need to hear about their every smile, cold, or BM.

Games, games, games!  I hate the effing games, don’t wanna see what corn you planted or star you lined up, and I certainly do not wanna join in the foolishness!  I block at least one game every day–sometimes three.

Links and videos:  I hate them, and I will never open them.  Don’t post them.  Don’t send them to me.  Thank you and you’re welcome.

Jumping on the bandwagon:  Whatever hype is going on whether it be Valentine’s Day, the Superbowl, or political news–I am sure to hear about it a gazillion times on my Facebook news feed.  Ugh–people, 1.  think for yourselves 2.  I don’t give a FUCK.

On pregnancy:  You are not the first woman in history to have a child.  You therefore do not need to tell me every mundane aspect of said pregnancy, update me on the timeline of number of seconds before you have the child, or post a trillion pictures of the same unmoving glob of new life after post-birth.

Wedding pictures:  A few are fine–and even interesting.  A hundred different albums each featuring a million different poses of the same second get real old real fast.

I never, never want to hear your baby daddy drama, your bitchy laments about your perceived fake friends, or how you constantly hate everyone and everything.  I especially don’t need to read such drama in misspelled slang and all caps.

I don’t care that you get your drink on every Friday, Saturday, or whatever day of the week.  As a continuation of this one, I do not need a countdown to Friday–especially starting on Monday.  What you and the girls do during time off, how $hit-faced you got last night, or how hung over you were the next day are not a concern of mine at all.

Redundancy.  Redundancy.  Redundancy.  No matter what it is:  Status updates, pictures, games, whatever– it makes me want to poke my eyes out when I see the same things from you over and over again.  Vary it up or shut up.

“Veterinary is an Adjective”

21 Apr

I heard this from a vet at work last week.  It was directed at me because I answer the phone:  “*insert 3 worded long name of business* veterinary, this is *my name*, how may I help you?”  Already quite a mouthful if you ask me.  The vet was dictatorially policing my grammar infringement when she said it to me.

I just stared for a minute, trying to decide whether to call her out on her douche-baggery in trying to correct my solecism in the first place, explain my reasoning for omitting the noun in the phone tagline, or simply disengaging the situation and providing no response at all.  I choose the middle option–to explain how yes, I know veterinary is not the end of the sentence, and I realize I omit the noun of said phrase, but for what I believe to be good reason.  One:  to shorten the greeting (even if just a little) and Two:  Because clinic–which is the legit name for our business has a negative connotation, so I don’t want to say it.

Clinics invoke the image of a weekend crash course of shoddy medicine on the cheap.  We’re talking spay/neuter clinics just so people will castrate their pets at all, quick dentals to drum up more business in the long run, or some sort of transient specialist practicing medicine one day a month to fulfill the needs of several rural communities.  A clinic is economical, fast, and maybe doesn’t have the most knowledgeable staff or exceptional facilities–not us by a long shot.

I guess my particular veterinary ____ (see how I’ve purposely omitted the noun, but show I know it SHOULD be there with my blank line) is named that way, because the owner’s husband is a human physician and got all irked that a lowly veterinary practice should not assume the name hospital–as if it’s like the legit human hospitals in town.  Stupid, but clinic is on the sign.  So this veterinarian tells me to say hospital if I want even though it isn’t on the business cards or sign and may lend to some confusion.

Aside from the ‘adjective describes a noun’ and ‘clinic vs hospital’ debate, I would like to instead focus on the practice of correcting grammar and spelling.  My desired rejoinder to that doctor is to tell her to leave my speech patterns the fuck alone!  Maybe if she spent less time scrutinizing my grammar and more time writing her charts, or organizing her work space, or even seeing clients in a timely manner a lot of everyone’s (important) problems would be solved.  Who cares about how I answer the phone?  People can tell where they are calling, and it still sounds professional–no harm, no foul.  If I was writing a formal essay I would use the name as written.

Sometimes I think (to myself) that a person portrays themselves with ignorance when they use words improperly or write stupid shit that sounds illiterate–but I do not mention this to that person.  What could they riposte with this information?  Will it make them want to learn to do things correctly–or will it just make me look like a picky bitch?  What result are those grammar police really expecting–yeesh!  That, and I know it could easily be me making the mistake next time.  You better not correct someone else unless you yourself will never make their same mistake.  After correcting someone if you make some sort of error you will look like a hypocrite and a dummy.

As happened to this particular vet on my Facebook page.  She responded to a picture but the script was nonsensical because she forgot to type a word–humorously enough. . .  The noun.  The ever important, previously mentioned noun.  I have no idea what she said, because she subject was omitted.  Karma???  I wanted to retort with some snide comment so badly, but instead chose the (semi-mature) route of leaving it alone and blasting her on a different forum.

Just beware, loyal readers, nobody wants to hear it–keep your English-teacher-harping to yourself.

Slap a Bitch [original post 3-2-10, vocab added later]

11 Jan

JUST because you are a doctor, does not give you the right to liberally abuse the tolerant staff.  Having a hizzy is not a peccadillo offense when it happens frequently!  I am as open-minded about everyone having a faulted, bad day once in awahile, maybe a misstep or lapse in judgement here and there.  But you are too generous in sharing your negative emotions and too lavish in the number of days this behavior surfaces.  I find this latitudinarian mentality only bested by the munificent response (or no response as the case may be) by the boss.  Employers are failing too, if they allow this sort of thing.  Inappropriate and unprofessional (by all)–mind your fricken’ permissive temper!  Touchy doctors are more than a minor offense–it’s detrimental to the whole hospital.  Their sins carry over into the tone of the workplace, staff, and yes, the care of the clients and patients.  The end.

PS-When can I find more progressive attitudes at a job?

Stay Away, Old Face [6-29-08]

9 Jan

You didn’t think I’d let THIS go did you?!  Read my diatribe, and feel appropriately embarrassed:

First of all, I want to say I stay out of the realm of my exes, even missing a fun-time or two in order to avoid an awkward situation.  I do not want a confrontation of public fulminations.  My exes don’t have the same respect, but their liberalness still surprises me when great audacity and permissiveness is shown and they DON’T maintain distance.  Some people have no boundaries!  THAT was always my biggest harangue with Douche.

Secondly, it’s one of my biggest pet-peeves when someone “loves” their animal so much, yet doesn’t act responsibly toward that pet.  Of course, I’m going to offer my invective on the matter, shit-head.  Not vaccinating an animal annually is lame—not updating shots for 3 years is neglect.  Putting an animal in a stressful situation aka Douche’s house, is asking for health trouble.  Mixing unvaccinated animals is retarded, by the way.  While we’re on the subject of pet care, feeding crappy food (yeah Nutro is just disguised crap) is going to hurt the pet’s health.  People who have pets SHOULD know, but Science Diet, Eukanuba, and Iams are the most nutritionally balanced foods on the market.  Also believing a pet store’s word over a veterinarian is dumb.  To continue common sense pet care advice, if you have a multi cat household, the rule is 1 litter box per cat + 1. This means if you have 3 cats, you need 4 litter boxes, 4 cats means 5 litter boxes, etc. . .  Oh, and you have to clean the litter box more than once a month.  The number 1 rule of owning an animal???  Don’t get a pet if you can’t afford to take care of it!

What a jeremiad, right?  But with good reason.  I bring it up, because Douche’s new GF (Old Face) strolls into MY work after not having been there for multiple years wanting a latitudinarian price plan.  I was so pissed they would have the audacity, and wish I had the nerve for a face-to-face tirade.  OK, you need some background on Old Face.  Believe it or not, I’m not just randomly mean to people.  Douche had a best friend for a year or two, for the sake of simplicity, we’ll call this friend “Manly.”  Manly and Douche were constantly seen together.  Also, Manly had been dating Old Face for a long time.  I’m not sure of the specifics, but possibly as long as 4 years.  Manly and Old Face had their problems.  I’m not sure how involved Douche was in these problems.  Probably heavily–pun intended.  Anyhow, Manly and Old Face break up and almost immediately afterward, Douche is dating Old Face.  This breaks one of the cardinal best friend rules—you don’t date your best friend’s ex—especially within such a short time span.  Sidenote:  Manly is out of the picture.  Douche no longer seen with Manly at all–just like that.  You knew of Douche’s non-existent morals, but this story illustrates that Old Face, also has questionable ethics.  Obloquy unnecessary–this sort of behavior is completely expected.  Her and Douche are perfect for each other. . .

Anyway, I was surprised they would come in such close proximity to me!  I also figured Old Face would go to the vet Douche does.  Not only does Douche go there, but my OTHER ex who happens to be friends with Old Face, works there. Got all that?  It’s a web of trashy that I would just assume not be involved in.  I’m not sure if Old Face actually does update vaccines at Douche’s vet and just wanted to take advantage of my clinic’s good prices, or if her pet, in fact, had not been vaccinated for years.  Either way coming to my work wasn’t a cool move.

At first, I felt awkward and wanted to avoid Old Face.  Then, I thought—no it is her who should feel awkward, this is MY place of work!  To drive home that point, I made sure to bring her animal to her when she came to pick it up.  I wanted to say a lot, but was very nervous and stressed so shakily said, “I didn’t expect to see YOU in here.”  I hope seeing me made Old Face feel awkward, but I couldn’t really tell.  What I wanted to do was lay out a long malediction about how just because she’s a cheap-ass does not give her the right to impede upon my territory.

My main point???  I don’t go to your bar or place of work–don’t come back to my clinic!!!

Lateness Phobia

31 Dec

This one is a biggie for me, mostly because I have a phobia of being late.  When I was in school, I would have vivid nightmares that I missed the bus and was late to class.  If I have an interview or meeting someplace unfamiliar, I have to find the route a day ahead of time.  Otherwise I constantly worry that I will get lost and be late.  I mean, I’ll lose sleep over it!  Speaking of sleep, I ALWAYS wake up before my alarm clock goes off. . .  I would rather be much too early than show up someplace late.

I have no idea what the thought process of late people must be.  Do they just think—who cares, they’ll wait for me?  Late people are annoying, because it shows a total disregard for anyone else’s schedule and a lack of respect.  If you’re rude enough to be late on a date, you might as well just turn around and go home—it’s all over.  Though at least you showed your true colors early so I no longer have to deal with you.  I am most irritated when other people’s lateness affects me, and I cannot cut them out of my life. Say, when I have to work longer to finish everything cause you couldn’t drag your ass out of bed.  Being 50 minutes to 3 hours late makes me have to work harder to cover for you.  And being late twice in the same day, are you kidding me?!!  And it really sticks in my craw when the same people are 5-20 minutes late EVERY time they work.  These chronic late people stroll in to work assuming everyone else has taken care of everything for them.  What would happen if everyone was late?!

It’s even worse if the late person is full of excuses:  My alarm didn’t go off, traffic was horrible, I had errands to run, on and on.  I also have an alarm, had to drive to get here, and arranged my life in such a way that I would get here on time.  I don’t really want to hear your lame excuses!  If you’re shitty enough to be late, at least own up and admit that you suck that day.  I really can’t tolerate lateness because it’s very easy to overcome.  Wake up earlier, budget more time, whatever—make it a priority to be places on time.  Being late is just another form of selfishness.  It shows you don’t care enough to accommodate anyone else’s schedule.


PS:  You know since I wrote a blog about lateness I’ll probably be late to work tomorrow 😉