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Going Global [Anti-Valentine’s #10]

13 Feb

As you know, I hate that fake-a$$ holiday, and have been really good about writing an annual blog post about all that’s wrong with it. This is my eleventh? such post, I think!!!  Even when I’m terrible about writing anything else throughout the year. It’s important to me to get it done.

And yes, I am still a lazy writer (in my blog) and do not treat this as a college research paper. BUT given this era of opinion-pieces, unsubstantiated “alternate facts,” and plain ‘ol made-up nonsense, I’ve tried to at least indicate my sources. Is there a proper citation with bibliography-no! Can you tell I just didn’t pull the information and figures out of my a$$–I hope so.  Here we go my annual why Valentine’s Day is detrimental and shouldn’t be celebrated:

"The Models Go Green" -- The models POSE FOR A photo shoot of the negative effects of smoking on AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL on The CW. Pictured: Janet (Cycle 9) (902) Photo: Mike Rosenthal/The CW ©2007 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

“The Models Go Green” — The models POSE FOR A photo shoot of the negative effects of smoking on AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL on The CW.
Pictured: Janet
(Cycle 9) (902)
Photo: Mike Rosenthal/The CW
©2007 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Fear sells products.

Just ask the beauty industry. First step-Put great emphasis on a women’s physical appearance. Socnond, Insinuate that’s WHO she is (beauty), Third, indicate that beauty is the only way she derives all her power. Finally, make her afraid she’s losing looks and beauty through aging. Sales of lotion and makeup boom!

Sex sells.


Look at any magazine, poster, or label. Nakedness abounds. People are more interested if there’s a hint of sexuality. True story.  Does there really even need to be persuasion here?  I hope not.  I will assume no, and move on.

Combine fear WITH sex and you have capitalist gold. Thus, Valentines Day.  And why a Catholic tragedy is even a current thing at all.

And with stock-markets demanding quarterly growth, more and more corporations are looking to foreign markets to increase sales. Advertising DOES have an impact on culture. Other countries do look to the United States, a world power. So it makes sense that America’s ad campaigns do dictate cultural change around the world.

One example of the negative influence of America’s capitalism, specifically the notion Valentine’s Day must culminate in sex, is Cambodia. The country is in Southeast Asia, near Thailand and Laos. Cambodia has a tumultuous history, with the Brits colonizing it for awhile, communists taking refuge there for a time, and Americans bombing it (just the commies though!  *sarcasm*  obviously) during Vietnam conflict. As a person with an American education, I’m not sure of the whole history, or what Cambodia’s politics are today (or honestly, anything about them), but I know the treatment of women there is not that awesome.

Cambodia is apparently dramatic about romance. They have a concept called “sansar,” which means something like, Valentine or true love, or the person I want to marry. And this Sansar notion is heavily associated with Valentine’s Day. The people Combining the Valentine’s Day money = love = sexual reward with Cambodia’s ingrained notions of gender has resulted in a phenomenon of under-aged sex. In Cambodia Valentine’s Day is their prom–the expectation is to have sex.

The ministry of education in Cambodia issued a statement Tuesday imploring teachers to impress upon their students that Valentine’s Day is not about losing one’s virginity. Chuon Naron says in the statement “Cambodian students take Valentine’s Day to mean ‘sweetheart day,’ and they buy flowers as a way to convince girls to give up their virginity.” An exacerbating factor,”Cambodians have no idea about sex and their sexual rights because the sexual health education curriculum remains unimplemented.” (1) Education Minister Hang.

The quantitative survey on Love and sexual relationships found that 12. 4 percent young people state that they will be able to have sex and 14.3 young people in a couple state that they will able to have sex with their sweethearts on the upcoming Valentine’s Day. (2) Valentine’s Day in Phnom Penh in 2009.

Even worse? It has been reported that this sex will happen whether or not every participant is ready, whether or not they’re in a trusting, committed relationship, whether or not permission is given. Yes, not only has American-economy-driven Valentine’s capitalistic hedonism caused the sexualiziation of a “holiday” it had contributed to rape culture.

According to United Nations research (*A) one in five Cambodian men admit to raping a woman at least once. Half of that number started before the age of 20. (4) And nearly two-thirds said they had raped their partner, or more explicitly, their songsar. The figure rose to 34 percent when asked if they had committed physical or sexual violence against a woman. (3) 2013.


Public health specialist, Tong Soprach, conducted a smaller study of this trend from 2009-2014. He interviewed 715 Cambodians, aged 15 to 24, and what he found was staggering. In 2009, roughly two-thirds of young males said they were willing to force their partners to have sex on Valentine’s Day. [What??!] That number dropped some by 2014, but was still alarmingly high: among 376 male respondents, about 47 percent. (4) Phnom Penh Post, 2009.

National Police spokesman, Lieutenant General Kirth Chantharith, agrees that education is key to putting a halt to this abuse. He pointed out that most of the youth don’t understand the concept of Valentine’s Day, adding that “a lot of boys want to use this day for sex and to exploit girls”. Just how culturally accepted it is to engage in non-consensual sex is illustrated by the fact that half of the women interviewed for the UN study believed they couldn’t refuse to have sex with their husband. Two years ago, according to Chantharith, the police noticed a significant increase in sexual violence and rape among the capital’s youth on Valentine’s Day. “There are many young men going to the guest houses late at night with a girl – sometimes a group of boys with a girl – and they commit sexual violence,” he said. “So when we see a girl alone at night, leaving a bar with a boy or a group, we intervene.” (5)  On the whole, though rape and sexual violence isn’t only endemic in the southeast Asian country, but is treated by many as the norm, meaning perpetrators largely go unpunished.

So there’s that. Thanks U.S. Capitalistic fake holiday.  Obviously, this is one of the more horrible consequences that stem from constructing a holiday about “love” but really about money.  I think as citizens of the United States, we can admit Valentines Day is contrived and exploited in order to sell products.  Fear of being alone and single are combined with terribly impractical idealized romantic images, which are not really a thing aside from February 14th.  As a leading country, we need to be careful what we support and how we portray ourselves.  Our country (like it or not) is a role model for other places.  And our capitalistic patriarchy combined with a worse-for-wear undeveloped countries norms has lead to disastrous effects on women.


Think twice about what you support.

Click to access p4p-report.pdf


(2) PAGE 14

Click to access love_sexual_relationships_valentine_quan_study-14_eng.pdf




Disingenuine (a non-poem)

24 Dec

I have used that title for a blog post before (in 2007?) but I think it’s appropriate today.  I read that poem, and though it’s total Douch-baggery to say, I think it’s good.  It still conveys my emotions about the time, and that person really well.  This one is not a poem, but a scenario.  One that made me feel disappointed and. . .  bad.  Not angry, but bad (for lack of better word).  Also, bare with me, because I’m really tired, so quality on this isn’t going to be outstanding.

Work.  Yes, that again.  These trouble never really go away, do they?  I suppose until I finish my education and AZ gatormove on with my life, they never will.  I was asked to work 2 additional hours today, which I did.  And I went in early to do processor chem.  While I was doing all the washing, chemicals, and horribleness that is processor chem, my boss comes near me and says, “I left something from the clinic in your shoe.”  That was it.  No “Merry Christmas!”, no “I hope you have a happy holiday!”, no “We thought we would do something nice for all your hard work.”  The whole thing felt forced to me.  An obligation.  I got the feeling my boss saw a Christmas tid-bit as some sort of job that HAD to be done, and that she wasn’t terribly excited about–maybe even–what’s the word–not quite put-out or stressed, but something that was an effort and that she didn’t really want to do or love doing.

The gift doesn’t really matter–this post isn’t about the fact I was down-graded, no doubt because I’ve left Forster-my x-mas 11Fridays.  It was the SPIRIT of the gift-giving I had a problem with.  I almost gave it back, but thought that would create drama, which isn’t my goal.  Getting the gift, made me feel icky, no happy or joyful or appreciative.  And that just isn’t the point, is it?  I felt like I had caused. . .  Hardship–that’s not quite right either.  I told you I’m tired.  I felt like if they didn’t have the right intentions behind the gift, then they shouldn’t have given it at all.

I had given everyone at work personalized, home-made, thoughtful gifts the last 2 years.  Because that’s who I normally am as a person.  I’m actually very thoughtful and thankful–this has just sapped all of that out of me. birch trees on Mars-upright All the baggage at work has made me more standoffish–and who could blame me?  The way they have treated me. . .  But this Christmas, because I did not feel the same good will and cheerful intent, I didn’t get any of them anything.  And not out of meanness, or drama, but becuase I didn’t feel it.  You should ony do nice things if your heart is actually in the right place.  I don’t wish them ill-will, but I’m fairly indifferent now, due to the past.  I think they should have done the same, if they didn’t really want to give me anything.  After all, employment is a contract.  I work, they pay me, we don’t OWE each other any more then that–certainly not Christmas cheer or presents.

I’m not going to whatever dinner they’re planning (in the same, “I have to do this” sort of spirit) in the near Walking about-July 2012 014future.  It was announced as if it was inconveniance, but had to be done.  It was made clear spouses were NOT invited.  And no one ASKED, just informed me to pick a date that would work.  So I have no intention of partaking in that for several reasons:  1.)  It is also disingenuine.  2.)  I do not like, and do not want to spend time with anyone at work–it’s bad enough I have to deal with them AT work.  Life is too short to hang out with people out of obligation and phoniness.  3.)  I do not like going places without Cool.  4.)  I do not like going places.  Or leaving my jammies. Especially if no paycheck or grades are involved and especially, especially since it’s at night and cold outside.  5.)  I’m afraid alcohol would be involved, and I do not want to deal with that scene at all.  I’m not sure how I’m going to get out of going (maybe the idea will fizzle out all-together anyway) without looking bitchy or creating drama, but there is 0% I’m showing up to anything like that.

It’s too bad that all this negativity is occuring around and because of Christmas.  That’s not really what the season is all about.  I’m going to try to forget how sad I am about this deterioration the whole thing, and have a genuinly good time with people who truly love me for who I am–my family:  Cool and the kitties, with a call to my parents in there somewhere.  Maybe I’ll donate the gift card to someone who really needs it, because I have all these bad feelings associated with it now.


I Don’t Subscribe: Celebrate Something Else [Anti-Valentine’s #7]

14 Feb

As the obnoxious gay fellow sitting next to me in class found out when he cheerfully asked if I was excited for the impending “holiday.”  If you don’t remember my practical explanations of why the day is created for gains of capitalism, unfair to males, encourages gendered and unreasonable expectations from women, is detrimental to the environment, and HURTS people (diamond miners), look back at my annual blog post.  

2 year anneversary 013

As I have exhausted all angles trying to persuade you to discontinue celebrating such an awful tradition, this year, I appeal to choice.  OK, I get it, February isn’t the greatest month.  Especially following those gigantic holidays of Novemeber, December, and January.  February is back to the grind.  And it’s still cold.  And there’s really nothing real to celebrate until Memorial Day.  By real, I exclude St. Patty’s day, another concocted day that is abused to celebrate getting drunk on green beer.  And Cinco de Mayo, where Mexican restaurants get into the black for the year by peddling. . .  “Mexican” food, and yet more alcohol.  

Lesle's eye-breasts

But I’m getting off the point here are some special events that have occured on February 14 in years past.  And any one of them could have a celebratory holiday devoted to it.  More Worthy Cause for Celebration:


  • The United States Flag was formally recognized by a foreign naval vessel for the first time, Anatomy 28when French Admiral Toussaint-Guillaume Picquet de la Motte rendered a nine gun salute to USS Ranger, commanded by John Paul Jones.

Yay!  Boating and America and the flag!  What’s not to like?  OK, we already have Flag Day, Independence Day, and you’re not feeling a holiday devoted to sailing for whatever reason.  There’s more:

1794:  1st U.S. textile machinery patent granted, to James Davenport, Philadelphia

Clothes and fashion!  But I see this becoming a capitalistic nightmare–let’s move on.

1872:  1st state bird refuge authorized (Lake Merritt, California)

LF unicornsNothing here to hate on.  And maybe a parade featuring birds would be in order.  Or free admission to all avian-related places.

1876:  A G Bell & Elisha Gray apply separately for telephone patents Supreme Court eventually rules Bell rightful inventor

Yes!  Phones and communication–we cannot live without those.  This could easily take over V-Day with all those Apple-heads everywhere.

1889:  1st train load of fruit (oranges) leaves Los Angeles for east

1899:  U.S. Congress begins using voting machines

Politics get more honest.  But they have a long way to go before a fair system is achieved *cough heffalumps and woozelsabolish lobbies*

1919:  United Parcel Service forms

Again, another service we absolutely could not live without.  

1920:  League of Women Voters forms in Chicago


1924:  IBM Corporation founded by Thomas Watson

wine countryMore communication things–I see a trend here. . .

1936:  National Negro Congress organizes in Chicago

Yes!  The beginning of Civil Rights!

1946:  Bank of England nationalized

1963:  U.S. launches communications satellite Syncom 1

1966:  Wilt Chamberlain breaks NBA career scoring record at 20,884 points

Such a great fact, but without drinking involved I’m not sure non-sports enthusiasts would be on Oct 2011 031board–and definitely not so close to Superbowl and the Daytona 500.  Moving on. . .

1966:  Australian currency is decimalised.

1971:  Richard Nixon installs secret taping system in White House

1976:  U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

LF penguinsBoo, hiss to all the resultant nuclear waste getting dumped in the state.

1978:  1st “micro on a chip” patented by Texas Instruments

Communication!  I’m telling you, this needs to be the communication holiday.  Pay homage to all of this technology we can’t get by without for even 10 minutes.

1989:  World’s 1st satellite Skyphone opens


1989:  The first of 24 satellites of the Global Positioning System are placed into orbit.heart flowers

GPS too?  I’ve decided I’m replacing Valentine’s Day with some sort of communication celebration.

1990:  Space probe Voyager 1 takes photograph of entire solar system

All right!  So I think I’ve decided on the history of communication technology holiday.  Now, what makes a holiday great?  Food, definitely   Special beverages for sure.  A parade never hurts.  Something–festive.  And obviously, communicating to many people or in  some awesome way to celebrate history.  Well, we have until next year to decide 🙂  Happy Communication Day everyone!

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Shove It Down Your Throat: RomCom Expectations Feed Capitalism [Anti-Valentine’s #6]

14 Feb

I think it’s interesting that people are so invested in some phony, superficial “holiday.” It is so obviously contrived and capitalistic and yet everyone keeps it alive.  Anyone who dares disagree about the legitimacy of Hallmark’s favorite invention must be bitter and loveless.  Shut up.  Wear pink.  Valentine’s day is a polarized issue. I want to know why. . .

I blame Disney and the romantic comedies.

Disney indoctrinates girls when they are still little.  The helpless princess is always saved by Prince Charming riding in on his white horse.  All she has to do is look pretty.  And wait.  Then she will be rescued, and lavished with gifts, money, and power.  With the romance comes money and power.

The romantic comedies are much the same, but geared toward older females.  They are the same fairytale wrapped in a different package, with the unrealistic story-lines of the woman waiting, the perfect guy showing up and saving her from a life of loneliness, despair, and heaven forbid single status.  Perfect Guy is just as handsome as Prince Charming.  He is creative and spontaneous in his gift-giving, and has the most romantic ideas ever.  If only the women is receptive to his advances.  Even if she isn’t, Perfect Guy will win her over with his cleverness and dedication.  Then the couple will be together.  And happy.

So it’s no wonder Valentine’s Day is celebrated so whole-heartedly.  This is the day women will be saved.  Prince Charming will come woe her, or Perfect Guy will prove himself.  Then, women can be happy.  Rich.  Powerful.

Do we still buy in to this story?  Do we, as modern, independent women still literally BUY in to this fairy-tale?  I say we shouldn’t.  I think love is more realistic and equal then Disney and the romantic comedies make it out to be.  I think a women should chase her own happiness instead of waiting and being receptive to advances.  And dare I say it–I think a women can be rich, powerful, and happy without a man.  We are no longer helpless princesses waiting for our Prince.  We make our own future.

So let’s tell the corporations to shove it.  We as women don’t need to wait to be lavished with expensive gifts in order to be rich, powerful, and happy.  We can strive toward our own goals without a man’s help.  And if we are in love, we can show it in how we treat each other.  Every day.  I don’t need a holiday to tell me to respect, appreciate, and love my mate, Cool.

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Gender Roles [Anti-Valentine’s #4]

6 Feb

Valentine’s Day keeps us entrenched in our gender roles.  Society has come so far since the days of the 1950s when women had no other option than to be housewives and mothers while men were forced to carry the burden of earning the family income alone.  Why, I ask loudly and repeatedly, do we continue to constrict ourselves to these unfair and unrealistic ideals?  We know by now who established these gender guidelines–men in power with the help of the all-encompassing media influence.  The question is:  Why do we continue to marginalize ourselves by relishing traditions that pigeonhole us to these tired gender generalizations?  As a society we should be more terrestrial in our expectations.  No one should be forced to conform to antediluvian notions of what gender-characteristics are socially-correct.

Valentine’s Day is a reminder of the narrow expectation of what the sexes ought to be.  There is no room to be Leslie 3down-to-Earth:  Women are passive in this day.  They sit back and wait for the man to make romantic plans, wonder and wish about what the man will present her as a gift, and lie back for a sexual encounter at the end of the night.  Men, on the contrary, are supposed to take action.  Nothing should be commonplace on February 14.   They best plan the best, most romantic, spectacular date possible.  Men are also expected to lavish their little lady with meaningless (but costly) gifts to impart the message his woman is still desirable to him.  Finally, the man should perform like a lissome stallion in the bedroom at the end of the night.

I think it’s humorous that these antiquated values are so deeply entrenched in our psyche that we think we OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWANT to uphold these traditions.  As a country, we need to get in touch with more Earthbound expectations, especially when it comes to holidays.  Our patriarchal society is so pervasive that it seems presently it’s women who insist on keeping Valentine’s Day alive.  Refer to my other anti-Valentine’s blogs for examples–there are many.

The way I see it, Valentine’s Day actually takes AWAY from romance.  Maybe if we were more terrene in our gestures it would actually be romantic.  I’m pretty impressed when someone scrapes ice off my windshield on a cold morning, springs for Starbucks, or just looks at me lovingly.  All the Valentine’s Day traditions are tired and overdone.  No thought goes into clichés–you just repeat (what everyone else has already thought up) year after year.  It would be MUCH more romantic to think of your own sublunary traditions as a couple and practice them randomly throughout the year instead of on one day when tradition tells you that you have to.

Mother JonesInstead of embracing such silliness, isn’t it time we transcended gender?  Who wants to live by some strict guideline that isn’t even our own generation’s ideology?  These obsolete ideals are hardly even reasonable in our current fast-paced, work-driven society.  Tellurian love gestures are so much more practical and amazing in the long-run (not to mention more affordable).  Wouldn’t it be more progressive and meaningful to get away from the stubborn expectations of Valentine’s Day and do something original and non-cliché’?  So, as usual on principle I will not be celebrating Valentine’s Day–and I suggest you boycott it as well.

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Disingenuine (A poem/song) [posted 7-23-07]

17 Jan

I was inspired to write a poem about the “Fake People” as TLC would say. It’s not about one specific person. There are far too many fake bitches to write about just one-ha ha. This is more of a creative exercise than an attack on anyone. This would be better as a song, I think. As a matter of fact, think of this forward as a transition at a concert. Here is the explanation to my next song-yay! If only I had access to (or ability to play) the piano or guitar. Hold on–I do have access to (and ability to play) the flute. I won’t be held back! It will be a variation on “Ellie Come Home.” By the way, since I’m beginning my career as a faux-writer, are band names supposed to go in quotations? Gotta learn the basics, you know. Just read this while humming to get the true effect I’m trying to convey. Any song will do. Get ready for a new sound, people 😉

One more thing:  Spacing on blogs sucks.  Everytime there is an enter, it creates a double space.  I had this written as poetry, you know, the whole 4 lines to a stanza (there’s some writing knowledge for ya–stanza) business.  To compensate, I made each stanza a different color.  Read on, that’s all you need to know.


Is there anyone for real?

Show me your true intentions

Tell me how you really feel

Don’t keep me in suspension. . .

Don’t waste my time

Putting on a show

Being angry is fine

I just want to know

Stop blaming me, don’t throw a fit

I won’t play your game

We both know you’re a hypocrite

I think your act is lame. . .

I see to the real you

I know who you actually are

Your actions are hardly true

Funny thing–it gets you far!

Continue how you act

Immature, ugly, and cold

Just know I know the fact

This façade of yours won’t hold

Your insides are not so pretty

As you lead others to believe

Your personality is shitty

I want you to go away–LEAVE!

It may take awhile

But people will get smart

And catch on to your guile

Look straight to your black heart

Until then though

Just get out of my life

You are my foe

I’m tired of all the strife

Just go!

Nix the Red and Pink. . . And Save some Green [posted 2-10-09]

17 Jan

You’ve heard all of my arguments against the vestige that is Valentine’s Day.  I write the blog year after year, trying to convince my readers not to celebrate such a foolish relic of a day. . .  Go back and read the yearly blog—the points are still valid.

Maybe you STILL love the day.  You don’t care that’s it’s cliché’, trite, and shallow, you will celebrate anyway.  Let me try a different angle.  Valentine’s Day and other stupid holidays are bad for the environment!  Here are some creative ideas to limit your environmental impact, not to mention get off of MY nerves.

You just finished slaughtering pine trees only to throw the remnants away in the post-Christmas cleaning frenzy—do you really need to kill flowers too?!  All those overpriced roses?  Yeah, you killed a plant to celebrate your love—not the coolest.  Instead why don’t you GIVE a tree to your lover?  If you don’t like that idea, you could PLANT a rose instead of giving a bouquet.  Growing something is something you can both enjoy for years to come, and it benefits the environment.  You could also put money towards the dwindling rainforest, plant something in a local park, or buy carbon emissions, though that’s kind of a cheater’s way of offsetting our pollution.

Chocolate, cards, candy, and other trace trinkets are (let’s face it) lame and cost a fortune.  THIS is also the reason why Valentine’s Day is advertised and promoted so much.  Do you even keep these remaining “treasures?”  They also tend to come in plastic packaging that ends up in landfills and take eternity to break down.  I suggest forgoing all of this crap—and plant a little herb or organic vegetable garden together.  That’s more original, allows you two to spend quality time, and saves money in the long run.  You may also yield some stellar eatings that last way beyond February.  Cook a romantic meal from your garden, gasp, in April when we don’t have a “love holiday,” and all the expectations that go with it.  To take it even further, take a quiet and romantic walk with your beau.  Pick up trash along your path—you will feel much better than you would just by giving meaningless presents and dropping a fortune on an expensive dinner.  Or at least make artwork or a scrapbook out of the friggin’ candy packaging and eat your damn leftovers from your hackneyed candle-lit dinner, sigh. . .

The worst of all?  Stuffed animals and balloons!  It’s horrible when you have to parade around with your stuff, trying to make everyone jealous and rub this horrible day in everyone’s faces.  If your balloon flies off (maybe at the hands of an envious, single lady?) or after you’ve thrown it away, it is detrimental to the Earth.  It can kill birds and whatever else.  Awful!  Instead of being obnoxious, why don’t you and your sweetie volunteer at a soup kitchen, senior citizen’s home, or a hospital.  Besides being able to show your love to some REAL sad-sacks, you may even come to realize that Valentine’s Day is pretty superficial when you see some real NEED in the world.

All my ideas will really DO something for the Earth.  An unintentional side-effect is the savings.  These ideas are imaginative ways of spending time with your love, showing them you care, and on the cheap!  It also is more original and meaningful and shows longevity and confidence in your relationship—which is what we’re really celebrating on the 14th isn’t it?  Besides, all of MY ideas limit the loathsome, superficial, petty, excessive things about Valentines day.  We ALL win!….

Where is the LOVE?! [Anti-Valentine’s #2] posted-2-13-08

13 Feb

I wasn’t going to do this, but here goes my annual Valentine’s (a.k.a. the day girls are bitches) blog.  I write one every year, and thought I would let it go this year.  You’ve heard my case, after all, but after hearing the girls at work, I feel the need to reiterate it.

Number 1 problem:  You think I’m writing this because I’m single and bitter.  The fact you think that just shows how wack February 14th is.

What IS that anyway?  Why is there one holiday that makes single people feel like losers???  People flaunt their “love” and fawning over each other in public, exchanging gifts, generally rubbing everyone else’s noses in their happiness—or feigned happiness as the case may be. . .  If you really loved each other you wouldn’t need a holiday to pander to your significant other, lavishing each other with gifts and romance!  You also wouldn’t need to make other people feel shitty about not having what you do.  I am unconcerned about other people’s relationships, and do not know why they feel the need to brag about them on this day.

Yes, I’m single, but I’m certainly not bitter.  I could be in a relationship if I wanted, but until I find someone up to my standards, I’m holding off—MY choice.   I am unemotional about my single status on Valentine’s Day–does it really mattered if you’re coupled on this particular day of the year?!  Not every single person is sad about being single!  I remember some big downfalls of being part of a couple.  There are pros and cons to each side.

I am also not writing this because I have never gotten anything special on V-Day.  I have had good (typical) valentine’s days in the past.  I have received roses, there were at least 3 years that I got stuffed animals, I have gotten countless cards, candy, and special dinners, AND someone even decorated my high school locker.  It’s not that I just don’t get attention on the 14th.  I hate the day because it’s stupid…..

And no, I wouldn’t change my tune if I was dating someone.  I would still be stoic about participating in this Cool's Canada Pics 015phony event.  I refuse to grovel at anyone’s feet because society and tradition ostracizes me if I chose not to.  I would (and have) shun(ed) this “holiday” even if I was in a relationship.  I remain stolid about the red and pink and don’t celebrate it on principal.

Number 2 problem:  Hallmark is the only one who wins!

Does anyone even know why Valentine’s Day is a holiday in the first place?  Don’t lie—you don’t.  I find it moneyappalling how lacking in sensitivity this day is.  It takes absolutely no thought to carry out the traditions you’re told to on the 14th.  Why are you shamelessly buying into the hype and spending (too much) money on all those stereotypical, thoughtless, cliché gifts?  The price of roses gets jacked up sky high, restaurants have crazy reservation waits, and stores starting putting out their merchandise after New Years.  This holiday is hardly about love—it’s about tired expectations and $$$!

Number 3 problem:  Girls turn into bitches!

The whole holiday is squarely centered on the distaff’s side of things.  Don’t tell me guys like this day.  It isn’t FOR them.  They are apathetic and indifferent to it, except for the fact their women require an overabundance of things.  Guys are impassive about getting flowers or jewelry.  There really isn’t a good Valentine’s Day gift for dudes.  They would even pass on the food if it meant they didn’t have to jump through hoops every February.  Guys have none of the benefit (face it, you’d probably sleep with him holiday or not) but all the work on Valentines day.

evil BarbieThis holiday brings out the worst in females.  I don’t hear anything but selfish, superficial, whiny speculation, then complaining.  Guys can never do well enough!  The girls want presents.  More specifically, something expensive, preferably flowers (better be 12 long-stem roses) or jewelry.  Let’s not kid ourselves—you want both, plus romance.  Securing reservations at the best restaurant isn’t good enough—the guy better do something memorable and spectacular.

The guy will always fail.  Of course he falls below these grand dreams—anyone would.  After the big gift giving, the girl will bitch to her friends that it wasn’t good enough in some way.  All the while parading the gift around—cause ANYTHING is better than being single. . .

Solution:  I’m making my own holiday for February.

Being phlegmatic and trying to ignore this stupid day is not the answer.  Valentine’s Day won’t soon die.  I know, February kinda sucks, especially after all the big holidays have passed.  There are no vernal signs of life and winter can be dreary.  After the holidays and before the spring arrives, people need a little bright spot to look forward to.  We just need some sort of celebration after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years in the middle of the winter.  I hear you.  MY special day will mean no school or work, this fresh new theme will involve some sort of parade, drinking, and anyone who wants to participate—except bitches!….

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My Opinion of Valentine’s Day [posted 2-14-07] [Anti-Valentine’s #1]

13 Feb

I’m completely indifferent to this “holiday.” I wouldn’t get decked out in black and cry about how it sucks to be alone. I also wouldn’t wear pink and talk constantly about how great my significant other is–making everyone else feel like crap. I’m not all bitter because I happen to be single–I wouldn’t celebrate this day if I WAS in a relationship. Just ask my exes. Anyway, I don’t think a holiday should make people feel shitty about being single. Yay for you if you can be independent.

I swear, hearing girls constantly talk about how they didn’t get anything is more than I can take. If I hear one more girl complain about the gift her boyfriend got her, I’ll. . . I don’t know, talk crap behind her back. Just this morning I was in the hair salon (ps-the wrong place to go if you don’t acknowledge valentine’s day) and all the girls were like “all of us got flowers-yay!” By the way, flower shops jack up the price to ridiculous levels. . . The girl helping me, was all sad and said-“I didn’t get anything” (boo-hoo). Another girl said, “yours just came!” My girl was like, “they’re probably from Hi-Vee. . .”

Fractured–like her heart

Ugh-it’s disgusting how even the financial pandering to the ladies can’t mitigate their competitive bitchiness that day! Guys just can’t win. Oh and speaking of dudes. Really, what do they get today? Candy, sex? C’mon, when they have to temper the bad stuff?  They break the bank buying jewelry, and flowers, and plan something romantic. Mostly, guys just get a lot of shit from their GF, b/c they didn’t do v-day well enough–sick. This holiday certainly isn’t for them.

Do we really need Hallmark to tell us when to treat our loved ones nice? I prefer people to treat the people they love wonderfully, every day–and don’t TELL everyone in the world about it!

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