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I Got BronchITis!

13 Jan

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

This is the 2nd time I’ve been sick in the last few months. After having a years-long dry spell from being full-on sick, it is SO not cool.

I blame the Y. My sleep schedule still isn’t what it should be, and combined with all those germs–then cold weather. I have no chance. It’s the trifecta.

I hate being sick though. Somehow, I thought being sick would be nice–you get to sleep a lot, sit around watching TV, catch up on your reading. Maybe clean the house and cook some things you haven’t had time for. . .

What I forgot was–being sick sucks. I can’t sleep either because I’m congested or in this case–coughing uncontrollably. Nothing is less uncomfortable then being prompt to a near-sitting position, on your back–all night. I am comfortable sleeping on my side, but that’s not possible with a runny nose or cough. So I’m mostly awake all night. When I need sleep the most.

And waking up? Awful!!! You are farthest away from being medicated and very unrested so getting out of bed is horrid. I finished a mile–running,no less–this morning, but it just about killed me. I completed it in a slow, slow 17 minutes (my slowest EVER was 13 minutes) with many (7?) intermittent sitting rests. But I got it done, and have now run for 377 days in a row.

But I don’t recommend that. It really wiped me out. Pretty much all I’ve accomplished today is folding my clothes. And that’s with many rest breaks in between–who know sitting on the floor folding could be so strenuous?! And I still haven’t put all the clothes away, because it requires standing up.

It’s frustrating, because I can’t sleep, but you’d think I could study for my interview, or read, or do something productive. But I feel too sick and fevery to do any of that. I’d better feel good tomorrow so I can get ANYthing done.

P.S. Dave Matthews Band announced their summer tour–which is really exciting.

Dave face

Except it’s also VERY disappointing. We don’t know where we’ll be, or how much money we’ll have by summer. And of course all the Western venues are in the last week of August and later–when my classes potentially start on the 24th. . . They are so close (the Gorge, Tahoe, CO) but yet so far. So we have to look at, and be teased by the dates–and sadly miss out. I hate that.  I am telling you that I’m going to literally be crying crocodile tears when we have to hear all about the tour and miss every show for lack of planning, money, and time.  Sad, sad, sad!

So that’s that. I guess I’ll try to watch a movie without feeling guilty. Because I sincerely feel like a$$.

When did 10:30 PM become the new 3 AM?

22 Nov

Written yesterday:

I am so non-functional today, and it’s 100% due to the fact that I didn’t go to sleep until 10:30 last night.  But my body still woke up at 3:30 AM as it is accustomed to doing these days.  There were nights in my early-mid 20’s that I was OUT until 3:30AM, then went to work at 7AM!  You know you’re 30 when you can’t stay up past 8PM anymore. . .

The reason I was up late was the Talent Show.  I was very nervous.  I hadn’t performed in 14 years.  I had never THE shirt anteriordanced in those particular shoes.  The tap on my left heel is stiff and I have to stomp really hard to get sound out of it.  My living room carpet muffled my taps, so if I wanted to practice clean-steps I had to do it in my tiny kitchen.  And the stage was in a room used as a classroom so I couldn’t practice there until our actual room reservation–when other people were already there.  So I was never able to practice both full movements, facial expression, AND clean steps simultaneously before I was actually in front of my audience.  And the afore-mentioned music-loudness issues.

rainbow 3 (2)I had started working on this dance, specifically for this occasion in August.  So I wanted to really do the very best version of the dance I knew I was capable of.  And when I got up there–it was magical.  That sounds super-cheesy and overwroght, but I really felt good about everything.  It all came together, and I actually had fun with it–instead of worrying–what move is next, put your arms here, keep smiling, breathe. . .  I just did it.  And truly enjoyed myself.  Which showed, and got the crowd excited.  It was, without exaggeration, the best performance of my life.  Better then team or individual shows or competitions in my prime of dancing.  Better then team or duets with our clogging class.  Better then previous talent shows.  And better then any band, cheerleading, or other performance.

The stars just aligned and instead of worrying about logistics I enjoyed the moment.  And I was proud that the dance was all mine.  My special song, a costume I had spent hours and hours working on (my anatomy muscle shirt, if you recall those struggles), my choreography.  I owned it.  And I love the feeling that I did the best I could.  And of course the surprise, excitement, and praise from the audiance.  I feel like those classmates and teachers see THE shirt posteriorme differently now.  And that feels great.

I had forgotton how much clogging meant to me.  Or maybe at the time, it never felt like the cool thing to do and I sort of took it for granted somewhat.  I feel a renewed excitement, and like this is one of the things that makes me who I am.  And I had forgotten.  Now I’m motivated to choreograph another routine.  I guess for next year’s talent show since I really have no other performance venue/outlet.  Maybe I’ll make my own clogging YouTube page.  Whatever it’s for, I’d like to start writing another routine and making it even more spectacular to top this show.

But today I was too tired to do much of anything.  I couldn’t focus, but I couldn’t nap either.  I tried 3 seperate times to sleep, but couldn’t.  And you know how not studying makes me feel so, so, so guilty and unproductive.  But now I have a week for Thanksgiving break and I promise myself I will really buckle down and do what I need to and work ahead.  So Today will be my break and my reward for doing the very best I could last night.

Doors are Opening

10 Nov

This is not my normal life. I can’t figure out if things are just now finally coming together for me, it’s “the finger” pushing me toward my correct path, or just a change in my own mentality.

Green Bluff 2 062

Whatever it is–I like it. I feel happy. And hopeful. And I’m not weighed down by immense stress and worry.

I am a credit short for Spring semester. A credit short of the loan package I need. And that’s a deal-breaker. I must have the loan money to survive. But classes usually come in 3cr packages, which makes juggling work and school all the more difficult. So at first it was awkward, inconvenant–my normal.

But I talked to some faculty and they were actually very supportive. I had many options. And everyone seemed glad to help me persue them too–a very different situation between me and the staff here, indeed.

To make a long story, well, slightly less long. I’m doing an independent study where I will help transcrive child utterances in language samples. But the project can be just that or expand in various directions. I can help with data analysis, and tie it to SLP or audiology topics of interest. I can also extend my work over the summer–maybe even have a long term thing. I might even write a paper about one of the research questions stemming from the language samples and work to get it published!!!

Mom's Camera day 2 147

So I can:
-get the 1 credit I need for my loan
-learn more about computer software
-get more experience transcribing
-delve into all the analysis
-work with children who have cochlear implants
-get face-time with people to work on the letters of reccommendation
-have a school-related project over the summer
-write a paper
-get published
-have something awesome to put on my grad school apps
-have a good scholarship essay
-feel better about Riverpoint’s staff
-network–I know–ME, networking!

Everything is coming up roses. I’m excited.


The Rusty Drama Unfolds-More

26 Feb

First of all–what a delay!  It may be the longest time ever between posts since I came to WordPress.  The reasons:  Well, I’m not exactly sure.  School?  Work?  Sleep schedule disruption?  I guess writing mysteriously moved down my priority list–not mindfully, of course.  Anyway, I’m back, and I will make a flurry of posts.  Here’s where we left off.

Rusty Rodeo 1

Rusty.  Namely, Rusty’s messed up right turn signal.  PS-Rusty has also temporarily been moved to the back-burner.  After this post.  And you’ll see why.  If you recall, I was about to get inside of Rusty to try to clean and fix Rusty’s turn signal myself.  It seemed this tick was common from all the internet message boards talking about it.  And the timing and money weren’t convenient at all, so I was going to take on the job.

Except, I started worrying.  What if when I took off the steering wheel, I accidentally set off the air bag?  I could hurt myself in the process, and I wasn’t sure if Rusty would drive at all if the airbag  was engaged–and that would mean REAL trouble for my schedule.  So I decided to take Rusty in.  Just for a quick fix.  And I figured it would be quick–I already knew the problem, and didn’t deem it all that complicated.  Especially for professionals.  And because of time–and aversion to making phone calls, I did NOT call around to price shop as I should have.  I simply picked the highest rated (per Yelp), closest place with the best hours.

Trusty Rusty- Day 1

To simplify the story (a little) here’s my resultant Yelp review:

Car troubles and repairs aside–very sketchy service.

Firstly, I made the appointment online, which I loved. I gave all my info, described my car, and stated the problem. Except when I went in the day of my appointment it was like they hadn’t ever seen my online appointment and I had to start from scratch.

Secondly, I dropped my car off no later then 7:30 AM, after making that online appointment, and seemed to be the only (and first) customer of the day. I didn’t receive a call about the initial diagnostic until 10:30 AM. Seems like a long time for a small problem (right turn signal wasn’t working).

Thirdly, when I went in to pick up my car (40 min AFTER they called) no one was at the counter and no one answered the buzzer. After standing, unattended, I opened the front door again so the buzzer would signal my arrival a second time. The front desk guy came up from the back and said (UN-apologetically) that my remote-start/alarm wouldn’t start. THAT was not what I brought my car in for, and it had not previously been dysfunctional. He asked if there was some trick to getting it to start and informed me it might be 10 more minutes. Then, I stood at the counter for 15-20 min. While I did, another gal came in. No one came to wait on her. A mechanic came in the front door, saw 3 people (me, my mate, and the gal) standing in the lobby, walked through to the back without acknowledging us. The three of us waited a few more minutes. The mechanic walked back through with some paper-work without acknowledged anyone again. The other lady just left after no one had even noticed she came in. Anyway, when all the parts of my car were functioning the way they were when I brought my car in, the guy working the counter gave me some lengthy song and dance about how my remote start was installed wrong and that’s why they couldn’t figure it out. . .

In regards to my car trouble–after being quoted $600-some to replace my turn signal switch, I called a few other places–who quoted me exactly HALF of that. Also, I was put off that when I was told the problem, he tried to tell me a bulb was also out–which I knew to be untrue because I just replaced both bulbs THIS week, and my emergency flashers worked, showing all bulbs were fine. And he tried to talk me out of purchasing the part myself, because it would be “untrustworthy.” Well someone definitely was. . .

And finally, after all my troubles, this place not only charged me $53 for a long, long diagnostic and delivery of bad news, they had the audacity to say, “We keep our prices low for everyone” when I inquired if they offer a Triple-A discount. Save yourself headache, time, and money and don’t go here!

“Clean House” Motivation

17 Feb

Sure it’s cheesy, and it’s superficial, but why do I love it so much?

Projects I am now motivated to accomplish:

Laurel's pics 778-gather my college/LGBT/concert tees I don’t wear and have them made into quilts that I know I will use.

-rifle through all clothes/movies/books/games/computer games/chochkies and get rid of some

-organize a yard sale in Aunt Linda’s yard

-deep clean the inside and outside of Rusty and YogiRusty Rodeo 1

Make an oil and a vinagar pretty out of old alcohol bottles.

-Turn linolium in dining room upside-down

-put jackets in rubber-maid & put on closet shelf

-turn muscle shirts into something better

DisasTER-finish paintings

-go through cat stuff & organize

-get rid of shoes

-clean and organize art shelf