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BAD Blogger!

7 May

I just moved.  Moving is crazy.  This is my excuse for such a long post-drought.  This is my timeline for past moves so I can tell the stories of this last month:


And it’s not like I haven’t done it (moved) before, on the contrary I have moved so much it portrays a wanderlust or flakiness that doesn’t really fit my true personality.

Polson- enteranceWhen I was 4, my parents and I moved away from all of our extended family in Montana, to Nevada for job opportunities.  Montana is beautiful, but you “can’t eat the scenery.”

I grew up in small-town Nevada, going to the same Kidron's NV pics 050school for 13 years.  Which is good and bad.  I have well-established roots, and I always knew everyone and all my teachers, and everything.  BUT everyone always knows you and your business too, so good luck trying to live down embarrassing moments, changing/growing, or keeping anything on the D.L.

RenoI went to the same college everyone goes to my first year, which required a short move to Reno (an hour away) but tried to branch out instead of staying with my same ‘ol click as most of my small-town counterparts did.

I wanted more opportunities and was chasing my veterinary dreams so I took a HUGE leap and transferred to mid-Missouri, site-unseen, my sophomore year.  That move was big-time, but I was still somewhat protected by the insular world of college:Mizzou quad  I moved right into dorms and worked for campus dining services.  When housing, jobs, and school all line up–moves are substantially less stress.  And emotionally, I had already been away from loved ones before (moving from MT at 4) so I wasn’t lost or lonely.  Plus, school and work kept me so busy, who had time to miss anything?!  The move from Nevada to Missouri required a 30 hour drive.  I made that drive with my mom carrying a few dorm essentials.  I made that 30 hour drive with Douche, in a U-Haul.  I’ve made that 30 hour round trip by myself and a car-load of essentials and a dog.  I made the return trip by myself and 2 cats.  I HATE that drive.

265173_2208001644072_1368379309_32588356_2533618_nThen, my Saint George acceptance pulled me out of Missouri–which I really liked the 6 years I was there.  I had to make that 30 hour drive once more, with my dad, in a U-Haul.  Never again!  I’m not sure anything else aside from vet school would have compelled me to ever leave the midwest.  But veterinary school was calling, so I temporarily visited my parents and dropped off my cats that summer.  Nevada was just a brief visit.

Except Saint George fell through a week before matriculation.  Suddenly, I had nowhere to go, but obviously I wasn’t going to live with my parents–that was never the plan.  I had to choose where to go–and not being based on any acceptance, it could be anywhere that had a vet school.  I didn’t really know, and my parents dictated that I decide immediately.

I had been watching a lot of Frasier, wanted to try out a more liberal and city environment, and Frasier saturation increasedliked Washington’s veterinary program.  So to Seattle I (blindly) went.  Driving a car-load of essentials the 15 hours by myself.  I lived with my great aunt, which I always saw as a temporary transitional set-up while I looked for my own place.  I had previously gotten along famously with my college roommate, so I wasn’t discouraged Seattle housing prices negated living alone like I had in Missouri.

bedroom darkI moved to 12th Avenue, and soon saw what real-life roommates mean.  I needed out of that place ASAP because it was ridiculous!  Around this same time, I met Cool.  We hit it off, and sometimes I stayed at her shared housing situation, which was WORSE then my 12th Ave scene.  I don’t think I ever completed a full sleep cycle in Seattle.  I was always tired, always grumpy.  It made me HATE the city.  I needed my own space, without crazy roommate scenarios.  I needed a reasonable housing cost.

So we moved 6 hours across Washington to Spokane (with cats in Cool’s car and me driving a U-Haul).  And it was so much better!Fremont Fest 114  We could afford our own apartment without roommates!  Vet school didn’t happen for me, and the job market in Eastern Washington is horrible.  There was nothing there for us–Spokane wasn’t home.  We needed out, but Western Washington is out of our price range.

So I wanted to show you, I’ve moved.  I have left those emotional connections and everyone I know.  I’ve moved out of state.  I’ve had to find housing from a distance.  I’ve known the expenses.  Which brings us to 2015 and my latest move.

The Dreaded Wait-List

30 Mar

Well, I’ve been here before.  I’m on the all too familiar borderline.  First, 3rd grade math, the cusp between B+ and A-, then vet school (so many times), and now this Audiology program.  The uncertainty, the waiting, decreased financial aid opportunities. . .

I knew I shouldn’t have put all of my eggs in one basket.  Again.  But I felt that I didn’t have another (good) choice:  1)  I wanted to live in the same place as Cool and both kitties (without roommates),  2)  Afford the rent (WITHOUT ROOMMATES = read Seattle-housing blogs), 3)  Have job opportunities for Cool, 4)  move only 1 more time after this big move, and of course 4)  go to a place with said AuD program.  Boulder, Colorado was too expensive to live and Greeley didn’t have employment.  Seattle and Portland’s cost of living is too high (and commute terrible).  Idaho has no jobs, and the program required an additional move halfway through–3 hours away.  There was no housing (other then student = no Cool, no kitties) in Logan Utah.  Every other school was a really, really far, expensive, move.  I only applied to Salt Lake City, because that’s the only place that was going to work.

I tried the best I could and wouldn’t change anything about my application.  I always, always felt that I was destined for greatness.  Something bigger, something impressive.  But even doing EVERYthing differently this time (vs. vet school attempts) the results are much the same.  And it makes me doubt everything.  Am I supposed to just have a j-o-b?  Go to work doing nothing meaningful or spectacular and focus elsewhere on my life?  I always thought it was a career and making a difference that was my path–but this gives me so much doubt.

Wait-list is a helpless position.  I have to wait.  Wait while someone else determines my future.  This time I will follow up with a letter of enthusiasm (which I have sent).  Saying they are my first choice, I’ve done this and that new thing, and the program is a good fit because. . .  I’ll follow this through to the end.

But it was supposed to be MY turn.  And I can’t help but feel sorry for myself, that I may have just wasted 2 more years and thousands of dollars (and a LOT of headache) at Riverpoint getting nowhere.  I may be back at square one–again.  What now?

School Comparison [from early summer 2014]

16 Jun

Cotton Bowl winnersKS:
-22 hr drive
-cheapest housing
-$12-13/hr jobs-EZ
-different school app & personal stmt
-familiar area
-rival school, weird mascot


Boise--May 2013 017

-8 hr drive
-cheap housing
-few jobs, $8-10/hr
-best school funding, cheapest tuition
-must split program into Pocatello & Boise (3.5 hr apart)
-Bengal mascot


-10 hr drive
-cheap housing
-adequate jobs, $12/hr
-near CO, NV, ID, WY easily

Seattle = housing

$450/mo for this + 2 crazy roommates

bedroom dark

Oregon = same price as CO

so might as well go to CO if you have to pay anyway

cannon_beach 184

I’m Not Sure We Can Move to Colorado :-[

19 May

I made the mistake of looking into Colorado housing.  And found out that we’re screwed.  Because we have 2 cats it severely limits our choices.  And I absolutely will in no way get ride of either cat!  I feel the former doesn’t even need to be said, but just in case someone was going to suggest it.  So the cats limit us to a studio starting at a minimum of $700/month.  We pay less that $600 now.  And I will be in school full-time so I won’t be able to work.

campus_rec UNC bears

But we don’t qualify for section 8 government-subsidized housing either (as far as I can tell, I’m no lawyer) because all part-time or full-time students are ineligible.  And really ineligible–even if I lived in the house and Cool applied to it–we’d both be denied because I’m a student.  Even if I can somehow get around the student thing, I don’t know how they are defining “family” so I’m not sure how Cool and I would apply.  And all the info pages are really jargony so I’m not clear on what it’s saying about all the stipulations and procedures.


I looked far away from the campus town and the story is the same.  Until you get to Colorado Springs at the very bottom of the state, far, far away from AuD programs I need.


And I looked into University housing.  You can have pet-friendly dorms, where everyone must be a student to live there.  OR you have family-friendly apartments of university-houses that allow a spouse–but no pets.  But I e-mailed the residence hall association, so maybe I’ll get good news and my whole family can live in some sort of university apartment or house. . .


And you’ve already read about our terrible TERRIBLE luck with roommates in my Seattle blog entries, so I’m very hesitant to get into that scene again–especially while trying to excel in my AuD program, and especially with 2 cats to take care of.  I in no way want to deal with slobby, partying, drinking, drugging, or crazy roomies.  The frat house and my 12th street bedroom were awful, costly situations.  And much of the reason we moved HERE.


I don’t know if I’m able to have loans in excess of my tuition.  And I don’t know who to talk to when I’m not even a student yet–the internet doesn’t really say, because it largely depends on your FAFSA.  It wouldn’t be an optimal solution, but if I could get a loan to cover housing, we could move AND my family can stay together.  But we can’t go at all if it means some sort of emergency situation where we’re forced to give up the cats, separate, or be homeless.  Which is what it sort of looks like to me now.


So now I’m panicked about moving and don’t even know if it’s a possibility anymore.  Which means my AuD program also isn’t a possibility, because the closest one is Seattle, which has the same or worse housing situation.  I feel bad and stressed out!

forest fire 6

-What are students supposed to do for housing?

-How do people move to a new state and find jobs and housing?

I just went from excited to leave to worried, worried, worried!

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The Food IS The City!

20 Nov

This lack of sleep business we have been contending with. . .  AGAIN, reminds me so much of my year in Seattle.  I never slept well in that city.  I’ll never understand why my age group/housemates/neighbors do not sleep during the night.  I’m going to have to pull a Niles Crain and get some sort of white noise, ambiance machine to drown out their inconsiderate sounds.

So here’s something a little brighter that reminds me of Seattle.  If ever there was a restaurant that could represent an entire city–the mentality of the residents, ethics, economy, everything, it would be the location of my 27th birthday dinner.  Elemental absolutely mirrors every aspect of Seattle.

The communication is not very straightforward.  We didn’t even know where we were at first.  We had to ask the UPS man to verify the restaurant’s location during the day.

The ambiance is very plain at Elemental–you might think you’re getting the bare minimum, simple experience.  But like the city itself, with down-home roots, it is far from simple.  Everything is secretly decadent and extravagant.

The waiter is pompous and rude.  It’s an exact replica of the Seattle chill.  The people there are supposed to be friendly–and superficially they are.  At a distance.  You think.  And you think a restaurant strives to satisfy customers. . .

The food is organic, local, and environmentally acceptable.  Just like Seattle’s rabid environmentalism, one-track organic notions.

The final price tag was horrendously expensive–just like most things in the city of Seattle.  It must be an excellent location for the rich to live.  Even Frasier has to settle for a condo with roommates.  How could a normal person stand a chance?


When I’m bored I like to read Elemental’s Yelp reviews. Everyone has a strong, polarized opinion about it.  I personally liked it–one time.  Eating there made me feel like Fraiser, and a real Seattle resident for the first time.  I was finally partaking in the good life in Seattle instead of slumming it at the Frat house and working with entitled people. . .  I’ll always remember that fancy birthday dinner!

At Least It’s Not the Frat House

18 Nov

And they are not INSIDE my apartment making a ruckus AND a mess.  But, it’s not all that better.  I can’t wait until we can get our own loft condo–hopefully away from neighbors all-together or at least next to ones who SLEEP.  Probably once we get a loft our neighbors will actually have to work at a job to afford it, unlike the situations we’ve had of late where spoiled twenty-somethings are having daddy and mommy foot the bill so they can party all night and sleep during the day, or with failed adults working the system, and nursing their drinking problems all night.

I needn’t have worried about sleeping through any pain.  The new upstairs neighbors made it so I don’t think I slept 3 consecutive SECONDS last night.  This is the third complaint already about these particular neighbors, and about the 12th noise complaint about different residents in our building.  Quiet hours from 10 PM to 8 AM are written right on the lease, yet nobody seems to SLEEP at night.  WTF?!!

Dear Landlord,

Since I had surgery yesterday, I was particularly unhappy about the neighbors in 316 making a ruckus in the stairwell during the night.  From 11 PM to 2 AM they made a literal 13 loud, trips down or up the stairs.  Transgressions including:  Slamming the apartment door, stomping or running on the stairs, talking, shouting to each other, firmly correcting the dog, carrying on a conversation for 10-20 minutes on the stairwell, and culminating in having an altercation with another neighbor who stepped out and asked them to be quiet.  Maybe it would be helpful if you hung flyers on everyone’s door highlighting the quiet hours, outlining how people can be more consciencious of their neighbors, and specifiying consequences of breaking the lease, the way you have with the parking and pet situations.  I am tired of waking up at the crack of dawn and struggling through 9-10 hour work days on sleepless nights, or as the case may be, lying awake all night despite post-op drugs.


sleepy, grumpy, frustrated tenant

Baby Steps [2009-2010]

6 Feb

I have always been empowered by a list, so maybe making this one will make me feel less helpless and frustrated.

Firstly:  Get out of Seattle before it makes me impure and pretentious!

Get Cool out of the debased frat house so she can save loads of money
search for Spokane jobs
get temporarily cheap housing
give notice to the doctors at AVH
get cavities drilled
save more money
get an apartment to stay
get all the stuff to Spokane

#2:  Save money, money and more money.

Work at said job
limit expenses
pursue financial aid
look for outside funding
combine resources and save like the dickens
look for scholarships
call Pullman financial aid office for questions
fill out FAFSA

#3:  Get a head start:

Write/schmooze 6 prospective letter of recommendation writers
study GRE
work on essay
hone job descriptions
do mock interviews
request transcripts

#4:  Do it!

Call the school and ask questions
pay for the appliication the day it opens
send everything immediately
write it all out early
check it twice, later

Seattle + Vocab

5 Feb

I was getting more and more distressed about paying rent on the vacated 12th avenue room, but the acme of my devastation occurred when my Jetta broke down for good.

Despite their awkward and decidedly unhandsome appearances, Kidron’s male roommates always had a bevy of females ready for fucking.

Kidron’s revolving roommates all had several things in common: A penchant for constant bonomy all night, extreme messiness, and a shortage of funds.

Upon moving here, I hadn’t realized Seattle was an abyss of pretention, rabid environmentalism, and narrow-minded liberalism.

Once I moved to Seattle, my life became wracked with constant chaos due to the necessity of living with morally corrupt strangers and working with the entitled public.

In both my 12 Ave duplex and Kidron’s shared house, irresponsible roommates mindlessly defaced the rental property.

The dissonace of honking horns and rude drivers was bested only by the dischord of every living arrangement in the city.

Joe-Cool became fractious, requiring Prozac in order to use the litter-box rather than our sheets, after listening to the constant dischord in the house.

The expensive nature of Seattle housing, taxes, gasoline, groceries, entertainment, etc, etc  is contrary to any frugal lifestyle.

Garrulous Tabatha often forced me into conversation when all I wanted was relaxing peace and quiet after working with the public.

Instead of the lifelong friends I had hoped for, my roommates and I were instantly heterogeneous, not agreeing on anything.

When Kidron wrote a blog questioning the lack of chain restaurants in the city, Seattle individuals invidiously ganged up on her and told her chains were not welcome, and attacked her character for suggesting such an atrocious thing.

When  first came to Seattle, I believed whole-heartedly in recycling, but after being inundated with veracious environmentalists who criticized ignorance of the complicated trash systems and recycling policies, I started to rebel against green-living.

Almost as soon as I arrived in Seattle, and realized I would be unable to afford individual housing, I began to lament my days in Missouri when I had my own one bedroom apartment all to myself.

I was leery about walking on sketchy Aurora Avenue or going to work in the dark, because of the addicts, prostitutes, and delinquents hanging out on the street and at the motels nearby.

First the douchi-brothers than Party Animal would be constantly home using the utilities, listless all day after night-long, loud debauchery.

I came to dread Auntie’s loquacious and repetitive chatter.

We called Tabitha “Elephant-Stomper” because she lumbered around so hard at all-hours that the floor would shake.

Despite her own sloppiness, inconsiderate behavior, and inability to finish any project she started, Tabitha was a martinetabout everyone else’s minor slights around 12th avenue.

I once made the mistake of riding the bus to The Ave late at night and realized the overabundance of mendicants made the solitary walk home very dangerous for a young woman.

In the night and wee hours of the morning it was difficult for me to be good-natured about the noisy mirth of my roommates’ parties–it made me tired and bellicose.

It nettled me that every person showing a shared property asked me if I liked to garden, but never inquired about my ability to pay rent.

My male roommate was perfunctory to the extreme, keeping his night job without even handing out a resume anywhere else, locking himself in his room rather than directly dealing with Tabitha, and even skipping meals because he didn’t care enough to heat anything up.

Night after night, day after day, the number of people in Kidron’s shared-house would proliferate to the point we never recognized the faces staring our way when we ventured out of the bedroom to go to the bathroom.

As a sort of head-count, Tabitha would always initiate conversation upon entering the house, prattling on endlessly about nothing.

The stentorian sound of traffic and roommates in Seattle is constant.

Tabitha refused to wash her own dishes or clean up after herself–for weeks, but when I cleaned she would go into a tiradeabout how she didn’t like anyone touching her belongings.

Ev-the-Bitch and Douchi-Brothers [3-10-10]

11 Jan

It really is difficult getting in the mindset to post superficial nonsense in a blog, rather than a well-thought entry.  Here’s the latest:

Work is still not the coolest.  It won’t be until a certain high-strung, irritable someone retires.  It makes me irascible.  Whatever.  Disengage.

Speaking of disengage–that is the plan with Kidron’s antagonizing douchi (plural of douche) roommates.  They were evicted at least–never thought THAT would actually happen.  They are still technically staying until the end of the month though.  I hate them, and don’t want to see them, so as not to unleash my hostility towards them!  Anyway, they hate paying their bills, so try to find any excuse whatsoever not to pay.  It’s super lame.

I was the latest reason they thought they shouldn’t have to pay.  Background:  Kidron and I split our time between my bedroom at my auntie’s house and her shared room.  It is an adverse situation, with no stability to say the least.  This means we sleep at either place only HALF of the time.  Also, we both work, so we’re never at either place during the day–we are at a coffee shop now.  Also, whatever we use (at either place) we use together.  We use the same lights, the same shower water, etc, etc. . .  I am never at Kidron’s if she isn’t there and vice versa.

Well, this didn’t stop the dissident douchi brothers from blaming ME for the water and electric bill.  No, you ornery mofos–it could have something to do with the fact that you two are home 24/7 since you don’t have JOBS.  It couyd also be due to the fact you are awake and playing video games all night instead of sleeping.  Or maybe, because you insist on leaving unused lights on for hours. . .  Jesus.  We don’t even leave Kidron’s bedroom when we are there.  Mainly because the freakin’ house is so messy, but also because we are recalcitrant about not wanting to see the douchi brothers who are always in the wider house.  It makes a person cantankerous to never sleep, put up with constant messes, and have to deal with these dudes not wanting to pay their own way.  Grrrrrr–leave already, and stop bothering us about OUR usage of the utilities.

I have to finish 3 paintings today.  I will tie Kidron’s arms behind her back so she can’t paint so quickly. . .

Stupid Seattle is getting Slightly LESS Stressful [3-18-10]

11 Jan

My normally sagacious boss is  a human karaoke machine.  He got “Zombie” stuck in my head after we saw Zombie Fok today.  Anyway, Thursday is my favorite day at work.  All the perspicacious coolies are there, and none of the not-so-sage shit-heads.  It’s a nice change.  It’s unfortunately also the day I get off every other week and the 7th day in my 7 in a row stretch.  Too bad it isn’t Mondays I alternately get off–I HATE fucking Mondays.  I finally judiciously placed an IV catheter today after a week of totally sucking and blowing them (no pun intended).  It was too bad though cause after I got it in, the pungent dog started to “rodeo” and pulled it back out before it could be taped securely.  Next week, next week I’ll be more astute with my technical skills.

This job is the best I’ve ever had for discounts.  Joey got her first exam, a FVRCP, and rabies vaccines for just $5!!!!!!  It’s totally awesome.  My MO job paid well and gave me $3,000 bonuses twice a year, but they definitely charged me more than $5 and would NOT (wisely so) give any discount to significant others.  I guess it all evens out in the end.  Enough work though–I’M OFF FOR 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow:  The big Indigo Girls concert!  They are one of my faves, and I haven’t seen them since 2006 when I went to the Saint Louis, Columbia, AND Kansas City concerts all in a row.  I’m excited to take Kidron.  Even though she’s all shrewd and pretentious about music and only favors electronic and Dave, I think she’ll really get on to the Girls.  I love them so she’ll understand and appreciate I’m sure.  I’m gettin’ some merch.

Because I got PAID from the girl who take my irritating empty room.  Not only do I NOT have to pay acrid rent, but she’s slowly paying me the $900 deposit.  It feels so good not to be weighted down by that caustic place anymore.  What a relief to cut ties with that ghetto, piquant situation.  It was really dealing a sharp and stinging blow to my psyche.

What else?  I’m an ITSJ and Kidron is an INFP.   think they poignantly hold true–for me at least. . .