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Some Little Updates to the Blog

26 Mar

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Best of All the Places I’ve Lived

7 Apr

I’m taking all my favorite things from every place I’ve lived and making one great city with them:




red faced love birds


Mercury WNBA games

Bitter & Twisted

Snooze AM

The Phoenix Zoo

no snow/ice in winter

Mill Street

Social Hall

the Hippy Store

Suns NBA games



the Jordan River Trail (especially the Rose Park leg) with all it’s birds & animals


Tracy Aviary

walking from Wasatch to downtown

HS all-weather track (open 24/7)

all the different birds everywhere

Cheesecake Factory (w/in walking distance of our apartment)

Raw Bean (chiller = ice cream + espresso + flavor syrup)

Uptown Cheapskate

the Temple’s Christmas lights

Bourbon House

Squatters Brewery

Sundance Film Festival

Gracie’s patio (and Halloween costume contest)


Jazz NBA games

Pride Parade

Wasatch mountains so close

the Temple’s spring garden (looks like Wonderland)

City Creek (especially at Christmas with the lights & fountains)


High West in Park City

Prohibition (restaurant)



Green Bluff (you-pick farm conglomeration)

the community college all-weather track (open 24/7)

Grocery Outlet!


Flying Goat (goat cheese balls and D-street pizza made of curry and potatoes)

living next to a river

Riverfront Park

NoLi (patio by the river)

house sitting for the cousins

Julyamish powwow

my co-workers at the YMCA

proximity to Walla Walla & the Gorge (& CdL to a lessor extent)



Freemont (especially the colored sidewalk art)

Melting Pot in Queen Anne

watching the Storm WNBA live

Basalu ham & cheese croissant (so good I literally dream of it)

The Ram (burgers & brews)

all the different coffee shops

Union Lake, Montlake cut, Gasworks Parks (all the good picture opportunities)

Theo Chocolate

Blue Moon Burgers

the troll under the freeway

Kerry Park



all the concerts

cheapest gas prices in the country

cheap groceries

proximity to STL and KC (and Chicago)

Tropical Liquors (alcohol slushies you can drink there or take to-go)

Saki (Saturday)

Katy Trail (goes thru whole state)


Twilight Fest

9th Street video (indy DVD rental)

Shakespeares Pizza

proximity to other states





Reno Balloon Races (& Dawn Patrol)

Wild Waters

the downtown ‘biggest little city’ arch & skyline

relatively easy freeways

outdoor shopping centers



smell of sagebrush after rain

dark, dark nights

very quiet

less traffic

proximity to Lake Tahoe



beautiful sky

powwow in Arlee


Bison Range


green scenery

BAD Blogger!

7 May

I just moved.  Moving is crazy.  This is my excuse for such a long post-drought.  This is my timeline for past moves so I can tell the stories of this last month:


And it’s not like I haven’t done it (moved) before, on the contrary I have moved so much it portrays a wanderlust or flakiness that doesn’t really fit my true personality.

Polson- enteranceWhen I was 4, my parents and I moved away from all of our extended family in Montana, to Nevada for job opportunities.  Montana is beautiful, but you “can’t eat the scenery.”

I grew up in small-town Nevada, going to the same Kidron's NV pics 050school for 13 years.  Which is good and bad.  I have well-established roots, and I always knew everyone and all my teachers, and everything.  BUT everyone always knows you and your business too, so good luck trying to live down embarrassing moments, changing/growing, or keeping anything on the D.L.

RenoI went to the same college everyone goes to my first year, which required a short move to Reno (an hour away) but tried to branch out instead of staying with my same ‘ol click as most of my small-town counterparts did.

I wanted more opportunities and was chasing my veterinary dreams so I took a HUGE leap and transferred to mid-Missouri, site-unseen, my sophomore year.  That move was big-time, but I was still somewhat protected by the insular world of college:Mizzou quad  I moved right into dorms and worked for campus dining services.  When housing, jobs, and school all line up–moves are substantially less stress.  And emotionally, I had already been away from loved ones before (moving from MT at 4) so I wasn’t lost or lonely.  Plus, school and work kept me so busy, who had time to miss anything?!  The move from Nevada to Missouri required a 30 hour drive.  I made that drive with my mom carrying a few dorm essentials.  I made that 30 hour drive with Douche, in a U-Haul.  I’ve made that 30 hour round trip by myself and a car-load of essentials and a dog.  I made the return trip by myself and 2 cats.  I HATE that drive.

265173_2208001644072_1368379309_32588356_2533618_nThen, my Saint George acceptance pulled me out of Missouri–which I really liked the 6 years I was there.  I had to make that 30 hour drive once more, with my dad, in a U-Haul.  Never again!  I’m not sure anything else aside from vet school would have compelled me to ever leave the midwest.  But veterinary school was calling, so I temporarily visited my parents and dropped off my cats that summer.  Nevada was just a brief visit.

Except Saint George fell through a week before matriculation.  Suddenly, I had nowhere to go, but obviously I wasn’t going to live with my parents–that was never the plan.  I had to choose where to go–and not being based on any acceptance, it could be anywhere that had a vet school.  I didn’t really know, and my parents dictated that I decide immediately.

I had been watching a lot of Frasier, wanted to try out a more liberal and city environment, and Frasier saturation increasedliked Washington’s veterinary program.  So to Seattle I (blindly) went.  Driving a car-load of essentials the 15 hours by myself.  I lived with my great aunt, which I always saw as a temporary transitional set-up while I looked for my own place.  I had previously gotten along famously with my college roommate, so I wasn’t discouraged Seattle housing prices negated living alone like I had in Missouri.

bedroom darkI moved to 12th Avenue, and soon saw what real-life roommates mean.  I needed out of that place ASAP because it was ridiculous!  Around this same time, I met Cool.  We hit it off, and sometimes I stayed at her shared housing situation, which was WORSE then my 12th Ave scene.  I don’t think I ever completed a full sleep cycle in Seattle.  I was always tired, always grumpy.  It made me HATE the city.  I needed my own space, without crazy roommate scenarios.  I needed a reasonable housing cost.

So we moved 6 hours across Washington to Spokane (with cats in Cool’s car and me driving a U-Haul).  And it was so much better!Fremont Fest 114  We could afford our own apartment without roommates!  Vet school didn’t happen for me, and the job market in Eastern Washington is horrible.  There was nothing there for us–Spokane wasn’t home.  We needed out, but Western Washington is out of our price range.

So I wanted to show you, I’ve moved.  I have left those emotional connections and everyone I know.  I’ve moved out of state.  I’ve had to find housing from a distance.  I’ve known the expenses.  Which brings us to 2015 and my latest move.

The Finger is Pushing Me Out of WA

17 Jan

When I think of the people problems I’ve had since I moved to Washington, it makes me feel horrible. I think, why am I having so much trouble now? Am I really THAT much of a $hithead that nobody can tolerate me? It’s totally discouraging.

And it never happened before. Sure, there was a person or two everywhere that I didn’t like or couldn’t get along with–just the normal stuff. But not every person, in every situation! It seems like I act the same ways I always have, but I still have tons of personal troubles.

Fremont st sign 1

But Cool reminded me of the Finger (of God). We really believe that the finger made me leave Missouri for vet school. Otherwise I might have stayed there forever–I really liked it. Then, once I lost all ties to MO, it was the Finger who made vet school fall through at the last minute. And the Finger that brought me (not so randomly) to Seattle. But I was never supposed to stay in Washington. My path was just to pick up Cool and go. So Cool reminded me all these interpersonal problems that seemingly come out of nowhere and are so pervasive, are really just a message to move on. The Finger is reminding me that THIS is not where I belong, and ensuring I don’t get too comfortable or too complacent.

corn maze 2

I HAVE to have personal strife to remind me we belong elsewhere. So that helped me feel a lot better about all my work and school troubles, the lost friends, and the flakes. It’s just the finger doing it’s thing, I shouldn’t take it so personally.


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14 Aug

I hate Trader Joe’s. There, I said it. I find it, inconveniently located, small, crowded, expensive, pretentious, and did I mention crowded?

Some of the items are good, but I think we could easily find most of them elsewhere–or do without.  Grocery Outlet has a better cheese section, that’s the truth.  And a MUCH bigger wine and beer section.  I was supremely UNimpressed with TJ’s wine & beer. . .

I might get some things if someone else would actually do the shopping.  I can’t tolerate such cramped, busy quarters, myself.  I wanted to leave immediately, as I suffered claustrophobia inside there.  And that was just from all the employees!  How many lesbians do they need to staff at once?  I think I saw 12 people working on a Wednesday at 2PM.  Five of them lez.  

The checker was very concerned about the “bloated” pizza dough bag. I hadn’t noticed, nor could I really tell a difference when she addressed it.  What I didn’t tell her was that as a Grocery Outlet shopper, anything (bloated or not) was a step up from what I’m used to. We literally stepped over poop on the floor during our last Grocery Outlet run, and proceeded to shop.  But she pressed so much I just let her do what she wanted and call an employee over with a new one.

You won’t get ME back in there, that’s for sure.

(Unlucky) 13 Years of Veterinary Assisting

10 Jun

It should be kind of a cool milestone, and it would have been if I was a veterinarian.  13 years paid and 5 additional years of (substantial hours) of volunteering could be very useful to draw upon.  As a vet those 18 years of diverse experiences could serve me well.  I’ve seen things that work extraordinarily well, and failures.  I know what like, what I can live with, and what I absolutely hate in a veterinary hospital and staff.

Yet I’m not exactly proud.  In all that time, I worked really hard, but made little educational or employment progress.  I’m still doing the EXACT same job I’ve been doing since my first legit hire.  Along with this, I have not had time to hone ANY other employment experiences to beef up my resume–I can’t wait tables, type or do office work, or labor in a warehouse.  I can’t get even the lowliest jobs because of my strict focus on veterinary assisting.  So now that I’m not going to be a vet–those years hurt me.

So that’s why this milestone is more of a bummer than a cool deal.  It just shows I’m stilted in life, and reminds me to keep working at a brighter future.  I need to get a job where upward mobility is possible.  A job that pays me the wages I deserve and treats me like the hard-worker I am.  And it’s just not this.  I want MORE, that’s all.  It’s OK for some people, but I am an achiever and I want to feel my work is meaningful and I am actually doing something–not just cleaning up after another person/people.

But not to get down on myself, the title, or my current station in life, a fun fact for every year:

Chapmans edit

13: Different veterinarians I have worked with (AT the hospitals where I was employed) over the years.  I liked the way four of them worked and liked six of them as people (outside of work).

Reunion tower dallas
12:  Years that I was able to take off/get vacation/trade/finagle my birthday off of work.  The other one was a Monday (of crowded summer boarding, bath day variety) and yes, I think working on your birthday SUPER-sucks.

NV Feb 2010 090
11:  Really fun and different days (I’m estimating) where the work day was slow so I was sent to Starbucks, got to wash someone’s car instead of working, or the hospital had some sort of snow day or power outage that brought everyone together.  A few of those kinds of days are neat!

Tiger Plaza
10:  Literally 10 rejections from veterinary schools during my time as an employee at vet hospitals–and largely due to focusing on work rather than keeping a 4.0 GPA.

AVH posse'
9:  Co-workers I actually liked (some outside of work, but not their work ethic, a couple both in and out of work, and 1 at work only).

edit more 2
8:  Major $$$ bonuses (over a thousand and more) during my employment [all from Noah’s Ark-thank you, thank you]

tiger by the tail edit
7: Years of higher education completed total, and while working.

Laurel's pics 136
6: The number of different PAYING employers (not counting observation work or working interviews in which case 3 more would be added to the list).

komodo 4
5:  Times I have been the recipient of a veterinarian’s lost temper (inappropriate tone, language, voice levels, and even thrown items once) during work, and in front of co-workers, though luckily not clients.

jaguar sick
4:  Times I’ve ever called in sick.  Pretty good for 13 years, I say.  The two at Noah’s Ark were on the SAME day–because it was a Sunday and we had to be there once in the AM to walk/clean/feed/treat and once in the PM and I was vomiting the whole day.  Vomiting from drinking un-refrigerated non-dairy creamer.  The other two times were to the same hospital. One was for Cool’s bipolar issues (she couldn’t be left alone that day) and the other was phony in order to go to the zoo, because I HATED that job and everyone there, and was about to have some sort of nervous breakdown. And no, I don’t regret going to the zoo on work time at all–though I was paranoid all day someone associated w/my job would see me.

NFL teams
3: Different states that I’ve worked in-Nevada, Missouri, and Washington.

2:  Years that I was eligible for vacation days!  At Noah’s Ark I was able to take off and trade a chunk of days and visit Austin, TX and at Cat’s Meow the 2nd year I was employed I got a week–which I split up to take several small trips.

The Quad 2
1:  Missed college graduation (my own) due to being scheduled to work that Saturday.  And because a co-worker was also graduating that same day and SHE already took it off.

gray over shoulder

So there you have it.  13 factoids about my 13 paid years on the job.  And I truly hope to exit the field and enter into the speech & hearing sciences sooner rather than later.  Must.  Get.  The grades!

Best of 2012: MOMENTS

3 Jan

Favorite Moments of 2012:

11.  Seeing Dad in the summer.

Auug NV Kidron pics 141

This would be a higher level moment if we weren’t at a funeral for an unexpected death.  Not that any funeral is great.  As it was, I really miss Dad and it was happy-times to see him–however briefly.

2012 vacations 123

10.  Camp & Hike for Cool’s B-day in June.

This one was so fun because it was a birthday.  I got to meet one of Cool’s school friends–and I actually liked her a lot.  We got to actual-camp, with fire and s’mores and everything, for the first time together.  A hike to a waterfall was involved, and who wouldn’t like that?

9.  Brandi Carlile at Seattle Symphony in November

Brandi concert 2

This event was much anticipated, and is only this low on the list due to travel fatigue, residual mother-in-law issues, and end of semester stress.  The concert was obviously amazing though.  We had good seats, and the set-list was memorable.  And you know how I feel about Brandi. . .

8.  Receiving loan money in excess of tuition (in November).

This item may seem like it doesn’t belong on a “best of” list, but believe me–this was a stellar moment for me.  And the first of its kind.  I had never before seen any money from these loans I’m always having to pull out and pay for the rest of my life.  Usually they go straight to the school to pay the owed tuition.  All I get is the hassle of applying, trouble of hoop-jumping with the school and lender, and the repayments.  Oh the repayments. . .  So actually getting a check in the mail was a highlight!  And I will say, I was slightly irresponsible due to the glee and got highlights.  I’m just a person.

Fur Ball 2012 076

7.   The Fur Ball in Nov.  Gosh, November must have been a good month.

Was memorable because it was the fanciest event Cool had ever been to.  At Noah’s Ark, they paid for a table at the Gentle Doctor’s Benefit yearly, so I got to dress up, eat the catering  take part in the auctions, and be glamorous.  This was the first event Cat’s Meow had ever done as a group.  But Cool has never experienced anything remotely like that–so it was really amazing to be there with her.  Especially since she had been invited in the summer, then uninvited when there were new hires, so she was lucky to attend.  Plus, we looked really spectacular.  Yep, I went there.  Deal.

6.  Julyamish Pow-wow (also July).

dancer 2

This one stems from the disappointment of having douchi relatives who ruined my birthday plans of getting together in Montana.  The extended family forgot us, and my parents reneged.  After being so sad about missing out on family opportunities, I was very pleased to see a pow-wow in such close proximity to our apartment.  We took in the dancing, tried elk and alligator, and I got a bead-work belt that I will keep as a memento all my life.  It was a good time.  And one we’ll attend this next summer.

5.  A+ in Speech & Hearing Disorders (May)

flashcards 002

This item was also borne of strife.  The school really tried to disallow and dissuade me from taking my first Speech and Hearing Sciences course as a non-degree-seeking student.  They were ornery and unsupportive of my plan to start the degree.  I am so proud of my A, because I proved them wrong and showed them I could–despite not having taken the pre-requisite.

2012 Spring 096

4.  Visit to The German in May.

I absolutely love THE German in mid-Washington!  And this was an especially nice break from the semester and the horribleness that had occurred at work (everyone went on vacation the same month, during my final projects and exam).  It was a charmed trip too–we found a secret and free camping spot right next to the shops and river.  Bought hats that make me feel cooler then I actually am.  Found a seat upstairs on a balcony when all the other decks were overrun.  And had the best (jalapeno-cheddar) brot of my LIFE.  Good-times.  One year I will take the train in the winter to see the lighting ceremony and guide some sled dogs!

3.  109% on Anatomy Exam #3 (October).

Articulatory System 018

Enough cannot be said of this item.  After so much anticipation, worry, and preparation -not to mention studying.  We had 3 exams in October–three!  And the exam before this one–phonatory system was an icky 92% when I felt I had prepared for a higher grade.  Well, I got the A+ I hoped for, and additional points I had not dreamed of.  It feels–there are no words for how nice it feels, actually.

2.  Walla Walla, for 29th B-day (July, of course)

the 1 pic of both

I do love my birthday.  And this was a wonderful one.  It was beautiful–the Palouse, and the cute town, and the farm-land too.  It was cheap–say what?  FREE wine-tastings your whole birthday month?!  We were out of Spokompton and away from work and stress.  The town was adorable, did I mention that?  The food plentiful–sushi, QUAIL, ice wine.  Really, how could we go wrong?  I had such an amazing weekend that I am determined to have my big-milestone 30th birthday here too.  Determined.  Work be damned.

And–the BEST moment of 2012?  Surprise, it’s a concert.

tailgate 2

1.  Labor Dave Weekend.

Gorge Ampitheatre 3

We had that 2011 disappointment of getting tickets for Saturday then trying to attend (unsuccessfully) on Sunday.  The horrid mix-up really was the worst thing that could happen.  But that made THIS trip all the better.  We purchased actual seats.  GOOD seats.  I prepared.  I listened to the songs.  I dressed appropriately.  We pre-gamed.  I managed to be a laid-back good-time-girl.  Which is really not my normal M.O.  The concert really could not have gone better.  I’ll remember it always.

DMB on stage

So there you have it–my top moments of 2012.  Funny how they are concentrated into a few months.  I can’t even expect 2013 to be half as great–if for no other reason that there’s just not the money to do it, let along time off work and school–at the same time as Cool either.  But that’s OK, 2013 will be a back to our roots, simple fun kind of year.  We have nature.  We have Netflix.  And we have Spotify.  Not to mention each other.  We will re-learn to appreciate the ordinary and make our own fun.  If we can squeeze some fun out of our Seattle existence–we can manage it in 2013.  File under-trying to convince myself.

Oh Seattle, I Can’t Say I Miss Your Traffic.

20 Dec

not much traffic on I-5 at 1 pmHow could I forget about this?  Being away from Seattle for over a year–I was seriously missing the cuisine.  Sure, Spokane holds some of our staple restaurants:  The Flying Goat, Steelhead, Steam Plant Grill, Zola, Northern Lights (I refuse to call it NoLi), and Twigs are winners.  But Seattle?  Limitless.  I’m always seeing 30 new and exciting places a week on Yelp.  Or featured on television–Netflix rather.  Anyway, I was quickly compiling a list of places to try.

And I kept asking myself why we hardly ate anywhere when we lived in the Pies & Pintscity.  And when we did go out, it was always to the same old places.  Why were we so boring and unadventurous?  And as soon as we drove into the city I remembered:  Seattle traffic sucks.  The roads are thin and bumpy, going up steep hills, and turning into one way streets or street-side parking without warning.  The pedestrians and bicycles prove kamikaze  and you have to be vigilant about not running either over.

Fremont st sign 1Each neighborhood takes a great deal more time to arrive to then the distance says it should.  Five or ten minutes on the map proves to be 40 minutes of winding through heavy traffic, turning around because you missed your street, or a one-way prohibiting where you need to go for the shortest route.  By the time you get in the vicinity of the place you want to be, you then have to search and search for parking.  Mostly, it’s far away.  And costly.  Once all this is done, you’ve just eaten some snacks in the car so you’re not all that hungry, and you’ve spent the lions share of your money on parking.  The frustration level is high.

Then, I remembered–we couldn’t afford to eat out when we lived there because parking and fuel bedroom darkwere un-affordable while paying steep rent.  Not to mention premium prices for “organic, locally-grown, farm fresh, *insert Seattle-mentality jargon here* And when we did go out it was not the place so much that drew us there but the ease of getting there, convenience to where we already were, and the parking once you arrived.  Private lot, near home, sketchy food–sign us up!

Walking on Eggshells

6 Dec

The mother-in-law.  And I hesitate to write that just because it’s SO cliche’.  Now, you might get the impression I’m disagreeable.  Which IS the case many times.  But it’s not because I TRY to be ornery.  And it isn’t because I LIKE drama.  No, no.  I hate drama and strife a lot, actually.  But I do require that everyone around me treat me a certain way.  And I will stand up to those who don’t.  I am unable to be phony, and I am unable to stay quiet while being mistreated.  So that leads to a lot of problems.  People don’t like being called on their $hit.

Here’s the story:

-I bought tickets to see Brandi Carlile at the Seattle Symphony for Saturday.

-Even though, we could have driven to Seattle and back over the weekend, I suggested we go early so we could spend Thanksgiving with Cool’s family.

-Both Cool and I had to take time of work to accomplish the family Thanksgiving.

-We could have easily stayed IN the city with my Auntie (who we lived with for a time) or friends.

-We got to Cool’s family’s house at 5AM and went straight to bed.  At 7:30 or 8AM, I woke up and woke Cool up.  I figured we had come this far, and rearranged plans so Cool and her mom had better spend some time together.

-When we went out to the living room, Cool’s mom (in an accusatory voice) asked why we were up.  We said we wanted to visit, then Cool’s mom turns to her baby and says, “Aren’t YOU tired?”  And Cool (who’s tired 24/7) said she was.

-This is literal now:  Cool’s mom turns to me and says, “Just because you’re awake means everybody has to be awake?”  So great.  You’d think she’d want Cool to be awake so she could see her, but any excuse to direct animosity toward me, right?

-Later we began to unload our belongings from the car.  Cool’s mom requested we bring 1 thing for dinner:  2 bottles of wine.  Thanksgiving morning, Cool drops one of the wine bottles onto the driveway, crushing it.

-TWO bottles of wine were so important to her mother that she sent us with money to the store to get a new bottle.

-Even though I am ethically opposed to shopping on Thanksgiving, I went (to appease her mother) without saying a word about my morals.

-When we came back, Cool’s mom said the bottle was too small and called Cool’s sister asking HER to bring another bottle (3rd) of wine.  This is on top of whatever alcohol was already in the house.

-During the evening, every single person there drank.  Including Cool’s mother.  Cool and I had brought our own beer.

-Wine has a higher alcohol content then beer.  Double, sometimes even more, I think.  And I was refilling everybody’s wine glasses.  It was a holiday after all.

-Cool’s mother didn’t say anything to anyone about drinking.

-No one was sloppy, drunk.  And Cool and I were sleeping there, not out partying, not driving anywhere.

-At the end of the night, Cool’s mom kept saying things (just to me) like, “You’re awfully social.”  Or, “Aren’t you cheerful?”  Kind of insinuating I was trashed.  Can’t a girl just have a good time at her VERY FIRST extended family Thanksgiving?

-I told a story to Cool, her step-dad, and her mom, and there was no reaction and no comment.  Just blank stares from all 3.  Crickets.  So, thinking they weren’t paying attention, or were old and couldn’t hear me (they are), I repeated the story.

-Not that the above should even matter.

-At that point, Cool’s mom got UGLY with me.  She insinuated I was drunk and sloppy and didn’t know what I was saying.

-Not wanting to have a huge confrontation, or to disrespect Cool’s mother (even though she was completely out of line) I said, “That’s it, I’m going to bed.”  And got up and went to the guest room.

-Cool, Momma’s Girl that she is, followed me and said, “She was just kidding!”  Because Cool doesn’t understand intention, and thinks just because something isn’t explicitly stated, it doesn’t exist.

-No, no way.  Cool’s mother was implicitly stating that I was some sort of sloppy drunk, and I do NOT deserve to be treated that way.  Nor was I drunk.  Or sloppy.

-Cut to Friday morning.  Which, by the way, we could have spent in Seattle, but didn’t.  I thought Cool should maximize time with her family.

-Cool’s Mom, specifically asked me how I was feeling in the morning–insinuating that I was probably hung-over (I wasn’t, because that would have required me to be drunk at some point, which I wasn’t).

-I spent the most awkward of mornings, turned to day studying while Cool and her mom watched TV/internet-ed/slept, without talking much.  I knew if I went to another room to study it would be seen as rude.  So I just studied my anatomy in the living room.

-I had initially wanted to go to ZOO Lights.  Cool’s mom wanted to go to just a plain lights because you could sit in the car, so I conceded  without prodding.  I knew it would be difficult for her to get around with her COPD and Oxygen tanks.

-Also, when it came time to pay for said light display, I held out MY $10.  And despite saying, “here’s our portion” and also having my hand, coming from the direction I was sitting, Cool’s mom goes, “Keep your money, Rebecca.”  Not acknowledging that I was the one trying to be polite.  (Cool had no cash on her, nor did she offer to pay)

-Also on Friday, Cool told her mom we were leaving for Seattle the next morning.  Her mom got the shittiest tone in her voice, and asked why so early.  She didn’t understand why we had to leave Saturday.  She couldn’t understand why we weren’t coming back to her house after the concert.  What about driving in the dark (We had driven from Spokane from midnight Wednesday when Cool got off work  until 5AM–with no questions/concerns from her mom)?  Why did we have to leave Sunday morning anyway?  On and on in an explosion of accusatory anger (directed implicitly at me).

-After we left, I asked Cool why she never stands up to her mother on my behalf.  As my mate, I think this should come naturally to her.  And get this irony–Cool said she didn’t remember the incident on Thanksgiving–she had blacked out??!

-So miss perfect sat by, black-out-drunk, while her mommy attacked ME for being drunk.

-After I nag Cool, to talk to her mother (which I’m certain her mother knows who is behind the talk) my mother-in-law leaves a note on my Facebook wall for all to see:  “I’m sorry you were mad when you left.  We do like you.  You’re welcome to stay over any time.”

-Let’s break that down, shall we?  I’m sorry YOU were mad.  Meaning, I’m sorry that you’re high maintenance and made my daughter upset with me.

-We do like you.  As if that was ever a question. Or relevant.  I don’t care if Cool’s mom likes me or not (she never will) but I do demand she treat me with the same courtesy and respect that I treat her with.

-And you’re welcome to come back–meaning if you don’t come, my baby will also stay away-waaaiiiiiillll.  And to that I say, Not.  On.  Your.  Life.  Woman.  Cool can do what she wants (if she plans it and pays for it) but I am not putting myself in that situation any more.  It never goes well for me.  Cool’s mom is toxic, and she’s officially extricated from my life in any meaningful capacity.

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Tattoos Perform with the Seattle Symphony

25 Nov

Brandi Carlile returned to Benaroya Hall in Seattle to play with the Symphony.  And best of all, we splurged for (good) tickets!

It was nice being at a ritzier place then we can usually afford.  We got to wait inside a mezzanine  instead of outside in the cold, they let us in to the auditorium a tad bit early, no one pushed, screamed, or seemed drunk and obnoxious, and we had actual assigned seats.  All things I love.  I wish I could always have my musical concert experience sans annoyance!

I thought more people should have dressed formally.  This was a symphony show after all.

I was surprised that wine was not allowed inside the concert hall.  “Frasier” led me to believe wine was a staple at symphonies, operas, and ballets.

Though I clearly benefited from it, I was amazed no ushers were policing use of flash photography or video taping though both were explicitly prohibited.

How could I forgot this on my first draft:  Promptness.  I love it, and it was displayed.  Right at 8 PM, when my ticket stated doors open, someone announced Brandi and she (fastening her last shirt button) and the band ran out on stage.

Like the rest of her fans, I feel like I know Brandi Carlile personally because of the way she interacts with the crowd at concerts.  It feels like talking to a friend.

The Seattle crowd was much more mannered then Spokane, though you could tell they were still enjoying themselves.

The venue was obviously acoustically superior.  When Brandi and her band went unplugged it was crystal clear.

Brandi’s songs sound spectacular with orchestral accompaniment (no surprise here).

One of the best moments, in my opinion, was the transition from the little Pike Place buddies to the twins.  And both sounded amazing–in different ways.

I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t “get” Keep Your Heart Young.  It always seems to be a crowd favorite, and is a new staple.  I guess I just feel as if the song is a story, and I’ve already heard it.  I also guess I’m the only one who feels this way.

Like everybody else, I loved Brandi’s rendition of Jolene, though I think it’s funny she’s singing about, “Please don’t take my MAN,” as a lesbian and all.

OK, so not being from Seattle, or very old during the grunge era, I don’t think I fully appreciated when the Pearl Jam dude made a special appearance.  I gather from the crowd though, that this was a seriously special moment in music history.  I have to say, I think Tim Reynolds is a better player–maybe I’m just too far out of the loop.

It’s a small annoyance, but an irk all the same–these people had a standing ovation for every song toward the end.  And if I stayed sitting, all I could see were (fat) asses in front of me.  But if I stood, all I could see were heads and shoulders of the many rows in front of me.

I loved the show and had a wonderful time!

Of note, when that auditorium packed to the gills with fans exited the auditorium through the halls, it was as quiet as a library.  A very weird feeling, indeed.  And vastly different from Spokane.

Disappointingly enough, I (again) did not take the opportunity to meet Brandi after the show.  If there was an opportunity.  Cool had been crabby and tired throughout the show, I was tired and wanting to get the six hour drive (especially over the potentially snowy, foggy pass) over with, and I did not have anything to be signed.  Again.  And like always, I’m regretful about it now.  ONE day I will meet Brandi!  It’s a good excuse to attend many more shows–not that I need one 😉

And one more thought:  Why is nobody else talking about this?!  I have tirelessly combed the internet for news, reviews, or other blogs talking about Brandi’s trio of recent Seattle Symphony concerts only to see–nothing.  Except the one abbreviated article from Friday’s show.  For shame.  Get on it, people.  It was amazing–talk it up!