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Haim: Women in Music Part III Album Review

9 Dec

I tried to listen to Haim before, because I heard a lot about them.  But I just didn’t really connect.  But some of their stuff was good on this album, and it made me want to listen to more of their catalogue again.

Las Angeles:  References to California Dreamin’, a pretty solid instrumental breakdown, and lamenting about the superficiality of LA.

The Steps:  “You don’t understand me” is such a a memorable refrain.  These gals know how to put together songs that will get stuck in your head!

I Know Alone:  The way this song could be a commercial jungle reminds me of Savage Garden’s “I Want You” and that’s an awesome thing.  If you’re writing is so catchy it’s mistaken for a jingle–that’s good.  And the production has a lot of little tid-bits to spice up the track.

Don’t Wanna:  This could very well be–Fleetwood Mac.  Not the Stevie Nicks-centered songs, but that other gal.

Another Try:  I like the chorus, as it is layered and pleasant to listen to.  My favorite thing about this song is the horn that peeks through. 

Leaning on You:  Beautiful harmony.  I know I keep saying on every song, they remind me of someone else.  But this one is reminiscent of an Indigo Girls song with the harmony and the guitar strums.  It’s rich and layered, yet stripped down.

I’ve Been Down:  It’s almost talk-singing, and that reminds me of Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do…is Have Some Fun” which is always good. 

Man from the Magazine:  “I don’t wanna hear,  ‘it is how it is’. . .  ‘it is what it is’” is an example of what Taylor has been talking about.  Just because you signed some $hitty contract as a nobody, doesn’t make it right for artists to never own their own creative output for life.  The industry needs modified.

All that Ever Mattered:  Inside the album, this song is catchy, with some of the best instrumentation of all.  But on a playlist, that screaming noise is jarring.  

FUBT:  This track has a hollow (acoustic?) sound to it that reminds me of being in a restaurant that has a featured band.  Aren’t those the BEST restaurants?!  But it’s not the best acoustics.  It’s better when more instruments filter in on the breakdown.

Hallelujah:  Sung angelically, I imagine this song brings chills to the skin and tears to the eyes when taken in live.  It’s original but still meaningful.

Summer Girl:  It’s a remixed version of the first song with a bit more jazzy vibe.  The repeated phonemes are super-catchy just as PopVerse told me they should be.  I like this version better, but both hold up.  And they’re different enough to each warrant their place as album bookends.

Live Shows Kill Me

10 Oct

It would have been better to have not gone to the Brandi Carlile concert at all.  I’m so regretful that I had to leave early to make it through work the next day.  Also, the standing up, obnoxious drunkards, and late hours really put a damper on the whole experience.

And now, I’m wanting a do-over.  Brandi Carlile really impressed me, and I’m hungering for a legit concert experience with her.  To add insult to injury, she will be touring in CoMo and Reno–both places where I have deep connections.  But I don’t think I’ll be able to attend either show because of winter weather, prices, and my work schedule.  It just kills me!  Very next opportunity to see her–I’m grabbing it!

I also want to see Trans Siberian Orchestra when they do a show.  Right in town!  These artists are just killing me.  I don’t want more of the same though, so I’ll have to see if the show is on a day when I won’t have to be up for work the next day.

Also, I want to see Sheryl Crow while she’s still relatively young and rockin’.  Maybe when winter is over?

As long as I have a heavy work schedule, I guess I’d be better off just NOT knowing when awesome concerts are coming my way.  It’s torture to either miss them, or attend half-heartedly b/c I know I’ll pay for it at work the next day.

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The Basics-Music I Love. . . And Don’t.

9 Jun

My favorite and least favorite music:

01. Your favorite song (post an mp3 if you can!)

-Pacabel Canon in D, played on electric violin

02. Your least favorite song

Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”

-Anna’s Little Learners played this song EVERY day at nap time.

03. Your favorite artist/band

The Fray

04. Your least favorite artist/band

-There are two:

-a band that never sings and thinks they’re so clever. . .


-and harsh, screaming that can’t really pass for singing:


05. Favorite song lyrics

-“Anything but Down” by Sheryl Crow

I light your cigarettes, I bring you apples from the vine, How quickly you forget, I run the bath and pour the wine, I bring you everything that floats into your mind

But you don’t bring me anything but down, You don’t bring me anything but down, You don’t bring me anything but down, When you come ’round

You are a raging sea, I pull myself out everyday, I plea insanity, Cause I can’t leave but I can’t stay, You say, won’t you come find me and yes is what I say

You don’t bring me anything but down, You don’t bring me anything but down, Everything is crashing to the ground

Maybe I’m not your perfect kind, Maybe I’m not what you had in mind, Maybe we’re just killing time

You with your silky words, And your eyes of green and blue, You with your steel beliefs, That don’t match anything you do, It was so much easier before you became you

You don’t bring me anything but down, You don’t bring me anything but down, Everything just crashes to the ground, When you come around, When you come around

No more playing seek and hide, No more long and wasted nights, Can’t you make it easy on yourself

I know you wish you were strong, You wish you were never wrong, Well, I got some wishes of my own

06. Your top played song on iTunes/your music player

“So What,” Pink

07. Your top most played artist on iTunes/music player

Indigo Girls