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Indigo Girls Live w/the University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra (2018) Song Rankings

1 Feb

22.7% Awesome; 50% Good; 18.2% OK; 9.1% Meh; Skip out of 22

5 Awesome


World Falls

Chickenman (high notes @ end)



I wish all artists would do an album with the symphony! I don’t know how I fell behind the times, but I was kicking myself for realizing this happened a year or two late! WTF?! I gotta see what’s going on with my email. But I’m trying to make up for lost time. The songs came out multi-layered, and dimensional in a novel way. Some of the songs were very well-suited to the orchestra, while others are my faves as-is so I like them less when they are messed with. Overall, a really solid album.

11 Good

The Woodsong

Sugar Tongue

Able to Sing

Happy in the Sorrow Key

Yoke (great singing)

Love of Our Lives (higher for instrumentals)


Come a Long Way (ending)

WAr Rugs


Kid Fears

4 OK

Virginia Woolf

Come On Home

Closer to Fine (Emily sounds out of breath)


2 Meh

Power of Two