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Against Own Interests

25 Mar

I have been talking shit on Twitter, because that’s all the action (aside from voting when it’s time) that I can do about this pandemic/economic situation.  Arizona’s Governor has now not only refused to shut down (reasonable) non-essential businesses–he blocked mayors and other local governments from doing it.


He sent out a list of essential businesses that would stay open:  All the things you would expect such as health care and residential (LTC) homes, grocery, gas, and charity.  But also schools and day cares, ride-sharing, real estate, hotels/motels.  Golf courses, pawn shops, gun stores, laundry services.  Which of course, is fucking ridiculous.

And because both our Governor and our Federal Government are pretending this Coronavirus pandemic is just another flu, the residents of AZ are not taking it seriously and modifying their behavior for the most part.  And they have a false sense of security because Arizona’s positive tests are relatively low.  What people aren’t accounting for is that tests can’t be positive if they aren’t given.  The state’s testing parameters are you must have traveled internationally or come into direct contact with someone who has.  And you have to be sick to the point of requiring a respirator.  So, in short, not many people.  Arizona isn’t testing hardly anybody that has just all symptoms.

komodo 5

Also according to China, 1/3 of the people who had positive results, were asymptomatic.  And on the cruise ship that had all the positives, half of those that tested positives were asymptomatic.  Meaning, even people that think they’re healthy are spreading Coronavirus.  One other scary conclusion from that Princess whatever cruise ship:  All the passengers were off the ship for 16 days.  And cleaning had not commenced.  Scientists were swabbing cabins for signs of the virus.  And they did find live virus.  SIXTEEN days after passengers had disembarked.  The virus lived on surfaces for over 2 weeks!

So I’m frustrated with the people consuming Fox news and Trump briefings and taking it as truth.  Believing it to everyone’s detriment.  And endangering us all.  I don’t understand why people would support politicians that go against their own interests.  News Flash–Arizona has an old population.  And a lot of these seniors are the ones drinking the republican kool-aid, which endangers their life.  I just don’t get it…

There’s Some Glitch?

15 Oct

What is happening with WordPress right now?  I keep trying to write a new post,and it keeps freezing and making my cursor invisible, then I can do nothing on the page.  No other tab is acting up, it’s just this site.  I reloaded the page and it did the same thing.

Anyway, I took my big exam this morning.  I studied really hard for it, and felt like I knew everything we covered in class.  I knew my big probably would be reading the questions carefully, answering all the parts of each questions, and not accidently writing a wrong term or direction or some easy error.  The test felt very easy.  I think the prof tries to make different levels of questions:  Easy, intermediate, and advanced.  Except, I feel like the easy and intermediate ones are hand-fed to us.  So that whether you studied or not you could ascertain the answer from hints given, reading other test questions, or other tactics.  And then, the advanced questions are things she wants us to extrapoloate from information given in class–read things not explicitly taught.  So I go in to the test hoping to recall everything on the notes and in the readins, so I have some wiggle room on things I’ve never encountered in my life.  And the advanced questions are fine, but I think she needs to make the medium questions harder, because it’s not right that someone who didn’t study can get the same grade as me (who put a lot of effort into the class).   I guessed wrong on a 4 point(!) hydrocephaly (never mentioned) short answer.  I said meninges were the structure, when I should have guessed ventricles.  So it’s an automatic 93%.  And after all my studying (and an EASY test), I’m not super-happy with that. . .

On a slightly different topic–well, still the brain we got tickets to the snowboard swap.  It will be most practical buying snowboards and boots here, then using them in Salt Lake, Colorado, or Tahoe ie big, expensive, world-renowned snow-sport locations.  And I’m a big believer they need to increase helmet usage here, so I guess I’m putting together a group to talk about traumatic brain injury and the importance of helmets.  I’m not sure how I because the leader on it other then we’re going and I see a need and think it’s important.  But I suppose since I’m suggesting we go, I ought to volunteer some time too.  We’ll see how it goes–I e-mailed the people putting on the event as well as my classmates.  I don’t have high-hopes for a response.  But if anyone follows up, it will be a useful thing.

I started watching “Desperate Housewives” on Netflix, just while Cool is at work–we watch “Criminal Minds” but only together.  You see, I like to watch something when I eat.  Anyway, it’s kind of a soapy, kind of a drama/comedy.  What I already don’t like is the men on the show.  Total tool-bags!  Carlos thinks he owns Gabby, and is a total Momma’s boy, always taking her side over his wife.  The poor twins’ mom who is obviously overwhelmed, was made to give up her (more successful) career, is saddled with 99% of the household/kid responsibility, and her dope-husband does things like invite over company for a formal dinner without telling her, and with only 2 days notice.  Bri’s husband doesn’t appreciate anything she does for him, is always putting her down and griping, and is cheating.  I’m not impressed with how the writers have the women treated on this show.  Like they just have to put up with all this crap, and it’s normal.  I say these capable, beautiful, smart women could do a lot better then these jerks!  Plus, I’m never a big fan of obvious eating disorders for a whole cast–when they are role models for women.

I got a flu shot last Thursday.  Which I never have before, and have always railed against.  I NEVER get the flu.  If I get sick at all (which I haven’t since 2008) I get a head-cold.  Anyway, because I’m in closed-air, close quarters with so many people, and tons of kids–cleaning, at ground zero–I decided to this year.  My school did them for free last Thursday.  The site was a little tender that night, but I used it–to sort of work it through.  By that night, it felt just fine.  And I thought I did too.  Friday I was tired.  Saturday I felt crummy.  Like muscle soreness, but deep, deep inside.  And it was exhausting to even walk to the kitchen.  I couldn’t have stood on my feet all afternoon/night, let alone complete vigorous locker room cleaning–I had to call in sick to work!  Which also rarely happens.  Maybe I had a vaccine reaction?  Because I’m so new, I don’t have any sick time accrued, but my boss let me “trade.”  So I have to make up 8 hours sometime.  Being a worrier, I want to get that done sooner, rather then later, so I’m working tonight.  I already have to go for a child abuse prevention training, so I figure I might as well.  Besides, there’s never a better time then after an exam and before we get new material.  Those are my free-est, most stress-free times.  But it does mean I will have to be at work (until midnight) 4 days in a row, which as a morning person just might kill me.

If I’m alive I’ll write after the streak is over.


12 Oct

As in:  I feel procrastinatee about several things right now, but maybe it’s tiredness?

-I agreed to transcribe language samples again this semester, yet have only done half of one.  And I keep moving the notification ahead on my calendar to-do list.  I agreed because my favorite professor asked me to.  Also, because I won’t be a student in the winter so I can’t do in then as I had intended.  But it’s harder then I remember, and things keep coming up.

-I would love to get my grad school application off my plate.  To have it finished, get it off the to-do list, and 11perhaps secure the best funding (is that a thing?) but I keep pushing that forward because it needs to be RIGHT.  I have to finish editing the essays and everything before I can get to this and they are not quite where I want them.  Plus, I don’t know for certain if early applications receive any extra deals or funding over the ones turned in on deadline (1-15-15).

-I need to edit and finish my personal statement.  I haven’t finished this up because it was suggested that I re-organize it entirely.  So it feels to me like instead of wrapping it up and just combing it for errors–I’m back in the middle of the writing process.  I want it done as best as possible, but now this stage requires more concentration then my studies and work schedule seemingly allow.

-I’m also procrastinatee about my scholarly paper.  But because I got good editing marks, that I need to read through and employ and I never seem to have a long chunk of time to do the whole thing.  I don’t want to get in the middle somewhere and have to remember which items I’ve corrected and which I still need to do.

superior-frontal viewBasically, it comes down to the fact that neuroanatomy takes a lot of my unscheduled time.  I have to make study materials for it-and study them.  And phonetics, even though I’ve used it a lot, has a billion tests (6 already) that I have to do practice for.  So it seems when I’m not actually scheduled to be somewhere, or doing the class stuff, I’m either sleeping, or too tired to focus enough.

Or Cool is a distraction.  Her moods are always up and down, meds always coming or going, or I just want to take advantage of the good days.  So that takes some concentration and attention away.  It’s a frustrating thing, but I think I’ll be caught in this loop until something gives–school semester (will hopefully be the thing).  I don’t want to jeopardize my grades trying to get this (mostly writing) stuff done.  When the semester is done I’ll really push to finish the writing and submit the application.

Scary Carl + Grades

15 Jun

We huddled together in my dark closet, apprehensive to make noise, and worried he would return and do something worse. My roommate dialed 9-1-1 on her cellular phone and told the operator in a wavering tone of voice that our landlord had assailed us by kicking in the front door during a fit of rage. The operator got the address to our secluded my missouribasement apartment and assured us she would send help.

This was just the latest in a series of escalating acts of harassment since 2004 had begun. Preceding this, I heard a sound in the living room and walked out of the bedroom to see my erratic landlord had used his keys to let himself inside without prior notice, or even a knock. I still have no idea what he was planning to do that day, and I began to use my chain lock regularly because I did not want to find out.

A few long moments after our frantic emergency call, the police arrived. They were so Sarah, me, Eileen 2005astounded by the profound damage to the door and the frame that they took pictures. Though the landlord owned the property he had destroyed, he severed the chain lock, which had violated our reasonable expectation of privacy. While the police were collecting the evidence and writing their reports, the landlord came back to the house to “fix the door.” The police arrested him, but a few hours after his release from jail that same day, our implacable landlord antagonized us by shouting through the living room window. It was at that point my roommate went to stay with her boyfriend.

I had nowhere else to go with more than a month left on my lease, and fall finals were commencing in one week. I was fretful the arrest had inflamed our fractious landlord even more and he would come in while I was showering or sleeping and do terrible things. I locked the screen door and the front door; not that it mattered, as he had keys to both. Then I took further precaution by barricading myself inside using the futon. After one sleepless night, I went to get a restraining order against my landlord. I was granted an ex parte that kept him from setting foot on the property but still, I was overwrought. I figured a piece of paper would do little to stop my volatile landlord from terrorizing me.

MizzouThis atmosphere of paranoia and chaos was not conducive to studying. At the time, aside from being enervated from fear, I did not realize I had any recourse. I assumed since the University of Missouri was closing for winter break, there was no possibility of taking my finals later. I felt I had no choice but to muddle through my exams and hope for the best. In my restive state, I bombed every test I attempted, probably dropping my grade about a full letter in each class.

If something extraordinarily aberrant like that happened these days I would inform my professors in The Quad 2an attempt to get accommodation on my final exams. Alerting the university of my predicament would be my next step, as I vowed never again to be reticent with my school when I am in crises. I regret that my grades suffered during that trying time, but this disturbing incident taught me the life lesson of not taking my safety for granted and how to utilize the police, the courts, and the university system in place to help people with such dilemmas. In combination with my more formal lessons imparted from academia, this upsetting episode helped shape me into the strong, resilient person that I am today.

My Heart Grew So Full

5 May

BUT before we get to that something that needs to be said:  Shades of Myspace.  Ok, that made me TOTALLY belligerent anti-facebookand ruins the tone of the post.  I just wrote a full-length post, and when I pressed “publish” it glitched out and disappeared never to be retrieved.  No auto-save, no draft, no nothing.  That makes me want to scream!  What is going on with WordPress lately?  First burying drafts on the date they were first opened, now erasing posts?  What.  The.  Fuck?!!!  So I don’t know how to recreate a 6 paragraph post, and now my mood is more agitated then moved, as it was 10 minutes ago.  Here’s my attempt:

I am back from a hiatus from writing–doing anything beyond the bare minimum, really.  I have been studying most of the time in an effort not to repeat my exam 3 mishap.  You remember the one?  The one that I missed more then double the points I had missed cumulatively all semester.  The one where I let my test anxiety to take hold.  That one test that threw my confidence and made me feel intimidated.

testsAfter I got that back, I had to re-group.  Not only will I NOT allow my A+ to disappear, I will not allow my 4.0 GPA to be ruined by less that a 95% in a course.  But it was more then that–I took exam 3 personally.  My teacher prides herself on her “tricky” exam-writing skills–ie mind-fucking us, and grading it subjectively.  For example having some questions ask for the best answer, some asking to pick 2 answers, and some picking all correct answers, but getting one point taken off as penalty for each wrong guess.  Worse, is when I KNOW something–saw it in the test or multiple sources, but she has a different answer in her head so I’m forced to pick between the answer I know for a fact is correct and the one she probably means. . .  It just ramps up my test anxiety.

Anyway, I take credit for exam 3’s extraordinary difficulty-level.  I had only missed 3 points on exam 1 and 2 points on exam 2 and I’m suspicious this affected the teacher’s ego.  So I am paranoid she made the test a LOT harder to get me.  Exam 3 was different from the other 2 exams in the class, and different from the 4 exams we had with her first semester–I think she didn’t like me doing so well.

Needless to say, I wasn’t going to let her win.  I started studying for the final early, and daily.  And I did it wholeheartedly.college what i really do  Except, I started to get a little bored with my same ol tactics after a while, so I typed my important points onto online flashcards–so I could study MY material while playing a game.  And since I took the time, I decided to post a link to my flashcards for my classmates on Facebook.  And I didn’t know if they would look at them, or be annoyed that I overpost about Audiometry, but I shared, because I had already made the effort.

And I never expected to receive this note after the final:   Just wanted to let you know that the generosity, thoughtfulness, and effort you put into creating and sharing these was incredibly helpful and greatly appreciated!!!  (I honestly wouldn’t have been able to make it through this final without you!)

The sentiment made my heart explode with joy a depth of feeling.  I had made a difference in at least one person’s life and it felt awesome–and didn’t cost ME anything.  The only lame thing was my response:  “Awesome  I hope the class average is sky-high!”  Which does not convey how much I appreciated her statement at all, but I hope she knows how much it meant.

hope fearAnd after calculating what I could have missed based on checkmarks next to questions I wasn’t 100% certain of I think I got as low as a 92%.  Subtract 3 more points for unfair subjective grading practices–and I still am well within the window to keep my A+ and 4.0 GPA.  So tonight, I’m just going to enjoy the moment and I’ll start thinking about my summer financial situation tomorrow.

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April Goal Accountability

27 Apr

I always underestimate April.  It’s always a busy, stressful month for me, because that’s when all the final projects are due, when all the papers have to be written, every class is wrapping things up–and FINALS.  So a quick run-down of April (a little early) because things are about to get more hectic before they get better.

Maintenance Goals (from 2013):

-floss daily:  Yes, I didn’t miss 1 day, but it hasn’t been as great as I’d like.

-drink water:  I drank 7 cups a day–and on certain occasions even did 8 or more!  It’s going well 🙂

-read for pleasure:  Bad.  I have been studying flashcards right before sleeping.

-weekly massage:  Terrible.  Things are so busy in April with the semester coming to a close.

-abstain from drinking:  Perfect.  How in the world did I used to have time to drink AND study?!

-study habits:  I missed 13 points on my last exam, which has made me terrified.  I had only missed 5 total points in the entire course (exams, labs, assignments) total prior to this, so missing more than double that in one fell swoop was a big blow.  I had studied for it with 90% of my whole heart though–the exam format just played upon my test anxiety.  I will not let that happen again–I will keep my A+ and 4.0 GPA.

January=fitness:  Today was day 116 of treadmilling at least 1 mile/day.  Often I did 2 miles.  We also started doing a weights video frequently.  I still overindulge with food, but my physique hasn’t suffered for it.

Feb=have gratitude; say nice things:  Neutral.  I’ve been too busy trying to keep my grades up to say anything at all!

March=straighten out sleep:  When Cool isn’t snoring, I sleep pretty well.

April=save $$$:  It’s easier not to spend money when I don’t have a job.  Saving it is another story.  Saving from where?  I’m just trying not to drop too low.

May=volunteer:  I helped with several projects this semester.  We still plan on looking into Habitat for Housing once my finals are over, and once it stops raining 24/7.

June=Cool:  We are working with her new medicine, working on sleep/motivation, and working SUPER-hard to help her drop weight.  Things are improving on all fronts.

July=my appearance:  Has gone by the wayside.  Suddenly school took up so much time!  I can’t imagine how horrible things would be if I was still working at Cat’s Meow.  I would have 100% lost my 4.0 GPA.

Aug=Worry Less, Thank more:  I’m trying to re-group after my test.  And I’m trying only to think about productive things instead of fretting.  I’m beginning to be a different person in this respect.  What I have FAILED on is my positivity jar.  I neglected it all month (last month too).

Sept=make a list, grocery shop, cook ahead:  Way, way better!  I found ZipList and it streamlined the process and made everything a lot less time-consuming.  The food stamps also help, because there’s money to GET the groceries!!!

Oct=don’t over-pluck:  Not a concern–I wouldn’t have had time if I wanted to.

Nov=Increase eye contact:  The kitties love when I look into their eyes  >^+^<

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Objectives-Writing Mad-Libs

5 Apr

I have my 2nd “quiz” Monday.  And I’m pretty worried, because I feel very under-prepared for the thing.  We only get 2 tests in the class, so these are pretty much our entire grade.  And last week, I had to keep dressing professionally and showing up to observe my required clinical sessions–only to have people cancel.  So instead of only having to go twice.  I went three times, and all three didn’t go-through.  So I finally went to the 4th AND actually saw it.  But that wasted SO much time–which I hate.  And I couldn’t even do other studying, because you aren’t allowed to bring anything into the clinic observation rooms and you’re in your pocket-less dressy clothes.  So I couldn’t even study flashcards while I went on 4 round trips, and sat for 3 hours just waiting.  Then, the rest of the week was wasted because back in January, I had signed up to conduct hearing screenings in the community as learning/volunteer.  So that took up 7.5 more hours during the week.

And I’m just waiting for Cat’s Meow to complain that I haven’t cleaned since Wednesday morning.  I only agreed to keep cleaning if it was 3 days a week AND I got to decide the days so I had flexibility.  But I’m sure they will complain, which is going to make me INSANE.  And they just better not, because I’ll go in after I finish doing the hearing screenings this afternoon.  But I’m just waiting for that ugliness.

The point is, I’m trying to study for this thing.  Sometimes studying for exams gets (more) boring.  There’s only so many flashcards and examples you can look at before your mind rebels.  Objectives are the foundation of a session.  They are the vehicles of your main goals, their clarity dictates behavior management, organization, and skill-progression.  The performance, or target behavior is the most important part of the objective.  Because it has to be a countable action.  In order to take data.  Which let’s you write the SOAP, and also shows the treatment is evidence based practice for billing/laws/parent-justification.  To practice, I was writing objectives in pieces (performance/condition/criterion), then in an effort to get Cool to quiz me I tried to make them more interesting.  I wrote them about our little family.  Then had her pick numbers to put the pieces together and make funny final objectives toward our goals.


The characters:

1.  Choco-Luv (our little kitty)

2.  Goose (the big boy)

3.  Cool

4.  LL

Performance-measurable behaviors:

-1.  will produce

-2.  will clean

-3.  will match

-4.  will take

Condition-context in which behavior will be performed:

1.  with one reminder

2.  in the kitchen

3.  in front of others

Criterion-accuracy level of behavior:

1.  in 7 out of 8 opportunities

2.  for 90% accuracy

3.  10 times in a row

4.  on 6 out of 7 consecutive days


So if Cool picks, 2-2-3-4 the resulting objective is:

-Goose will clean, in front of others, on 6 out of 7 consecutive days.


You can make the parts as funny as you want!  Maybe I should market this as a study-tool!

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And Just Like That

10 Dec

I’m finished.  Fall 2013 is over.  Forgive me, I’m only half paying attention as I write this–I’m watching a show.  You can do that when you don’t have to study!

-I took my open-note test at a coffee shop with free (and trustworthy) WiFi.

-OK, forget it, you have my full attention, I was missing pertinant facts of “Deadly Women” by typing simultaneously so I paused it.

Also, I guess I don’t need bulleted points now.  Anyway, I was fatigued from working all day.  As expected.  But I had anticipated and wore flashy sneakers, glitter–who can be tired or unlucky wearing glitter?!  Amd my I am King perfume by some rapper.  All good luck items.  I had no idea I was superstitious.  I went there and set up IMG011camp.  I had arranged my notebook, drawn comparison trees for main points on the various diseases, and most importantly labeled every new section with post-its.  Turns out the last part helped the most, because I could flip directly to the point I needed and check/look up my answers.  I confirmed that it’s the test anxiety that get’s me most times.  I would immediately see the correct answer choice on the majority of questions, but felt so much better to just confirm them in the notes.  The test was a breeze when I could do that just to make certain.  I wish I was more confident WITHOUT the notes.  School would be a whole different thing for me.  And I’m not gonna lie–I was bad and horrible and considered cheating.  I’m certainly not proud of it.  I could find a certain statistic in my notes, and thought I knew the answer, but wanted to make sure, by looking at the wide-internet which was at my easy disposal.  In the end, I decided that I want my grades to be the ones I earned or they would mean nothing.  The temptation was there though.

By the time today’s final rolled around I was pretty checked out.  From my normal at least.  I’d say my regular school effort approaches 110%.  It really is first priority and I spend a disproportionate amount of time studying because getting the 4.0 this time is so imperative to all my other goals.  Well, after Monday’s test, that percentage Janeane Garofalo 2dropped to 87%.  Still above average and pretty good, but my heart wasn’t all in it, and my brain was definitly fatigued.  I did wear overalls and felt adorable in them, even though Stacy and Clinton would not approve of dated trend clothing.  They were good because I could put warm layers under them comfortably, the barely touch me, and they have a lot of pockets.  And because I’m petite, they look less farmer and more, umm I guess cutesy which isn’t that age-appropriate, but hey on finals week, glitter and dated trends are acceptable!  Sidenote:  What the eff–I just spent like a half hour searching for pics of 1990s overalls.  Can’t find the “Friends” cast, no Ellen, no Daphne from “Fraiser.”  What the hell???  Back to the story:  I think I pulled through enough to keep my A in the course though.  I will be utterly disappointed if I did not, and kick myself very hard if the grade dropped as a result of today’s final. . .

It feels funny not to have to make or study flashcards right now.  Or feel guilty because I’m not.  I’m ready for a little regrouping time over break.  My goal is to finish start all the scholarship essays and complete that application.  Also, I want to read and outline the ENTIRE audiometry textbook, and would love to get through the text for my other class.  Clinic-something?  I forgot the name.  And of course, I’ll have to do my taxes and FAFSA which suck, suck, suck.  If there’s time *crosses fingers* I will start woring on my grad school app–CV, essays, a folder for my recommenders, etc. . .

ornery faceLastly, Cool is making me NUTS(~!)  this week.  Who knows what’s going on:  Mania?  Sub-mania?  Medications that usually flatten her are not dulling her real personality?  I’m not certain, but she has zero focus, and is unproductive, and talking about unusual things (fluoridated water is bad because it blocks the pineal gland and disallows the third eye’s chakra potential?!), she’s wiggly, etc. . .  I hope when she sees the doctor tomorrow she gets toned down a bit, but not flat/tired/depressed.  It’s always something with her, it seems.


There’s No Pleasing Me

6 Dec

At least when it comes to matters of worry.

-An open note test is a GOOD thing.  Except now I’m worried about taking it online.  My internet connection often drops and it would be horrible to lose my test before I completed all the questions.  I thought it would ease my mind if I did a practice quiz, disconnected the internet, and saw whether the test shut down or if it would be OK.  So much to the annoyance of the prof, I requested a mini practice quiz.  She obliged and I went through my procedure.  The test time continued to count down, but it didn’t cease.  Which is good, but the practice run didn’t allieviate any worry.  AND I had been so worried about the connectivity that didn’t pay attention to the questions at all.  I figured she would make 2 non-questions, but she put effort into making legit questions–and I didn’t look at them.  And I couldn’t open them back up once the test was submitted.  And now I’m fretting about WHERE to take the exam that has a more trustworthy connection.  I’m worried the library at school will be full of finals-crammers, as will the coffee shops.  Now what?  And when?  There’s no great time to take the thing either.

-I DID have a productive study day.  And I got to leave work early, which I always, always love.  I utilized that extra time too, by studying in the bath, and I studied until 7PM, which is virtually unheard of for me.  I’m happy about those things.

-I’m also proud of my three-part blog series I wrote on feline/cat/animal restraint.  I mention it, because a gal at work got bit up and it’s a major issue right now.  And I thought of an extra tip and added it to part 1 today.  So you should check those out–and no, I still don’t know how to post a link to former posts on this post to make these things a click away for you.  But look under Sept 2013, or wade through the tag “veterinary.”

-Why did my neighbors become severly obnoxious in the last week?  These are the same ones who have lived next door for at least 6 months, that used to be quiet.  Last night, they were blasting music, shouting, and stomping on the stairs again.  And portions throughout the day.  I’m always amazed at how little inconsiderate people sleep.  Last night’s shennenigans were equal volume with my noise-masking fan, so I tossed a little, but mostly got fitfull sleep, and that beats no sleep at all.  *Insert glare eyeballs*

-Shoot, I always do this–I had something else and now I’ve forgotten it.  I should start these posts by doing a quick outline, then filling in details.  Maybe I’ll think of it again later.  I’m sure I’ll be back in between study sessions tomorrow.  

It’s 8PM & After My Bedtime

4 Dec

A list in lue of an essay.  Because, per my recent usual I’m tired.  

-I think I just spelled leu wrong

-Also, I wanted to title this blah blah PAST my bedtime, but I wasn’t entirely confident if “past” or “passed” was proper.

-Tired or poorly educated?  Who knows.

-My right eye has been twitching all week.  I don’t know why, but it’s annoying.  And I’m pretty sure others can SEE it = awkward.

-I’m awake at all, because I had an entire energy drink in order to study really well.

-I have been studying on the treadmill every day (that I wasn’t working all day) this week–that’s 2!

-And yet, I ate 4(?) yummy cream cheese brownies today so I’m over my calories 😦

-I did random font colors to match my all-over-the-place mood.

-I like how Eminem uses snippets from earlier records in his new album. 

-By Wednesday I’m usually non-functional b/c of school and work.

-My mom sent Cool & I advent calendars alla Grandma Reathel.  I had forgotten what a big part of my life those were.

-I’m glad for a new schedule (earlier classes) next semester.

-I’m finally to November in my music of the year listening.  I’m on Eminem now, and I like it–I usually like him tho.  

-I turned in my paper, but am now worried about my citations.  It’s probably nothing to fret about.

-On that note, I think it’s funny my blog gets hits with search terms that match my exact assignments.  I wonder if it’s classmate/mates and if I know them.  

-Maybe it’s the professors checking for cheating or something though. . .  Hopefully, I haven’t slandered anyone who’s reading.

-I guess that’s the price you pay for having an online presence.  I suppose I don’t write anything I’m not willing to back up in person, though often I would word things much differently.

-That’s not a disclaimer, just thinking aloud.

-Greatest news ever today = a surprise at-home, open-note, final that I can take any one of 3 days (instead of between work Monday)

-I almost forgot, I meant to look up brown (couderoy) jacket today.  I should open Amazon, or at least put it on my calendar–but I’m in here now, so there it is.

-While I’m remembering things–I’m going to ask one of my professors for a letter of rec. this semester–so I’ll have 2 asked for, and all 3 in mind.  This will reduce stress/pressure when I’m actually applying for grad school next year.

-I love that show, “What Not to Wear.”  At least now that they toned down the snarky comments and come at it from a more heartfelt place.  

-The show reminded me of dated clothes, dressing your age, and polyester.  As such, I wore my overalls and polyester butterfly shirt from high school days to class today.  

-Breaking all the style rules is fun!  I thought I looked cute though.  But I guess they ALL do.

-mmmm, I started this post with something to say and it seems that train is gone.