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Music: Highs and Lows (Part III)

12 Jun

12. A song that describes your WordPress

Taylor Swift


-any and every song–she is my lyrical soul-mate!

21. A song that you love to dance to

“Take Me Out,” Franz Ferdanand

15. A song that reminds you of the saddest moment in your life

-I didn’t have a song to match one particular moment, so I picked a song that reminds me of the saddest sustained period in my life.

-“Sorry” by Buckcherry


16. A song that makes you cry

-“Once You’ve Loved Somebody,” The Dixie Chicks

-The song itself doesn’t bring tears, but I always play it when I’m depressed.

17. A song that makes you smile

-“Rocky Top” instrumental version by Appalachian Pickers


19. A song that you love to sing along to

“Before He Cheats,” Carrie Underwood

26. The theme song from your favorite TV show


“Thank You for Being a Friend,” from The Golden Girls

27. A song that you could listen to over and over

“Sing Sing Sing”

various artists and re-makes, but originally by Louis Prima

28. A song that you think is over played.

“The Macarena” Los del Rio