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The Strokes: The New Abnormal Album Review

2 Dec

This is one of those albums that just might be too cool for anyone listening to it.  I’m glad to hear some more true alternative genre, but some of the experimental sounds are just too much.

The Adults Are Talking;  Are these fast pings 16th notes?  Whatever they are sounds good!  Very original, and attention-getting.  And the singing is the closest thing I’ve heard to alternative music since Twenty One Pilots (hey!  Where did they go?).  And the falsetto note?!

Selfless;  The singing had some Mika-type notes, then the instrument perfectly matched that falsetto which was good.

Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus:  Major disco meets The Killers vibe in the first third of the song.  I haven’t heard anyone else what component of the song they will move to next.

Bad Decisions:  This song sounds familiar to me.  I’m not sure from where, and I’m not sure if it’s an intended sample.

Eternal Summer;  There is a lot going on vocally in this song.  I like the playfulness of alternating between fasetto and a deeper octave, shouted,  and a mid-range.  It calls your attention back many times.

At the Door:  The buzz to the keyboard(?) isn’t my favorite, nor is the slow pace.  But I think they’re is a sprinkling of xylophone used sparingly, and mainstream music needs more xylophone. Near the half point of the song, the beat speeds up, which I was thankful for.  Everything about this song is experimental–a lot happening in production.  Maybe too much.  I like some pieces, and don’t like others, but what knocks it down to just OK, is this is not a cohesive song.  Pick something.

Why Are Sundays So Depressing:  This is better.  There’s non-traditional sounds, but the song isn’t ALL over the place like the last one.

Not the Same Anymore:  The 1 to 1 rhyme scheme can force the lyrics into derivative territory, occasionally.  In order to find a rhyme, the verse can get too simple, cliche’, or use a word that’s not super conversational.  The tune is nice though.

Ode to the Mets:  It sounds almost like woodwinds in the backing, and it’s an interesting departure from guitar/keyboard.