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I’m Sick. And Grumpy.

20 Aug

Last night I started feeling worse and worse.  Normally when I feel something coming on I go to bed super-early.  But I will have to work til midnight really soon and my body is already going to be shocked.  As such, I HAD to stick it out until 9:30PM.  I felt so bad that I turned off my alarm clock (I never sleep to the alarm, but I’d be too nervous if I didn’t set it–just in case) for cleaning the vet hospital in the morning.  I try to go there every other day and had gone Monday, so was set to do it today.  But I had called Monday to make Rusty an appointment–and of course Wednesday was the first they could get me in.  And they were very explicit that I should drop off at 7:30AM.  So with the (impending) sickness, I didn’t think I should get up at 3-4AM, drop off the car, and be unable to nap.  If I get in bed after 5:20AM, I CANNOT sleep no matter how hard I try.  Anyway, so I decided I would clean work Wednesday night and still get it done on the every other day.

I slept fitfully because my body is trying to get sick and out of guilt for not cleaning–even though it’s a flexible schedule and I just have to make sure and go 3x/wk.  But I felt bad anyhow.  In the morning (the cats woke us up at 5:30AM, so I didn’t get tons of sleep), we went to drop Rusty off.  And–he had written that I called on Monday, but neglected to put me on the schedule for today.  So skipping work and dropping off was unnecessary because he put me on the very bottom of their full schedule.  Annoying.  And I felt icky so I almost said something about it.

At the track, I had intended to run a record 400m today.  I thought maybe if I warmed up slowly it could still be done.  Because I’m not completely sick, I can just tell it’s coming on.  But there is still time for preventative sleep/warmth/Zicam/vitamins/fluids.  But as soon as I started jogging I instantly felt TERRIBLE.  Everything ached, I felt tired, my muscles were stiff.  It was unpleasant.  I changed my mind about any speed work and just did a slow 2 miles practicing switching long strides and quick strides.  

When I got back to the apartment complex, the trashy-trashy, white-trash trashy lesboz that park next to us were over the line half in our spot.  So I had to squeeze in very tightly.  And when I opened the door, I was confronted with their barf-covered passenger door.  Who pukes on their car??!  Disgusting.  Cool wrote a note, but the tone was annoyed.  And I am all about feeling annoyed, but hesitated to give it to them, because, trashy people have no boundaries and who knows how they might retaliate.  But Cool put it on their barf-mobile anyway.  Fast-forward:  Next time I went to the car, theirs was gone, and the note was crumpled beside Cool’s car. . .

Rewind:  I went home and Cool made a wonderful huckleberry waffle breakfast.  I was feeling so crummy that the impossible occured and I actually was able to nap for 30 min.  But it wasn’t enough and I still felt like crud.  I get, for lack of better word, annoying sickness.  There’s no outward signs, but I feel feverish and fatigued.  Standing in the kitchen to make a frozen drink for Labor Dave about did me in, and I felt really crummy.  So I look a-OK, but feel ick-scum.  If it does come full-on (it hasn’t yet) I’ll get a fever and a head-cold.  Not cool times for public or for sitting in class.

Anyway, I didn’t get a call until 1:30PM asking permissions and pricing.  So I should have gone to work, and Rusty will not be finished today.  Which is super-annoying, because now Cool goes to work and I’ll have to clean at 3-4AM tomorrow–sacrificing more sleep when I’m (getting) sick.

That’s all.  I’ll work on my graph blogs today since standing up seems too much.  That reminds me, there are just 5 days til school starts and I have a HUGE list of things to do before then.  I’m mentally going insane, but my body won’t cooperate–it’s going to be a low productivity day when I need to kick it into high gear >:-[


22 Jun

I’m dubious about how much recycling actually helps the environment. I suspect the process is more about getting people to THINK about the environment, help individuals realize what impact one person can have if they only try to do a little something (or when they don’t), and the alleviation of guilt through an attempt to take responsibility.

I don’t have any statistics about recycling (yet) so I can’t really SAY how much impact it may or may not have in the long run. I can tell you I purchased “The Skeptical Environmentalist” by the controversial Bejorn (or however it’s spelled) Lomborg and am most excited to read it. I’ll have to make that a priority before school commences in the fall.

What I DO know about recycling is that it’s a pain. Sorting it takes a lot of space in my small apartment and in the complex’s tiny trash area. Paying to take it to get recycled as you have to in Northern NV would also be a no-go.  Just ask all the people that don’t even pay to take their TRASH to the dump, instead dumping it in the desert.  When you look at problems like that (and pollution from cars and industry, water getting dirtied, chemical-resistant farming, and 3rd world country completely unethical and unregulated agriculture/industry–well, washing your recyclables seems like a minute, nit-picky first-world crises. Especially, when I’m fairly certain it’s all autoclaved and melted down anyway.

In Seattle, throwing things in the trash is criminal.  Some do-gooder will yell at you if you even think about trying it.  It was actually Seattle’s severe, libertine mentality about recycling that turned me against the practice. For one of my chores throughout my childhood was crunching cans. And though I didn’t really drink soda myself, my parents gave me plenty of cans to keep busy. Also, one of my platforms (OK– my main and only platform) when I ran for student body president of my intermediate school was starting a recycling program–which I successfully implemented and they still use today thank-you-very-much. But the levels–and morals–attached to recycling is ridiculous to me.

I have heard many, many times:

1}  Did you throuw THAT away?! With implication that I’m a shit head because that is recyclable.

2}  I have also heard–“That goes in the other bin.”  Who the eff can tell what bin or what plastic code goes where?  I mean, really, if you want the world to recycle–make it easy.  Or at least make it make SENSE. Make it too difficult and I’m just going to throw it in the trash–no question then.

3} Thirdly, I have heard grumbles about–At LEAST rinse that out!”  As mentioned above, eff you, on that.  It’s not happening.

4}  “You need to SORT your recyclables!”  No cardboard in the cans.  No lids on the glass.  No tape on the brokendown boxes.  Puh-leeze.  Again–make it too hard, and I’m just going to throw the whole damn (dirty) thing, intact, and in the garbage can.

Hate me if you will.  But I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

What Garbage!

20 May

I absolutely HATE throwing away food.  Especially if it’s perfectly good.  I’ll even eat questionable things, because as my dad says, “Waste not, want not.”  I don’t want a food-borne illness situation, but face it, most foods just squig you out–they do not literally make you ill if ingested.  The last time I had any sort of food poisoning was at that sushi restaurant in SanFran in 2007.  And for $6 a plate, I was happy for the rental, actually.  Just cook it longer–gosh high temperatures will kill a lot of bugs.

Some people are not this way.  Most, I would argue.  I’m appalled at how much food people chose not to eat.  Or the way people will NOT clean their plate at a restaurant–where they paid large sums.  School lunches and buffets are more then likely the biggest culprits of food waste.  Kids are picky, and have relatively small appetites, and the food offered is not good.  So a LOT of perfectly good food (some even in original wrappers) gets tossed.  And buffets have a lot of waste just because of the sheer volume of food offered.  I have been a victim of eyes bigger then my stomach more then a few times.

On Marion Nestle’s blog, the consensus of the foodies seemed to be the even giving fast food to the homeless was inappropriate.  All of them favored giving organic, natural, locally-grown options that they themselves would eat.  And I argue, that those do-gooders have no fucking clue, and when it’s a matter of eating at ALL, quality doesn’t matter all that much.  And I say–get real pretentious people *eye roll*

And I wonder if Nevada, state of the best, largest, and most buffets (true statement), donates the leftovers to food banks, homless shelters, or Meals on Wheels.  I would like to think so, but it’s difficult to know.  Every place has it’s own policy.  Also, donating old food can be logistically difficult and turn into a costly endeavor.  You know food have to be kept at certain temperatures to avoid culturing something nasty and harmful, so it’s not just a matter of hauling leftovers across town.  We’re talking refrigeration trucks.


I watched a documentary on the New York homeless who live under subways and they were indicating restaurants there pour bleach over their trash.  I think this is SUPER-unethical and wasteful.  Why do that???  I’m not even certain why businesses would DO that.  I’m glad it wasn’t happening in the NorthWest, as Cool’s roommate would rumage the trash behind some grocery story or organic something or other and would bring whole crates of fresh fruits and vegetables back to the frat house (and store them in the dishwasher???  but that another story for another post).  This is socially and environmentally conscious Seattle that all this fresh produce was just put in the garbage.  What a shame.  Waste of resources, waste of money, wasteful. . .

So moral:  Eat what you take.  If you don’t it’s hard to tell if it will be donated or plucked out of the trash.

Nobody Cares About Trash in the Desert (initially posted 5-15-09)

31 Dec

It seems nobody cares enough to DO anything!  I have extensively tried to contact some eagency in hopes of putting the kabash on the cabal of people who are dumping their trash in the desert.  I would think someone, whether it be the public or the government would give a damn, but they don’t.  There was no coterie who wanted to help the situation–everyone just pushed the responsibility on to some other group.  There is not just a little trash in the middle of the desert, we’re talking broken glass, entire truckloads of garbage, and even sea-dos and cars! I’m not the only one who goes out there, either. Everytime I go running, I see other people walking, hiking, runing, and riding bikes and motorcycles. I find it appalling that there is no clique trying to fight for the environment, no mob who wants to keep our community beautiful.  For drammatic effect:  If people don’t care for any other reason, at least a ring of citizens should consider this is right next to a veterinary hospital, public park, and an elementary school–save the children and the animals!!!  The circle of businesses (ironically including the dump) is directly affected.  Who is in charge, and why aren’t they doing anything???

Dear Governor Gibbons,

I grew up in Dayton, attending school from kindergarten to my senior year here.  I love this community and would like it to remain beautiful.  I am writing because I am very concerned about the trash that gets thrown in the desert.  I know I am not alone in this endeavor and there is a clan of people who also want to keep nature intact in Dayton.

Just outside Mark Twain Park, on Roughing It Road, less than 3 miles from the city waste disposal plant, Lyon County’s beauty is marred.  A cabal of people are dumping truckloads of garbage, old machinery, and even cars!  I like to run on the trails in that area, as do many other people, and was quite appalled to see the sheer amount of waste on our land.   I have witnessed pick-ups driving in the desert with loads of trash and coming back to Six Mile Canyon Road or Highway 50 with an empty truck bed. It seems, nothing can be done to stop them.

I called waste management, parks & recreation, and other numbers that those entities referred me to.  I got the impression this situation isn’t under anyone’s jurisdiction.  I am planning to organize my own trash pick up on May 30, since other community service groups only serve Washoe County and Carson City.  No government organization could even offer me free trash bags or gloves to borrow.  The whole situation is very frustrating!  I feel like no one cares enough to help the situation.

I would like consequences for that small in-group of people that dump in the middle of the desert, maybe a “no dumping” sign posted on the premises, and support (in the form of gloves to borrow, trash bags, and a dump site discount) for other proactive people wanting to pick up the trash.

Thank you for your time.
Lavrel L5hl