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Resolutioners RUIN the Gym

8 Jan

Hate, hate, hate!

I have BEEN going to the gym for some time now.  I had my own fitness goals to work toward–New Year or not.  It is sooooooooo annoying that everyone and her mother resolved to lose weight in the new year, joined a gym, and proceeded to overrun the place.  I can’t find a parking spot.  I can’t get to a machine–let alone switch between several.  It is severly frustrating.  And most maddening of all–these new joiners will only be around for 8 weeks–tops.  Most likely less then that.  Why bother at all?  Just go on a fad diet and be done with it already.

And why don’t the gyms prepare?  Have pre-January member hours.  Carve out a time for established

members to work out without all the resolution hassle.  Extend gym hours for the busy month of January.  If there is more than one gym location in a certain mileage radius, the gyms should allot one place for new members.  Staff the place with extra personal trainers to teach people how to use the equipment properly and give them an appropriate workout for their needs and fitness level.  Meanwhile, the established members can be at the other location working out in peace.

So, I am staying away from the YMCA until the resolutioners fizzle out–which most will.  But I do not have to like it!

Making (and sticking to) a Training Schedule

19 Nov

I guess going to the YMCA just for the sake of working out, is not working the best for me.  I regularly laze out, but don’t wanna waste that $20/mo + Cool’s $20/mo.  So I thought something to work towrd might be more succesful at getting my ass out of my PJs and going.  And that thing is. . .   A Triathlon!  I’m not going all hard-core, or even doing a full length–cause hello a marathon after other stuff.  Is.  Just.  CRAZY.  But a sprint, short-length Tri seems acceptable.


Here is a sample triathalon traning schedule.  It’s focused on swim since I don’t really know what I’m doing.  Learn the swimming kick-turn first thing.  And this training guide is also a sprint program.

Since my prospective race is

Monday, May 30, 2011 Spring Festival Triathlon & Duathlon
Moses Lake, Washington Montlake Park
Spring Festival Triathlon :
Triathlon : Swim ¼ mile, Bike 10 miles, Run 3.1 miles
Spring Festival Duathlon :
Duathlon : Run 3.1 miles, Bike 10 miles, Run 3.1 miles

This schedule should be a good fit.  It’s even a 16 week plan!  There are an overwhelming amount of tri informational pages and links though.  I’ll see if I like this one best.


I also wrote to a couple of my former clogging teammates who have experience with tri’s.  Maybe they know some good secrets or tips.

*1 length of YMCA’s lap pool = 25 yards or 22.86 meters

1 length = 23 meters or 25 yards (from wall to wall)
2 lengths = 46 meters or 50 yards
4 lengths = 91 meters or 100 yds
¼ mile = 400 meters or about 500 yards = 20 lengths
½ mile = 732 meters about 800 yards = 32 lengths
1 mile = about 1700 yards = 68 lengths
1.2 miles = about 2000 yards = 80 lengths
2.4 miles = about 4000 yards = 160 lengths