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23 Feb

When I talked to my Mom on the phone this week, she was telling me Del Minor (Mary’s mom) died at the beginning of the month.  Shaun (Mary’s gossipy sister-in-law) was being all shady when my mom asked when the funeral was going to be.  Obviously, Del was a central figure in our town and my mom knew her and thus wanted to pay her respects.  But after asking Shaun a couple of times and being told noncommittal answers my parents saw in the news that the funeral had taken place—2 days prior.  So I guess our family was blacklisted, which is shitty, though they probably could have looked in the news or talked to someone else about the date and time if they had really wanted to go.  But oh well.


So that night, I looked online to read the obituary.  And there it was—they listed the survivors.  And they listed them as couples.  There was several of Mary’s older siblings, then Tom (Mary’s brother) and his wife Shaun.  Then last in oldest to youngest order:  Mary Minor and this new name- Sandra __________.  At first I thought it was some kind of typo—they put one of Del’s sibs next to her youngest child’s name accidentally.  Because the Mary I know would never have her private life broadcast.  Especially if the town of Dayton was to see it.  Plus, how in the world would she even be with anyone?!


But I looked up the gal’s name online—and sure enough, there was not only a marriage announcement of Mary and this gal-but a picture!  I still would have doubted t, just because it was so out of character for Mary.  I mean, this is the person, who when I realized I was gay at the tender age of 18, she took my in the bathroom at work, with the fan on, and asked that I not tell her secret.  No regard for what I must have been feeling, how shell-shocked I might be–just ‘don’t tell anyone that she’s gay.’  But they blog supplemented the announcement with a picture.  So I knew without a doubt it was the same Mary I knew (past tense intentional).  Also, this Tahoe wedding happened in 2013? So I’m way behind the scene.  Which is good, because thinking about Mary and the cabin-mansion makes me feel icky inside and makes me have nightmares.  I had even asked my mom not to share the gossip she gleaned from Shaun or the community, because I don’t want to think about that part of my life.  And I guess that was necessary because even though Mary saw Shaun as an enemy when I knew her, Shaun must have gotten the picture that we are not on good terms, so she stopped sharing any information with my mom–she didn’t know.  And as much as I don’t like to think about those dark times, and dark characters, part of me wished I would have known—just for curiosity’s sake.


Obviously, a lot has changed.  The Mary I knew was an absolute PILL because she was such a closet-case.  Like, Kim and her were together for 6 years or something when they moved together to Dayton, and Mary was so secretive that she wouldn’t wear their ring on her left hand.  And when they moved neighborhoods, they did it at night—to escape prying eyes.  She never acknowledged who Kim was—even though it was fairly obvious.


Also Mary was a MESS when I went back in 2009.  Her and Kim were pretty over.  Mary played the part of the Godfather.  Cold and calculating and in control of the people around her and the information exchanged.  She was cheating with the hairdresser.  She invited me there, gave me my job back, then scapegoated me–I suspect because I knew too much and I was not an adequate replacement for her dead niece Brenna.  She was such an awful person at that time that I questioned if she had ever been a good influence in my life.  Had she always had sketchy ethics and I had been too naive to see it?  All I knew is that I was disillusioned and never wanted to have her in my life again.  When she subscribed to my Facebook page (really stupid because FB notifies you) I blocked her.  Just so she doesn’t exsist anywhere in my life.  And I would be horrified if I ran into her (which is highly plausible in a small town) when visiting my parents.  So with all those feelings, and my insider knowledge at least of that time in her life, it’s hard to imagine she’s OK enough now to attract a new girlfriend—let alone someone who wants to marry her.


And the fact the marriage was posted online and done in Tahoe was completely different from the Mary I knew.  I come back to it, jst because it astounds me.  I guess she’s grown as a person, so that’s good for her.  I can’t help but wonder if she’s alright now, or just the same shit-head with a new wife to treat badly and make disappear.  Mary has a way of dominating and being Godfather that makes other disappear.  She controls those in her inner circle, hides things from those outside, and annihilates those she deems enemies–however small their perceived infraction.  I say perceived, because Mary herself knows a few of those people were only defending themselves against her attacks–they didn’t do anything to warrant her wrath.  I have to wonder-Would we have animosity or see 2009 as a bad scene for both of us?  Water under the bridge or enemies forever?  I really don’t know, but her seemingly new outlook on life makes me wonder.


Also, does Kim know?  Is she coherent enough to?  Do Mary and her talk or hate one another?  And what does Mary see their relationship as?  A mistake?  Or does she see that she choked the life out of Kim, squashed her spirit until nothing but alcoholic coping and emptiness were left?  Kim probably had a genetic predisposition, and Mary fostered those drinking ways, but in the end, I think the seclusion and control are what really did Kim in.  And nows she’s just a shell of who she used to be.  I feel sorry about that, yet I don’t talk to her either, because there’s just nothing there.


I had so many questions!  And the whole thing gave me just icky feelings of remembrance.  One thing you can count on Dayton for is gossip.  I’ll hear eventually.

Only Between 7AM and 9PM

3 Jul

Are certain things normal/acceptable.  On the off-hours those same behaviors draw attention and seem out of place.  For instance:

The German by Cool 002

I was driving home from work at 5AM.  And when I stopped at the 4 way stop, a teenage girl came running around the corner, down the street, followed by a high school-aged boy on a bike.  Did she know him?  Was she being chased?  I sat at the stop, watching to see if she needed help, and they seemed to know each other.  Both stopped near a set of stairs and hung out.  I wondered what two teenagers were doing running around at this early hour.  Drugs?  Did they just commit a robbery or something?  I left without doing anything, because I didn’t really see anything–it was just the time of day that made it weird. . .

Michael Douglas

One Sunday at 6AM I saw two of the neighboring business owners standing across the street with tools, trying to cut down “5 minute parking” poles (not the signs, the metal poles) from a different business across the street.  I guess that’s weird at any hour.  And I thought it was a strange endeavor for 2 middle aged personal business owners to do at all.  Parking Nazi Thugs.

biel on mirror


The second story is perhaps more confusing:  I woke up at 3AM this morning, so rather then wasting time in bed waiting for 4AM to go clean at work, I just went to get it over with.  When I was driving to work (around 3:30AM) there was a woman walking up the sidewalk.  No one else was about, so I just assumed she just got dropped off by the bus and was Amazing_Electron_Microscope_Photos_Mosquito_Head-1mdCUheading to the nearby housing.  I finished driving to the end of that block, did a u-turn, parking in front of work, and that same lady was in the middle of the intersection–not 10 feet from where I had first seen her–and was staring at me.

light 1Hmm.  I sat there deciding whether or not it would be safe to get out of the safety of my car.  It was dark, and the gal was about a block from my car, so I couldn’t even see the color of the clothes she was wearing.  Not black though.  I also couldn’t tell if she was wearing a hat or had her hair pulled back.  And making out any facial features was out of the question.  I could just see a white lady with a small build standing motionless in the middle of the intersection.  Just looking back at me.  For 5 minutes.

Well, because my apartment AND my work are not in very good areas of town, and due to the unusually early hour (and darkness) I had brought bear spray with me–which I very rarely do.  Since the lady wasn’t aggressing toward me–or even moving a muscle, I decided if I came all that way, I was going to get paid.  And I got out of the car, half expecting her to approach me and ask to come inside.  I quickly went around my car, up the stairs, across the porch, and up the stairs and unlocked the 2 locks as fast as I could.

Then, I looked toward the intersection from inside.  Still there.  Still unmoving.  It crossed my mind to go all the way in twirlie sphereand call the police about a disoriented woman–doing no crime.  But I figured if the police couldn’t be bothered to find an attacker/murderer on the Centennial Trail, coming out to see a woman doing nothing wasn’t happening.  I punched in the security code, clocked in, and stood on a chair to look outside again.

The woman had moved–but only as far as the sidewalk of that same intersection.  I thought maybe she was waiting to get picked up.  Maybe for beetlea drug deal or waiting for a john or her pimp.  Who knows?  She sort of stood on one sidewalk, then crossed the street and stood on the opposite sidewalk, then she turned and looked right toward me again.  Did she see me?!  I ducked lower in case she had–certainly she hadn’t, but it sure looked like she was looking right at me.

Then, she leaned down and picked something up off the ground.  Then crossed to the opposite corner of the intersection, knelt and picked something else off the ground.  Then, the went further away on the sidewalk and stopped again to pick something up.  But she didn’t appear to have anything in her hands or put anything anywhere.  She was picking up either pebbles or something only she could see.  I watched her repeat her actions until she was out of view, then ran up stairs where she was in view again.cheshire cat

She stood very still, staring, meandered forward, picked something off the ground over and over until the trees obscured my view of her.  I have no idea what she was doing in the empty neighborhood at 3:45AM!  Drugs is my best guess. . .  At 4PM I wouldn’t have though twice, but as it was–it was weird.

Deb Wong 3After work, on my drive home I looked around for her.  And on the church lawn I saw someone sleeping (I think they were sleeping, at least) and I assume it was the same gal.  But it wouldn’t be unheard of for someone else to be passed out around there–the section 8 housing is sketchy, there’s a large bus stop right there, and the corner stores draw in a sort of transient, sketchy crowd.

PS–I’ll bet you didn’t know that SpoKompton has the 2nd highest crime rate per capita in the entire nation.  True story.