NOT a Fat-Ass [posted 5-8-08]

17 Jan

My kitten Gandhi Gus has a certain eccentricity–he only eats dry cat food.  VERY unlike a maine coon!  He won’t touch wet cat food, cat treats, chicken, turkey, or tuna.  It’s very peculiar, especially after having little Bobcat that liked everything and would beg for my food.

Judy gave me some catfish (thanks for feeding me!) and I was cooking it up for dinner and Goose seemed pretty interested.  I thought he might like a little piece of fish.  I held it out and for once, instead of turning his nose up at it, he actually sniffed it.  It was the funniest thing ever—he actually looked like he wanted to vomit–how idiosyncratic!  He seemed to want to try the fish, but he gagged.

I held up a 2nd chunk and, again, he approached and sniffed it like he wanted a taste.  This time a single piece of dry cat food, which had been consumed a half hour before, came up.  I was hysterical with laughter—Gandhi upchucked his dinner after smelling some fish.  Well, I was giggling and mocking Gandhi and he got so mortified that he went into the other room.  What kind of cat can’t eat fish??!

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