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2016 Goal-Plan

5 Jan

I have to be in a certain mood to really write, and though I want to be–today I’m just not.  Tuesday is my most tired day of the week, so maybe that had everything to do with it.  I’ll try though, because I do see the new year as a perfect time for new beginnings, and per the usual I want to grow as a person and be better.  I’ve catagorized my goals and plan to MAKE plans of actions to attack them.

element fairy


things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-running.  I’ve certainly been running and it’s a good stabilizing force, and probably the most healthful thing I do.  Though I’m not going to lie–nearly every single day (and this is day 733 in a row) I want to lazy out.  At this point it would take a LOT to make me break the chain, because that many days in a row is spectacular, but it’s pretty hard to get the motivation to put on that sports bra.  I’ll continue on, for who knows how long.  [time-line:  daily]

-water.  I’ve been drinking it daily like I never used to.  I’m trying to get all 12 cups per day (to account for sweating in heat/working out/eating salt/drinking caffeine) and it’s hard.  They key is drinking as much as I can early in the day.   [time-line:  daily, and early in the day]

-flossing.  It seems a constant battle.  Obviously, I want to do it, but it’s just a matter of DOING it, which is often easier said then done.  I think I’ve been pretty successful at doing it before I brush my teeth for work.  In the afternoon, before I’m really tired.   [time-line:  daily, and before I brush my teeth for work]

-Appearance is just one of those things that isn’t SUPER important to me.  I’m a very low-maintenance gal when it comes to grooming and beauty.  But, in the interest of just feeling more motivated for work and looking mature and everything, I’d like to continue wearing makeup on work days (except Sunday, when nobody really sees me and I’m there for 10+ hours).   [time-line:  daily, before work]

things to start

-Going to the dentist!  And this is for sure happening this year.  I’ll get insurance through my work, so just as soon as it kicks in, I’m making the call.  I’ve already research dentists here, and plan on getting the full cleaning, and all x-rays, then setting up a regular 6 month schedule.  What a relief!   [time-line:  call Tuesday, the 12th of January]

-I need to pain my nails more.  It’s an easy thing to do and I have a lot of pretty colors.   [time-line:  Fridays, during the day]

-And I should wear my beautiful jewelry more.  Those are really easy things that add an extra touch of niceness.   [time-line:  Monday, Wednesday, +/- Thursday]

-I’d also like to take more care fixing my hair.  Instead of a pony-tail, maybe a braid or rows, or a nice barrette.  And, as a more expensive, and long-term thing, this year I’d like to start permanently dying my hair.  To cover all those grays cropping up.  I need to schedule a consult to see what the EASIEST color would be so I can just go as far apart as possible and get my roots touched-up after the initial appointment.  Which won’t necessarily be a color I like, but it will get the job done and be cheaper and lower maintenance.   [time-line:  Monday, Thursday to start]



things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-I am such a different person than I used to be.  I have learned not to make work my life.  I’m not centering everything around it, or letting myself get stressed out over it.  I don’t even check what color tasks I will be responsible for the next week when I’m there on Sundays.   [time-line:  daily]

things to start

-reading more for pleasure.  I want to do the book challenge that specifies different types of books.  The trouble will be finding the time in the week to just sit and read.  I think on a daily basis, between work, tiredness, it’s difficult just to get my run in.  But on my days off and especially on Sundays I think I can make time.  And three days a week of reading is still more then I’m doing now.   [time-line:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday]

-read/outline my undergrad textbooks and notebooks.  This will serve 2 purposes:  1)  it will utilize some of that money I’m paying in school-loans and not make my degree seem quite so pointless.  I feel like I’m paying all this money back, yet I never USED my education for anything.  2)  I might learn the material better without the pressure of multiple classes, regurgitating info for tests, and papers and projects.  I can learn the stuff at my pace and the stuff I find interesting/important.  And a surprise 3rd advantage–I might be able to clean some of it out and get rid of it once I’ve looked at it.   [time-line:  Thursdays during the day?  Try it and see if this day works, then reevaluate]



things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-be more consistent about adding a weekly item to my positivity jar.  I do it, but not that frequency.   [time-line:  Sunday night]

things to start

-I newed to re-start thinking of all the things I’m thankful for daily.  I really liked it, and it was an easy thing to do, which also had the benefit of re-focusing my attention from worrk to gratitude.  I just sort of fell out of the habit the less stressed and the happier I got.   [time-line:  daily, before sleeping]

-painting for enjoyment.  It’s a nice hobby that Cool and I can do together.  I want to paint light switch covers and finish my totem painting series.   [time-line:  Friday or Saturday, twice a month]



things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-keep up on apartment cleaning schedule.  This should be OK and easy, because I can’t live with the mess.  Also, I have calender reminders set up in a routine I like.  This will be helpful to keep on everything around home so there need not be any huge cleaning days and at move out we hopefully will not have a Riverton Terrace clean-up/fine situation.   [time-line:  follow calender]

-make a shopping list.  I always do this, but lately it’s been more of a long-term list then is really helpful.  I need to buy the items at least twice a month and start a new list.   [time-line:  as needed]


things to start

-scan all my photos and back them up on my external hard-drive to cut down on albums.   [time-line:  tomorrow–get it done ASAP]

-Also consolidate my scrapbooks, and make power-points or DVDs of some of the materials to save space (and future moving hassle).   [time-line:  next Wednesday, January 13th]

-set a consistent grocery shopping day!  Problem is I hate it.  But in order to cook, I need ingredients on hand, so this has to happen.  I think every other Sunday after work will be a less-busy convenient day (relatively) to go.   [time-line:  every other Sunday, starting January 17th]



things I’m already doing, or kind of doing

-I have also learned not to place the expectations I have for myself on people at work.  Through experience, I realized that only creates social problems and makes me stressed and resentful.  People aren’t going to have my drive or dedication, and it’s not my problem.  So a huge goal is to keep that up, because I really am bunches happier for it.   [time-line:  continuous]

-make a firm cooking date with Cool.  We love to cook together and it makes the following week a lot smoother.  Friday or Saturday depending on what else is going on will work well.   [time-line:  Saturday, January 9th]


things to start

-2015 was AWFUL for blogging!  I didn’t do it, when I did it felt like an obligation, and it wasn’t too technically great of writing either–much like that last sentence.  Partially, it was because 2015 was such a transitional year.  Partially, I was too tired and adjusting to a new work schedule.  And it didn’t happen a lot, because I was happy hanging out with Cool, and didn’t want to “step away” to write by myself.  This year, I aim to be better than that, though I don’t know if I will go so far as to impose deadlines or post-numbers on myself.  After all, it supposed to be fun.   [time-line:  write again Thursday or Friday this week]

Joel K tree


2016 Resolutions

2 Jan


-Keep running at least 1 mile every day

-drink 12 cups of water daily

-floss daily

-keep up on apartment cleaning schedule

-read more

-blog more


-wear makeup to work every day except Sun

-wear jewelry

-paint nails more

-actually fix hair

-dye hair routinely

-dentist every 6 months

-do all physicals


-scan all photos to computer, then back-up on external hard drive

-consolidate scrap-books

-read textbooks, write/copy interesting things, get rid of them

-go through class notes, put on computer, and get rid of some

-paint light switches

-finish totem paintings


-don’t let work get you down or make you stressed

-keep contributing to positivity jar

-list things to be thankful for again


-make shopping list

-maybe make a binder of easily-made foods to flip through

-make a grocery shopping day

-get Bountiful Baskets

-cook with Cool


-be better about car maint.

-fill Rusty’s oil more often

-save on utilities again

May Goal Accountability [more of a new-goal brainstorm]

3 Jun

Now, a short break before I write about the rest of the move.  Yes–there’s a 2nd leg!  But just like I had one week to “rest” and unpack, you get one post to refresh.

Normally, this would be time to evaluate my monthly progress on my New Year’s Resolutions.  But there is a reason the statistics are against actually accomplishing those goals:  It’s difficult to write specific, reasonable ones that are pertinent at one time of the year.  And I’ve had a lot of life changes this year already, so I have to do a re-set.  That’s OK, I’ll pursue other goals.

I’m still very excited to maintain:

1.  run at least 1 mile 1st thing in the morning every day.

2.  Drink 12 cups of water a day.


As for Audiology goals.  Here’s the thing–despite my 4.0 and volunteerism, experiance, and tutoring.  I am 2nd on a wait-list.  And you know what that means.  I’ve been 2nd, 7th, and 13th on veterinary wait-lists.  I’m much less starry-eyed now, so I’m taking it as a no.  But I didn’t freak out.  But I also don’t know what my plan is either. . .

2015 Aspirations (in no particular order):


-Collect a minimum of 2/mo positive moments in a jar

-Floss daily and brush twice daily for an adequate time

-rekindle more romance and good feeling with Cool.  Really SHOW more love.  Be sweet = make a spontaneous gesture, do something for her, that I maybe don’t normally do.

-Make a menu, do a grocery list, grocery shop, cook.

-walk, do weights, circuits, plyo–stay active in this sedentary job.

-brainstorm my next step and long-term life goals, then create steps to achieve them.

-make time to blog

I’ll try to think of more or just refine these

April Goal Accountability

26 May

Those of you astute enough to see the pattern may have realized I neglected to write this post.  The reason is that the goals–my January goals are not all that pertinent anymore.  I’m going to have to re-evaluate and write new ones more aligned with my current situation.

1.  run at least 1 mile 1st thing in the morning every day.

A+  Done–AND I hit day 500 in a row!

3.  Collect a minimum of 2/mo positive moments in a jar

F-  Also neglected.

3a.  listing (in my head) what I’m thankful for daily.

F+  I have not really done this.  Except twice.

3b.  I want to appreciate nature, love, and things I already have.

D  Othere then being thankful for non-rainy weather and enjoying wals with Cool, I haven’t concentrated on this either.

3c.  Worrying can only take up a maximum of 15 minutes/day. EVERY day.

A  I am a new person, with a different lifestyle.  I don’t really have all that much TO worry about anymore.

4.  Dental health. Floss daily

B+  Mostly

4a.  brush twice daily for an adequate time

A-  Mostly

4b.  find a way to make the dentist happen at least once in the next year.

I’m just not sure if this is going to be a possibility.  It’s one thing I have to re-evaluate seriously.


2015 Aspirations (in no particular order):

#1: Get the money. Make it, keep it.

I don’t know if I’m keeping this.  Right now, I’m just trying to get settled in my job and get the apartment set up.

#3: Cool.  Defined as:

3a) tolerant = overlook silliness, don’t engage or poke the bear.

3b) Affectionate = say random I love yous, introduce touching (nuff said, and you get the idea).

3c) Sweet = make a spontaneous grand gesture, do something for her, that I maybe don’t normally like or do.

For some reason, I’m not sure this goal works.  It seems complex and changes throughout a month.  I think I need to refine it more to make it useful.

#4: Make a menu

B-  Who knew?  I’m a fair-kitchen cook.  Now that my apartment has a decent kitchen and I have user-friendly kitchen-ware all of this is so much better!

4a.  do a grocery list

A+  We have stuck to this beautifully!

4b.  grocery shop 1x/wk

B  Now that I’m not constantly in motion (or tired) this one’s a lot easier also.

4c.  cook 5 days of cooking per week grow it to all 7.

C  This might actually be manageable now!

#5: Prepare, but don’t stress out.

I don’t know what this is?

cityscape 4

So I need to write a new set of goals for my new quest as a Utahn.  I’ll have to brainstorm.


Feb Goal Accountability

24 Feb

1.  run at least 1 mile 1st thing in the morning every day.

A+  It’s 2/20 and I’ve done 415 days in a row.

2.  Read and outline all my textbooks before school begins in the fall.

F-  My future is still up in the air, so I haven’t purchased textbooks yet.  When I find out though–I’ll be on it!

2a.  keep up on making my flash cards and study sheets as close after class as possible–for every class. All semester.

C  This isn’t quite a thing, but I did pull some flashcards out of my stock to study for my interview.  Just in case they ask any technical basics.

3.  Collect a minimum of 2/mo positive moments in a jar

F-  I’ve yet to do this, but I might have things to put in after my trip to Utah.  Wait–I can put 2 things about my observation at the ENT yesterday.  I’ll do it right now.  

B–b/c of late effort.

3a.  listing (in my head) what I’m thankful for daily.

D  I have been falling asleep quickly which means I’m slacking on this.

3b.  I want to appreciate nature, love, and things I already have.

C  I haven’t actively been appreciative, but I did stop being sad about missing out.  Though I’d love to get DMB concert tickets and see Brandi at both Bonnaroo and SXSW, I have stopped feeling sorry for myself.  Seeing my coworkers at the Y miss out also, and realizing that MOST people miss out helped.

3c.  Worrying can only take up a maximum of 15 minutes/day. EVERY day.

A-  I have been SO much better with this!  Even though I was going to a new place to observe, and have an interview next week where I’m one of 30 vying for 8-15 class spots–it’s out of my control.  So I’m preparing where I can and leaving it alone otherwise.

4.  Dental health. Floss daily

D-  Because of tiredness.  I can’t wait to get away from the swing shift schedule because it makes my life harder.  My motivation is sapped by fatigue on most days.  But if I try to go to bed early, I lie there because my body has adapted to 12:30AM.  Only a few more months. . .

4a.  brush twice daily for an adequate time

A  Though flossing is not as much of a thing as it should be, this is routine.

4b.  find a way to make the dentist happen at least once in the next year.

Depending on where my life and finances go, I don’t think this will be happening.  Maybe if I get some sort of health insurance through school it can happen.  Hopefully, my teeth don’t rot for lack of funds before then.

full turtle anatomy

2015 Aspirations (in no particular order):

#1: Get the money. Make it, keep it.

A+  I signed up for those extra corporate hours, and I have been putting that money away.

1a.  I would like to do the 365 day money challenge where you save a dollar +1 every week of the year.

F- I’ve just been putting everything away.

1b.  Sell a minimum of 1 item on Craigslist per month

F-  Craigslist sucks.  But I haven’t taken the time to find an alternative, so we have a literal pile of things that can be sold in the path.  This needs to happen after my interview!

1bi.  have one yard sale.

F- I really wish I had a yard!  I think some of this pile would sell easily, but without a yard. . .  How?  Maybe I can take it to Nevada when I clean out my storage and have it in my parent’s yard.

1c.  Apply for every funding opportunity at UUuu garden 3

N/A  I’m waiting to find out.

1ci.  go for scholarships once I’m eligible for them.

N/A  ditto

2a.  read the journals (minimum of average of 1/wk)

C-  I have been reading journal articles on my breaks at work 3 days a week.

2ai.  e-mails

A+  I’ve been doing a lot of this, but it’s tedious and I will stop doing it multiple times a week once I’ve had my interview.

2aii.  forums

A  I checked out all the $$$$ topics on the audiology forums and then stopped looking because it was a little a lot discouraging that most people get loans.

2aiii.  national news

A++  Every day I get CNN over my FB notifications.  They take over, reading them is a full time job, and I don’t care.  I can’t wait to climb back under my rock after my interview-sheesh.

2b.  practice and prepare for the interview (at least 1 question/wk)

B-  I’ve been slightly slacky, but I think it’s good not to sound too rehearsed.  I’m going to bring my answers and look at them at work over the next few days and maybe bring them on the bus.,

2c.  really follow-up on observing an AuD. I need at least 3 hours for admission to UU

A+  I cold-called the local ENT and actually got in!  I did 6.5 hours putting me over the min, and asked to come back in 2 weeks, which they approved.  I feel relieved about this one in particular.

new hay cut

#3: Cool.  Defined as:

3a) tolerant = overlook silliness, don’t engage or poke the bear.

3b) Affectionate = say random I love yous, introduce touching (nuff said, and you get the idea).

3c) Sweet = make a spontaneous grand gesture, do something for her, that I maybe don’t normally like or do.

-So there was mania and the frustrations that go with that earlier in the month.  I could have ignored the irritability and argumentativeness (constant arguing!) a little better.  At the end of the month, she was more stable and I tried to be affectionate, but also could have done more.  So an overall C+.

pretty salmon salad

#4: Make a menu

F terrible.

4a.  do a grocery list

A  This happened.

4b.  grocery shop 1x/wk

D  I think Cool has gone alone, but at least it’s the Outlet, not more expensive stores.

4c.  cook 5 days of cooking per week grow it to all 7.

F—  How many minuses am I allowed to write?  I’m SO super lazy.  My dad would be horrified, but I really never cook at all.  No boiling water, not in the microwave, not even a sandwich.  If I can’t grab it and immediately put it in my mouth–or if Cool doesn’t prepare it–it’s not happening.  This is terrible and embarrassing, but difficult to get a routine for.

5a.  Finally cleaning, organizing, and packing (pick one new area every non-work day).

B- I’ve done the desk, the bookshelves, and the kitchen, but not a new spot every day.

bud (3)

March–go to bed early when I can, be productive!

How I Accomplished a Daily Mile

20 Jan

I didn’t have a FitBit on January 2, 2014–the day I began my mile runs.  But here’s statistics from mid-Jan 2014 to exactly 1 year after that:

in 1 year I took exactly 3,518,249 steps, which is 1,2738.26 miles.  Actually, it’s not exact because of times I forgot to wear the FitBit (not often) or when I took steps but my FitBit wasn’t counting them because the battery had died unbeknownst to me (too often).

The week I took the most steps was May 12-18.  Because I was finished with school for the semester and apparently studying had made me stir-crazy.  Which explains why my week with the least steps (only 2.7 miles) was April 21-27.  My best single day was Nov 15 = 13.6 miles!  This was because of running and work.

Now that you see in the data that it’s totally 100% true, I’ll share how I managed to run at least 1 mile every day (and increase my overall activity level over the year).

uphill rd

-3 words underlie the majority of the success of this goal:  In a row or Break the chain.  As in, once you get so many days in a row, no amount of laziness, sickness, or business will allow you to “break the chain.”  Seriously, there WERE many days I did not want to run my mile.  Realizing I’d be throwing away 40, or 100, or 377 days in a row of keeping my goal = MOTIVATION.  All caps necessary.  I encourage anyone wanting to really succeed at any goal to do it “in a row” so you will not under any circumstance want to break the in-a-row streak.

-Make it a priority.  It’s cliche for a reason.  It also is a big factor in keeping any goal.  I put my run first.  If I had an exam to study for–I planned ahead and studied earlier to make time to finish my daily run.  If I had to be at work at 4AM (this is real life) I woke up at 3AM to finish my mile FIRST.  When I traveled, I took my sneakers, and found a route the night before.  Because I told myself I WAS doing the mile no matter what else was going on–I arranged things in my life so it would get done.

-Do it first thing–very first so your brain can’t conjure up excuses reasons not to.  I am the best at coming up with reasons to go back on my self-promise and start. . .  Tomorrow.  Perpetually tomorrow.  I’m tired.  I’m hungry.  Now I’ve put food and water in my stomach so I might barf if I run.  There’s nothing to wear.  I don’t want to drive anywhere and deal with parking–to run.  My neighborhood is dangerous.  Work called me in at the last minute and there’s no longer time.  I should be studying.  I mean, once my mind is awake there are more then a billion reasons why I can’t run today.  Stumbling directly out of bed and into my sneakers doesn’t give my mind time to formulate any excuses.  By the time I’m thinking–I’ve finished a mile.

-I also, made my goal as easy as possible for myself.  Which took some self-evaluation.  I know I’m a fair-weather runner.  I could tell myself–“I’ll be tough, I’ll get out of my box and be a big girl, I’ll FORCE myself to run in rain and snow.”  But it’s not super-practical.  Let’s be real–that’s not going to happen.  I looked inward and said:  I know I’m lazy.  I don’t want to go anywhere to get the run done.  I don’t like having to make myself presentable.  I hate driving places.  I’m not a fan of rain/snow.  I’ll never go outside and run if it’s less then 60 degrees.  And sure, maybe all these things make me a baby, and I should work on THOSE.  But really, I’m trying to work on running.  So I worked with myself.  I bought a treadmill on Craigslist.  That way I could roll out of my bed (scrubbin’), go only as far as my living room, and have no excuses!  Whatever your scene–just be honest with yourself and do what you can to make it easy.

-Did I mention I’m lazy?  Totally true.  I swear.  I know you’re reading that I managed to run a mile for 365 days in a row (actually as of today it was 384 days) so you think I’m an insane, super-strict, disciplined runner-type fitness freak.   Nope (I swear!) I’m not.  My favorite activity is watching TV.  Which is why my favorite day of the week is Sunday–when nothing is scheduled.  I love carbs more then anyone should, and routinely partake in Ben & Jerry’s.  I’m so lazy, that even though I worked 4 more hours/wk then required (during busy school) in order to get a free gym membership–I have NEVER used it.  Read–I work at a gym (YMCA, actually), yet have never worked out there.  That’s me.  So if I can make a mile a day happen–anyone can.  Wanting it was a huge part of the goal.  I wanted the bragging rights (which after 100 days in a row you are completely entitled to), and I wanted to show myself I could get it done.

-Get enough sleep.  You’ll just feel more fresh and energetic come morning.  Plus, it’s good for your overall health.  The military did a study that showed sleeping 7 hours a night for a week (a.k.a. missing 1 hour/night of sleep) had the same effects as a blood alcohol level over the legal driving limit.  Yes, your cognitive powers, coordination, and demeanor are the same as a drunk person’s when you get less then 8 hours of sleep/night.  True story!  So set yourself up for success and mind your sleep hygiene:  Sleep at least 8 hours, go to bed at the same time nightly, etc. . .

-Less important–get your family and friends trained that you are unavailable before your mile.  It’s certainly not essential to have outside support.  After all–you can only control YOU.  But if you make it clear you’re not available to do chores/hang out/work/whatever before your goal run is over–you’ll be surprised at how your support system not only helps create that time–but DEFENDS that time to others.  Now you have running goal bodyguards to help protect your running time.

-Change it up.  I LIKE the treadmill.  I’ve said it before, and it’s true.  Not everybody does.  If you don’t, go outside or to a gym.  Change your route–or your music.  Buy a new pair of shoes.  If you have to be on the T.M. make it fun.  Change the incline, set small goals for yourself, create an interval routine.  You can even make things exciting by watching TV while you run, listening to music, or creating a special playlist you’re only allowed to listen to while you run.  I do something different on the T.M. every day.  Every.  Day.  No two runs are the same.  So keep it fresh to keep your motivation alive.  And set goals, whether it’s speed, calories, distance, or BPM–just work toward stuff.

bumpy rd

-That’s how I did it, but some people also swear by a workout buddy.  It helps keep them accountable and provides a social outlet.  And while I like my alone time, and prefer making the running ME time, where I get to focus on my own inner thoughts and do something nice for my body–that might work for you.  But hold yourself accountable–because this is about sticking it out, not having someone drag you.

So all you have to do is want it and start.  Don’t break that chain!

Nov Goal Accountability

30 Nov

Short and Sweet, because as you’ve noticed by the lack of posting,  I’m short on time.

coffee owl

Maintenance Goals (from 2013):

-floss daily. D

skipped several days because I got home late and was tired.

-drink water.  B-

I fell short on my 12 cups on 2-3 days, and have been getting them in pretty late most other days.  But I’m usually getting them in.

-read for pleasure.  F-

Not a thing.

-weekly massage.  F-

Not a thing

-abstain from drinking. A++

Not a thing, and no desire to.

-study habits.  B+

That’s mostly what I’m doing.  But I did rebel during Thanksgiving BREAK by procrastinating on both of my assigned projects.

January=fitness.  A+

Still running a mile a day.  And now running it uphill to get ready for the Snow Stomp–snowshoe race uphill.

Feb=have gratitude; say nice things.  C

Neither bad, nor good.

March=straighten out sleep.  F

This night schedule is killing me, and now I’m just waiting for the semester to be over so I can break even on sleep.  I HATE being a night person!

April=save $$$.  F

It’s gearing up for Christmas time.  But I am house-sitting over Christmas and I’ll be taking on more work hours.  So–postponed.

May=volunteer.  F-

Not even close to a thing.  No time.

June=Cool.  A-

The new meds are awesome!  We are getting along famously again.

July=my appearance.  D

I up-graded because I wore a cute outfit today.  Makeup, hair, and jewelry are not happening at all.

Aug=Worry Less, Thank more.  D

My car had many problems, school finances are weighing on my mind, and end of the semester craziness is bringing me down.

Sept=make a list, grocery shop, cook ahead.  F-

I am reaching into a bow of wheat thins.  This will have to wait until the semester is finished.

Oct=don’t over-pluck.  A

No worries, no time.  Probably the opposite.

Nov=Increase eye contact.  F

I have a real problem.