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Updated Attractive (Male) Celebrities

4 Sep

The Gorge masterpost is coming up, but I want to do it justice, so today I’m going with another draft.  When I get more free time, I’ll finish the story.  But for now–Here’s the newest version of my (male) hottie list.  As a lesbian, it’s difficult to pick, this is not some sex-sexy list!  But I do have eyes so I do notice some things.  I like a friendly face, good hair, nice smile, a well-cared-for body = muscles, and good style.  Some of these dudes look better in movies or in motion, but some are captured well in pics.  Anyway, here’s a list of a few good men:

My ex-boyfriend Paul Walker is removed from the list.  I didn’t know he was a gross pedo-type.  He groomed and preyed upon his 2nd young wife, and that makes him *yuck* no matter how pretty the face.  Don’t look too hard at the people you like if you don’t wanna be disappointed.

Annnnnd Replacing the number one spot:  A tie

Scott Brothers 4 Scott Brothers 5 Scott Brothers 6 Scott Brothers 8 Scott Brothers 9

The Property Brothers, twins Johnathan and Drew Scott.  They are model-handsome and it conveys on their HGTV show AND in pics–which rarely occurs.  They’re rugged, stylish, funny, and did I mention handsome?  We love their show on TV and can’t get enough eye-candy.

Sccott Brothers 7

Scott Brothers 1 Scott Brothers 2

Scott Brothers 3

Mark Wahlburg–Used to be #2.  But ruined it by perpetrating TWO hate crimes that I didn’t know about before.  He’s off the list-because that is ugly.

Scott Eastwood- He’s got that pretty face, but also a ruggedness.  He’s a good dresser. And the abs don’t hurt my feelings.










Harry Connick Jr-

he looks NICE.  Like he’s a nice, friendly person, approachable.

He also gets points for style

and muscle.

Harry Connick Jr--fancyHarry Connick Jr--pin stripesHarry Connick Jr--suit

LL Cool J

Great skin!

Awesome muscles

good smile

LL Cool J--muscles

LL Cool J--smile

LL Cool J--stylin

Boris Kudjoe–

points for style, nice smile, and obviously muscles galore

(he may actually be at the top of my list, now that I see the pics).

Boris--suitBoris--absBoris Kudjoe--face

young, clean-cut, pre-cheating Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt--blondeBrad Pitt--light stubble

Matthew McConahay

before he lost a bunch of weight that made him look weird and old?

He has style (when he’s dressed) and nice muscles and a friendly face.  Also, take a lesson people, and don’t smoke TOO much weed.  Because it makes you feel super-clever, and you drone on and on too long.  And maybe even get so arrogant as to run for political office despite having zero experience or knowledge.  STOP IT.

Matthew McConahay--Magic MikeMatthew M 3

Ryan Reynolds–blondie, tousled hair, boyish face and good abs.  Plus, he just looks like a nice dude–and he’s funny.

Ryan Reynolds--open shirtRyan Reynolds--toussled hair


good dresser


beautiful, clear skin

Jeremih--nice suitJeremih-luminescent skin

Robbin’ His Family

12 Aug

Of course I loved Robin Williams–I’m human, aren’t I?  Just like everyone else bemoaning his death on Facebook, I grew up watching him.  Through his work, I feel like I know him.  He seemed accessible and friendly and he is one of the great talents of this age.  I grew up with his kid-friendly movies.  I love his HBO special and have watched it about a hundred times.  And I even like his dramatic roles.

I’m torn though.  I have a hard time just writing about his good work.  I can’t bring myself to post a colorance on Facebook, because I’m also angry at his selfishness.  I feel Robin Williams is a coward for committing suicide.  At 63 years old, he should have had a lot of life lift.  It’s senseless.  Especially when he has a family who will bare the brunt of his decision and be left to deal with everything without him.

I realize depression is serious.  Having a bipolar mate, I do not take depression lightly.  At the same time I cannot condone making a permanent decision for a temporary problem.  I wish he would have waited a little longer for the help he needed, meds to kick in, life to calm down–whatever needed to happen.  Because you CAN come out of a depression–you can’t un-do asphyxiation.

But I feel sad for the pain Robin Williams felt, and angry he didn’t feel there was any other recourse.  He was loved by many, and I wish he would have trusted them to step up and help in his time of need.  Alas, I wish his family the best, and hope they are able to adjust to life without him.  He was a great entertainer and his humor will be missed.


18 Aug

My favorite actor is Phillip Seymour-Hoffman.

Maybe he isn’t the cutest dude, but hello–he can do anything!  And he’s always super-believable.

Second favorite is Michael Douglas.

He always pays an awesome scummy businessman.  He always has steamy sex scenes.  What’s not to like?

Third just might be Mark Wahlburg.  His looks have a lot to do with it–that guy has a great body.








As for actresses, I would be hard-pressed to chose.  There are so many talented, attractive gals I don’t know that I could pick just a few.  I would have to have categories. . .