Saint George Veterinary Personal Statement

6 Jun

I don’t remember writing this, and I certainly don’t remember stressing out about it like I did for WSU and now for AuD programs.  But I’m deleting files off my computer and thought I should save this somewhere.  Maybe it can help me now. . .

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Personal Statement: Please provide personal information that is otherwise not included in the application. Maximum 1500 words.


I am driven to gain as much animal experience as possible.  Since 1995, I have consistently been involved in veterinary hospitals, accruing 633 hours in direct contact with veterinarians.  I have been continuously employed in small animal hospitals for the last eight years.  As an employee of Dayton Valley Veterinary Hospital and Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital and Bird Clinic, I have gained valuable knowledge of the career and vast technical experiences with various companion animals.  Holding positions of kennel cleaner, receptionist, and technician has enabled me to learn how every area of a veterinary hospital is managed.  Cleaning, answering phones, rooming owners, and performing diagnostics, including radiographs and blood panels, on a daily basis has raised my competence level in a veterinary setting.  In addition to exceptional performance on routine tasks, my responsibilities as a veterinary technician included performing treatments on hospital patients and updating hospital records.  I can also prepare for surgery and monitor anesthetic, and regularly monitor pre-operative and post-surgery patients. I have observed and assisted in both soft and hard tissue surgeries, countless elective procedures, and in several complicated cases during my time at small animal hospitals.


My passion for the profession of veterinary medicine is not limited to the confines of a veterinary hospital.  I was instrumental in implementing service learning for school credit in my county. I accomplished this by creating a presentation on my volunteer time at D.V.V.H.  to the school board. The presentation was well received and the board adopted the service-learning program in high schools across the county. Another veterinary-related presentation that shows my enthusiasm for the career was my presentation on my summer internship at Noah’s Ark. I articulated my new knowledge to freshmen in the Department of Animal Science at University of Missouri. Opportunities like these demonstraight the passion I feel for the career of veterinary medicine, as well as showcase my capacity for working with the public.


I possess people skills, which will help me work with clients, employees, and colleagues as a practicing veterinarian.  My job as a veterinary receptionist proves that I have the communication skills necessary to speak to clients and educate them on animal health issues.  My service-oriented job in a restaurant prepared me for the field of veterinary medicine where I will need to remember a vast amount of information and communicate with people.


My work with the public is not limited to paid positions.  I have been consistently involved in community service since high school.  My compassion and patience are evident through my work with children, the disabled, and the elderly, as well as my experience teaching clogging classes to all ages.  My work with the community, coupled with my academic success, multiple leadership experiences, and good citizenship, enabled me to acquire scholarship funding for much of my education as well.


I was financially independent from my parents for the duration of my college career, working a minimum of twenty hours a week, while taking twelve to sixteen credits.  While employed by University of Missouri’s Animal Science Department I worked with dairy cattle.  My part in the heat stress research was collecting temperature data, and grinding, measuring and weighing grain to check how heat stress effects feed intake.  I also helped with wider care of the animals, milking twice a day and cleaning.  The highlight of the job was when I observed a biopsy.


My second University job was through the Environmental Physiology Department, where my duties included caring for the department’s rat colony.  In addition to feeding and cleaning the rodents, I was able to conduct a feed trial, comparing base feed intake with feed intake after feeding ergovaline-infused pellets.  My responsibilities for the department also included helping with hog heat stress research and the wider care of the porcine.  I monitored farrowing animals, processed piglets, vaccinated the weaned piglets, and was able to observe the veterinarian conduct ultrasounds on the gestation sows.


Working with dairy cattle and hogs as well as my achievements in volleyball, cheerleading, and track show that I display athletic prowess.  My history of sports participation also shows I am capable of the responsibility, dedication, and drive required of both athletes and veterinarians.  Physical adeptness was essential when I worked with horses.  For two years in a row, Dr. Chapman let me help her vaccinate and pull blood for Equine Infectious Anemia testing on employees’ horses.  Additionally, I acquired one thousand horse hours working at Equine Medical Services, Inc. as part of barn crew.  My duties included cleaning stalls, bedding, feeding, and medicating horses twice a day, as well as maintaining the facilities.  Catching horses for their pregnancy checks and watching ultrasounds taught me how to confidently interact with horses and restrain them.


I was able to see multiple veterinarians deal with a wide variety of equine cases when I observed for seventy-five hours at Comstock Large Animal Hospital.  I saw feet trimming, lameness exams, and radiographs. I observed the veterinarians treat lesions and lacerations, allergies, and colic. I was able to assist the veterinarian with a horse getting its teeth floated, a gastroscopy, and a necropsy.  During my time at Comstock, I saw the veterinarians conduct fertility and brucellosis tests on beef bulls, vaccinate, castrate, and trim the feet of five llamas, and vaccinate a pig and trim its feet.  I also helped a co-worker feed, vaccinate, deworm, castrate, and trim the feet of her twenty-five herding sheep.


Working extensively with animals in veterinary settings has given me the experience necessary to excel in a veterinary practice.

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