Guardian of. . . What Exactly?

20 Jan

Enron 2Is that what it’s called in the social-sciences when you get group-think?  Where a certain mentality and set of behaviors becomes customary and expected?  I feel like the professors at my school suffer from it.  Instead of wanting us to learn, helping us to succeed, and fostering an atmosphere of mutual support and motivation–I think they discourage students, try to make things more difficult then necessary, and foster a feeling of this question/person is not worth my highly important time.

The latest quote from my speech science prof–“If you can’t do that type of math in your head, you should consider dropping out of college.”  Said to the entire class before a quiz.  In the environment I think is more conducive to long-term success, I think that prof should have said–

This math is simple, but maybe it’s been a long time since you’ve seen or practiced it.  I will go through just one example with numbers, but it’s up to you to do as many practice problems on your own time until you are comfortable doing these in your head.

I mean, would that be so difficult or horrible?  JUST because I can’t do physics cold, does not mean IEnron 2 wouldn’t be great in the career.  Even experts need refreshers for material they haven’t encountered in awhile.  It doesn’t make me ignorant, lazy, or undeserving.  No need to belittle us, or imply we don’t belong in any type of higher education.

Let’s be real, SLP is a masters degree for fuck-sake.  And I mean no disrespect to the career or major–but it isn’t LIFE-threatening.  The majority of my classmates are going to work as associated staff at an elementary school.  Yes, it’s important to teach communication and adequate language skills, but a silly mistake won’t KILL a client.  Miss a decimal point when calculating a medication dose in veterinary medicine, for example, something could drop dead.  Miss the decimal when calculating the frequency a child can hear–well, the answer doesn’t make sense and you do it over.  It make take more time, and be a nuisance that way, but the mistake won’t be all that detrimental.

I’m not certain why this particular faculty feels they are the gate-keepers to the SLP career, and try to discourage perceived hooligans and impostors (like me, somehow) from entering.  I find it tiring though.  And unnecessary.

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