Solution to Immigration Issues

2 Jul

I am a rule follower.  Even if I think the rule is dumb or doesn’t make sense–I follow it without question.  Then, complain onair force here later if I really don’t like the rule.  I like structure and order, and I think those things wouldn’t be possible without rules.  In order to have an organized society, everyone needs to abide by the SAME rules.  And I dislike every instance (lobbying, congress’ salary & retirement package, inconsistent charging/pricing for certain clients at veterinary hospitals) that the rules are broken by a few.  This includes illegal immigration.  I think that if there is a rule, every person needs to follow it, or chaos will ensue.  After all, rules are there for a reason.

obesity ratesAnd it’s difficult for me to understand why some people do not just enter the country through legal means.  It is not as if the USA is just closed.  We allow immigration.  There are just rules.  And tons of people for hundreds of years have followed these rules to become legal citizens of America.  I think I’m most angry about illegal immigration on behalf of these people–the ones who followed the rules to come here.  So I just think people should do what they need to do to move here with the proper paperwork.

Consequences of Illegal Immigration:

-sub-standard housing

-too many people crammed into one housing unit

-poor hygiene due to crowding and poverty

-possibly no housing for a large family

-Possibility that all members of the family do not speak this country’s primary language (English) at all

-receiving welfare benefits when not paying taxes

-NOT receiving welfare and needing it, and living in poverty or starving

-children starving or living hard lives b/c their parents are illegal

-necessity of accommodating illegal children in schools (ESL and other accommodations costs money)

-Having to be responsible for more people when we’re already having financial troubles of our own.  One example of many–education, already suffering, has to now teach Spanish.

-having U.S. born children born by illegal parents

-job exploitation (lower pay then minimum wage, no worker’s rights, illegal work) by employers

-no job security

– giving jobs to illegals over citizens (though most jobs held by undocumented are things we don’t want to do)

-the illegals are separated from their family

-events live deaths and births are missed b/c of an inability to travel freely from the U.S. to Mexico and back.

-family members are brought over also by illegal means

-inability of children to get into higher education or school loans b/c they are illegal–or their parents are.

-illegal citizens voting for our politicians and laws

-politicians and lobbyists trying to legalize the undocumented as a means to buy more votes

-marketing to illegals

Human Rights:


This is a human right issue.  There is a chasm between the rich, politically affluent in Mexico and the Central Americas and 2012 Spring 084the rest of the people.  A gap so wide that if you’re not in the very-rich 1% down there, you are impoverished to an extent the USA would not treat an animal.  We dispute the treatment of our farm animals more than the Mexican government cares for it’s non-politically affiliated citizens.  Of course those citizens are living in such a way that they want out immediately.

But if they come here for our opportunities, I think they need to be respectful and learn English and proudly wave an American flag–not pretend they are still in Mexico.  Being proud of your culture and heritage is fine, but ignoring American ways all-together, while sucking up our resources makes me angry.

USS OklahomaWhat also makes me angry, is Mexico touches our borders, has huge human rights issues, and all we do is punish those helpless people trying to escape a terrible life.  Instead of wasting our resources on border patrol–why not get strict with Mexico’s corrupt government?  If we wanted to we could really lay down the law with them.  I say, make Mexico part of the US. We get that good land, they get our good government assistance.  We have their people and the problems they bring with them anyway.

I’m partially joking–if this plan wouldn’t work at all because of some consequence unknown by me.  But not really understanding Mexican politics or the details of the United States political relationship with The Southern part of our continent–I think this idea is genius.  We expand, we take over, we make the rules.  Because we have the people one way or the other.


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