Tattoos Perform with the Seattle Symphony

25 Nov

Brandi Carlile returned to Benaroya Hall in Seattle to play with the Symphony.  And best of all, we splurged for (good) tickets!

It was nice being at a ritzier place then we can usually afford.  We got to wait inside a mezzanine  instead of outside in the cold, they let us in to the auditorium a tad bit early, no one pushed, screamed, or seemed drunk and obnoxious, and we had actual assigned seats.  All things I love.  I wish I could always have my musical concert experience sans annoyance!

I thought more people should have dressed formally.  This was a symphony show after all.

I was surprised that wine was not allowed inside the concert hall.  “Frasier” led me to believe wine was a staple at symphonies, operas, and ballets.

Though I clearly benefited from it, I was amazed no ushers were policing use of flash photography or video taping though both were explicitly prohibited.

How could I forgot this on my first draft:  Promptness.  I love it, and it was displayed.  Right at 8 PM, when my ticket stated doors open, someone announced Brandi and she (fastening her last shirt button) and the band ran out on stage.

Like the rest of her fans, I feel like I know Brandi Carlile personally because of the way she interacts with the crowd at concerts.  It feels like talking to a friend.

The Seattle crowd was much more mannered then Spokane, though you could tell they were still enjoying themselves.

The venue was obviously acoustically superior.  When Brandi and her band went unplugged it was crystal clear.

Brandi’s songs sound spectacular with orchestral accompaniment (no surprise here).

One of the best moments, in my opinion, was the transition from the little Pike Place buddies to the twins.  And both sounded amazing–in different ways.

I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t “get” Keep Your Heart Young.  It always seems to be a crowd favorite, and is a new staple.  I guess I just feel as if the song is a story, and I’ve already heard it.  I also guess I’m the only one who feels this way.

Like everybody else, I loved Brandi’s rendition of Jolene, though I think it’s funny she’s singing about, “Please don’t take my MAN,” as a lesbian and all.

OK, so not being from Seattle, or very old during the grunge era, I don’t think I fully appreciated when the Pearl Jam dude made a special appearance.  I gather from the crowd though, that this was a seriously special moment in music history.  I have to say, I think Tim Reynolds is a better player–maybe I’m just too far out of the loop.

It’s a small annoyance, but an irk all the same–these people had a standing ovation for every song toward the end.  And if I stayed sitting, all I could see were (fat) asses in front of me.  But if I stood, all I could see were heads and shoulders of the many rows in front of me.

I loved the show and had a wonderful time!

Of note, when that auditorium packed to the gills with fans exited the auditorium through the halls, it was as quiet as a library.  A very weird feeling, indeed.  And vastly different from Spokane.

Disappointingly enough, I (again) did not take the opportunity to meet Brandi after the show.  If there was an opportunity.  Cool had been crabby and tired throughout the show, I was tired and wanting to get the six hour drive (especially over the potentially snowy, foggy pass) over with, and I did not have anything to be signed.  Again.  And like always, I’m regretful about it now.  ONE day I will meet Brandi!  It’s a good excuse to attend many more shows–not that I need one 😉

And one more thought:  Why is nobody else talking about this?!  I have tirelessly combed the internet for news, reviews, or other blogs talking about Brandi’s trio of recent Seattle Symphony concerts only to see–nothing.  Except the one abbreviated article from Friday’s show.  For shame.  Get on it, people.  It was amazing–talk it up!

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