I Won’t Beat Myself Up

5 Dec

That’s right, TWO posts in one day!  It might be finals week–I must be tired.  Obviously.

Usually, I would be beside myself, feeling guilty about my lack of productivity during this imperative time.  I uphill battlecouldn’t help that my self schedule got derailed, and tried to nap, but couldn’t sleep.  So, no–I did not study today as I should have.

But that’s OK.

I kept up all semester–especially this 3rd exam period.  And I did finish the readings for the impossible amount–but gave up on outlining them.  I can always do that over winter or summer break.  Also, I organized my open-note exam class materials.  So everything is neatly tucked away and in good order for quick retreval.  Also, I flossed already and filled my water bottle for tomorrow.  I’ll go to bed early tonight, and tomorrow will be a new day.

No biggie.

And I have a plan:  Study, my study sheets before I even touch my computer to set the right tone for the day.  Chug water during that time.  Go to work.  Come home and get straight in a bath–where I’ll be forced to concentrate on my study sheets.  Cool will bring me a seltzer water energy drink so I can energize at the same time.  Then, I’ll play the flashcard piles game where 100% know, goes in one pile, most of the card but with different words goes in one stack, half-way in another, and 25% and less stays in my hand.  That makes me go through the entire pile, entertains me, then helps me focus only on the cards I don’t know well.  Then, I’ll look through my notebook for the open-note test, just to famalarize.  If I have time and motivation, I’ll read the charts and graphs in the test, and do end of chapter questions.  Contingency plan–if my neighbors are major D-baggs again and my sleep suffers I will 1] CALL my landlord to deal with it immediately.  2]  go to a physical coffee shop in order to minimize distractions and caffeinate.  3]  study on the treadmill where the 30 minutes must be finished.  Missing today won’t mess me up.


Operation Set myself up for success tomorrow is IN play!


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