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29 Aug

August. Flew by. Honestly, it went so fast I don’t even remember if I hit my goals. OK, I’ll try harder.

Flossing = A+


Water = D

It’s hard to drink water.  It makes you pee.  Which makes you have to use public bathrooms.  Or squirm around in your desk during lecture.  Or silently dance while in an exam room or polishing teeth.  I have to get the timing down so I function during the day and sleep at night. . .

Running (is this a thing?) = B-
Sure, I went, but my head wasn’t quite in the game unless I really, really primed myself. I did the minimum on most days. I did, however, shave a full 5 seconds off my 400 meter PR on one of the handful of days I tried super-hard!

Cool = A- (for me); B- (for Cool)

About every 3 months Cool’s meds just stop working.  It’s difficult for me to pinpoint when it happens because Cool's b-day wknd 151things could easily be due to external factors.  I had been stressed and crabby about work in July.  So it made sense that we started griping and being irritable.  Also, Cool just feels whatever she’s feeling and her behaviors are “normal.”  Until after an episode, then she looks back and says, “hmmm. . .  something wasn’t right.”  Anyway, so Cool was manic for at least a month, and probably the whole summer and we didn’t realize until August.  Now she’s doing the med-merry-go-round.  So things are on the climb.

Work = C

There were really bad-times, but constructive times too.  I guess it works out pretty evenly in the end.  This month, I have to remember it’s school that matters, not work.  And hopefully they are really going to change my schedule.  Soon!

Drinking = B+

I imbibed a little, but nothing too much.  And now that school is game-on, it’s out of the question.  Except on Labor vodka_and_martini (1)Dave Weekend, obviously.

Money = A-

I jumped through the hoops to get my all-important school loans, and didn’t spend frivolously.  Too much.  I have to tighten the purse strings if my schedule changes, but during school I don’t really have time to spend a bunch anyway.  I have to do 2 more paperwork items, and work on essays for future monies.