Pole Vault Posse’

2 Dec

I miss pole vaulting so much!  I wish it was a lifelong sport, and didn’t require all sorts of expensive equipment and safety amenities.  If I had means to buy or borrow a pole I would at the very least go to some PV camp or clinic–but alas I just have to advertise my love for the sport through clothing.

I couldn’t really find anything I liked though.  The cute slogans were on pretty ugly colored shirts, or looked cheap and like they wouldn’t hold their shape.  So maybe I’ll try my hand at designing my own shirt, hoodie, or hat. . .  Here are some of the phrases I liked (in order from most to least, I’m pretty sure):


I Vault.  What’s your superpower?

Vault:  keep raising the bar

Why Run?  When you can fly?

Life’s a climb–pole vaulters just get there faster

Chicks with Sticks

In some states it’s ILLEGAL to get this high

Pole Vault:  I can jump higher than you

Life is an event.  Pole Vault is serious.

Danger:  High Vaultage

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