Anatomy Essay-Possible Topics

21 May

Can you tell I’m stressed about Anatomy + another class + full-time work?  I just KNOW work will do its best to eff me over in the fall, and I’m really scared about the GPA or financial consequences I will face on account of that.  So in the interest of getting ahead. . .

We have to write a 4-5 page paper about a syndrome or pathology that impacts speech and/or swallowing:

My etiology options:

down syndrome

CHARGE syndrome

velopharyngeal insufficiency

dystonia (oromandibular or cranial)

Wilson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease



GERD–>esphogeal stricture

eosinophillic esphogitis



cleft palate

post-polio syndrome



cervical osteophytes


mysthenia gravis

myotonic dystrophy

Sjogren’s syndrome

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